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Tavis’ Statement On Leaving TJMS

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Friends and Supporters:

There is no way to put into words the love and respect that Tom Joyner and I have for each other, or the love affair that I’ve had with TJMS listeners for almost 12 years now.

Due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls and e-mails I have received from listeners and other media, I wanted to briefly clarify a few issues that I will address more fully in my regular TJMS commentary on Tuesday morning, April 15, at 8:20 a.m. ET.

I did not “quit” the Tom Joyner Morning Show effective immediately. In July, I will celebrate my 12th anniversary with the show, and as I discussed with Tom, it is my intention to take on the issues of the day in my commentary twice every week with the same energy, passion and commitment until the end of June.

Contrary to what has been suggested, I have decided to clear some things off my plate so that I can devote my time and attention to some exciting and empowering projects that The Smiley Group, Inc. and other divisions of my company have underway this summer, this fall, and beyond.

I look forward to continuing the dialogue on Tuesday and in the coming months.


Tavis Talks No More On TJMS

Tom Joyner makes the annoucement on air listen here!

Let me get this straight… Tavis quit the Tom Joyner Morning Show because Black People accused him of being to hard on Sen. Barack Obama? Come on, I ain’t buying that. I’m supposed to believe that Tavis cannot take pushback from the very people he loves and challenges to be the best they can be? This is the same brother that makes (a lot of) money talking about people needing to be accountable isn’t it? Yet, Tom Joyner posted a commentary on Black America Web stating Tavis couldn’t deal with it (read it here).

I encourage you to read what Joyner wrote. At first read, it appears that Joyner’s defense of Tavis paints him as being a weak man. He wrote, “He needed to feel the love. We all do, whether it’s from our radio audience or from people we know personally. He wasn’t feeling any love, so he quit.”

Joyner continues, “Tavis truly loves black people. I tried to tell you that. The hate he’s been getting hurts. He’ll never admit that, but it’s true.”

That may be true, however, Tavis is a big boy that has become an icon in the white dominated American media. He has overcome many hurdles and setbacks in his personal and professional life which have (or should of) prepared him for future ones. I’m not buying his LOVE for Black People is so great that when massess of Black People disagree with him he feels crushed. Welcome to the public arena Tavis.

The balance of Joyner’s commentary highlights Tavis’ value to Black People and why he is needed. It’s hard to argue against what Tavis brings to the table because he’s done (and doing) yeoman’s work for causes important to Black People… and so have many others. Just think about a few who are (more) harshly criticised by their own who haven’t quit.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Gen. Colin Powell, Judge Clarence Thomas, Dr. Bill Cosby, Sen. Barack Obama, Oprah Winphrey, Michael Steele are just a few of Tavis’ contemporaries that are or have been in the line of fire.  

I thought for sure that Tavis would have endorsed Sen. Obama after Robert “BET” Johnson made those ugly remarks about Obama. After all, Johnson fired Tavis and cursed him out in front of others back in the day (ref. “What I Know For Sure”). Tavis in Obama have more than their pigment in common.

Read what the Afrosphere has to say about Tavis leaving:

Are Black, Democratic Politicians Sell-Outs?


Al Sharpton’s nationally syndicated talk radio show is quickly becoming “must hear” for  African-Americans who are political junkies… especially during this primary season. Today, Rev. Al introduced a topic to his audience that I know many African-Americans are discussing amongst their friends and families. The topic was this; are the African-American politicians endorsing Hillary Clinton “sell-outs” for not backing Barack Obama?


The first thing I thought as I tuned in was that this must be a first in African-American political history… Black Democrats being labeled “sell-outs.” Typically, that term is saved for our brothers and sisters of the Republican persuasion only (i.e. Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, etc.)

However, Sen. Obama has ignited something within the masses of Democratic African-Americans that has never been seen (respect to Jesse Jackson in ’84, ’88). To illustrate a simple example of the street passion of Obama’s campaign look no further than what vendors are selling in Atlanta. In large quantities, t-shirts are being sold with the image of both Dr. Martin L. King and Barack Obama… the script reads “The Dreamer… The Dream.” 

Caller after caller voiced their opinion passionately about their disappointment in their “leadership” for not supporting Obama. One caller stated that the elected officials have the obligation to endorse the choice of their constituents. He also believed that if they didn’t, then the people who voted them in should vote them out.  Rev. Al showed some constraint and wouldn’t call anyone a sell-out, but he is very disappointed with many of the things they’ve said against Obama.

You can add Rep. Maxine Waters to the long list of establishment Black Democrats that are endorsing Hillary Clinton. It makes you wonder how much money the Clintons have funneled into the coffers of African-American politicans. It is hard for one to believe that some of the staunchest advocates for African-Americans are totally lock step with the Clintons without there being some sort of payback being involved.

Take a look at the list of African-Americans Politicians (and others) that are endorsing Hillary Clinton. What are your thoughts? Are they sell-outs?

Welcome back Toni Morrison, but you still should apologize for your comments in ’98.

Also, is Tavis Smiley (see TJMS 1.8.08) asking African-Americans to examine Hillary Clinton’s record like he is suggesting they do for Barack Obama? Why doesn’t he just publicly come out and endorse Hillary? We all know his long relationship with the Clinton’s and his worship of Bill. The reason he cannot and won’t come out for Hillary is because he will feel the wrath of the community and lose a lot of credibility with African-Americans.