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Tavis Talks To TJMS Audience About Leaving

As usual, the brother has the gift with words and will take you to where he wants you to go. He opens by saying he was shocked that Tom Joyner came on the air and discussed their private conversation. Tavis then states that he accepts Tom’s apology.

I waited to hear Tavis address Tom’s accussation that he is leaving because of his commentary directed at Obama. It never came directly… the only thing Tavis said was that he can take the heat but prefers the light. To me, that is as political a response as you can get. Tom plainly said that Tavis cannot take it so he quit.

I can appreciate the long list of things that Tavis is leading or co-leading. In my opinion, he made a good choice by stepping aside to focus on the other things. He only one person and has only so many hours in the day. The timing of it isn’t perfect, but when is there ever a perfect time.

Click here to hear Tavis on the TJMS 4.15.08.