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Investors vis-a-vis Savers

by Cireal Americanus

I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more.” This is a famous line from the 1974 movie “The Network”, which chronicles the life of a washed up News Reporter who announces he will kill himself on live TV.  Although the announcement is more than a bit extreme, for those who are diligent Savers, the sentiment of the statement is something we all can share.

For those who have been watching, you know the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen about 1.4% in the last 12 months.  Given this figure you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to determine if inflation is approximately 2%, your savings are being slowly eaten away.  This is counter to our Communities focus and “hand-me-down” financial advice of Save, Save, Save.

For the astute, there are three strategies you can use to subvert this tragic effect.

  • First, we should save as much as possible Tax-Free.  This would mean maxing out IRA contributions, education funds, and any other investments that shield as much of your holdings from the taxman’s bite as possible.  Caveat – be sure to get a clear understanding of the potential tax implications should you decide/need to draw on these accounts.

  • Second, we can put our money outside Bernanke’s reach – in foreign markets. The European Central Bank (ECB) at least mildly cares about savers, and has pursued a more careful policy than the Fed.  Within the EU, Germany is recovering nicely, partly because it had very little fiscal stimulus, and has almost no inflation.  Outside the EU, Japan and Korea are both recovering nicely, and are worth a look.
  • Finally, we savers can engage in the ultimate Bernanke protest, and buy gold, silver or shares of mining companies.  Once the Fed reverses its policy, these will be rotten investments.  But it’s pretty clear that the Fed is not going to give savers an even deal any time soon.  In that case, if the Fed doesn’t reward us, gold and silver will.  The dollar will decline, and gold and silver prices will continue to rise, until eventually the Fed is forced to act.

Knowledge, Diversification  and Action are the key.  As there is a change in times, so should there be a change in our mind-sets and strategies.   I realize that these actions will not necessarily make one financially free but you will not be financially free unless we take an action.  The simple trick is keep much more than you spend.


Just a portion of the special Crips and Bloods: Made In America (PBS).

Dr. Betty Price & Apostle Dr. Fred Price... She Talks About Cheating Ministers

Dr. Betty Price & Apostle Dr. Fred Price... She Talks About Cheating Ministers

Courtesy of… as told to Terrance Dean

Dr. Betty Price, wife of well-known television minister Apostle Dr. Fred Price of the Ever Increasing Faith Ministry, gives voice and a unique perspective to the topic of adultery in the church–through the personal stories of some pastors’ mistresses. Dr. Betty Price spoke candidly to on the taboo subject.

It was 20 years ago when I started receiving letters from women of various churches who were having illicit affairs with powerful married ministers. I was flabbergasted. Was this really happening in the church? I asked myself. Then my phone began ringing off the hook. I couldn’t understand why these women were reaching out to me. I think it was because they saw my husband, Dr. Fred K. Price, and his televised preachings and were captivated by his message.

Most recently I received two anonymous letters within a week apart. Both women shared their involvement with very high-profile men of God. As I read their letters I sensed their deep regret. They expressed how they never intended on being involved with a minister and each woman was desperately seeking a way out.

Read the complete article here.

Which Path To Extinction?

The following post has been taken from an author known as Thunder X. I felt if was more than worthy of our readers to consume and ponder. Enjoy and tell us what you think…

… I contend that Afrikans face not so much as corporeal extinction as they do cultural extinction. This may be so, but the former is still very much a possibility. Lack of knowledge of history in general and our history in particular, leaves us at a disadvantage when the importance of learning from and building upon one’s history is concerned. Ignorance of our cultural heritage leaves us at a disadvantage with regards to the quality of spiritual, societal and economic expression and institutions respectively. Our limited knowledge of science and technology puts us at a disadvantage with respect to someday having to dismantle weapons of mass destruction that are currently in testing stage, and our ability to utilize this tech to our advantage.

More than all of this is our overall lack of basic human survival skills. Before you assume that I am not taking into account our history during and after slavery, Jim Crow and colonialism, I am. The problem is that we have become increasingly unable to adapt to the quickening pace of the events and circumstances we are daily subjected to. Nor are we prepared for the certain eventuality of not having the luxuries (yes, even the minor luxuries we struggle so hard to obtain and maintain in the ‘hood) of modern Western civilization. This is especially true of Afrikans living here in America. Africans in this country are soft mentally as we are physically. This fact alone is enough to facilitate our hasty departure from existence.

There are groups of White folk in the south (and in areas in the north as well) who take part in, or live on, Survival Camps. This is where they train their men, women and children to survive without modern comforts and to properly use weapons of every match (Swiss Knife to assault rifle). Not to be left out, city Whites often take their vacations in the wild; mountains, places with frigid climes, deserts, etc. back-pack bursting with survival tools, they trek into the unknown to challenge nature and, if they are fortunate, learn something about themselves. At the age of ten years-old I had the privilege of going on one of these survival trips in the Catskill Mountains, upstate New York, in the dead of winter.

I was part of a small group of kids managed by two adults. No bathrooms, no hot water (no running water!), no heating, no food (rations will save your ass from starving and keep you full of protein, but it is not food). I would later become a Boy Scout, but this had them beat. We learned not only how to build a fire, we learned how to shoot rifles and we learned endurance in the face of brutal weather conditions. Right up to this day I can stand the coldest of showers when the landlord can’t put the heat up.

This and other experiences would greatly assist me when I would eventually become homeless. If you saw me during one of those periods of my life, you would never know of my circumstance unless I divulged the information. I looked good, I smelled good, and plenty of times I ate good (in fact I started putting together The Kingdomz X during this last period of transiency). I’m not here to brag. I’m know I wasn’t the first, and I know I won’t be the last to triumph over adversity. But dependency on modern comforts makes the body and mind soft.

The mind is usually the first to go. There is the shock when one realizes that one may not experience these luxuries any time soon (if ever again), this is the initial demoraliser. Hunger is usually next since stress can increase the amount of acid in the stomach, thereby increasing the rate of digestion of any food you may have eaten earlier. In most cases, exposure to harsh weather will most certainly break the mind; if despair hasn’t gripped the psyche before this, it has now!

In The Military Book Club’s Survival Handbook, author Peter Darman in the first chapter, “The Psychology of Survival” explains:

“Two of the greatest threats to survival come from your own mind. They are a desire for comfort and a passive outlook. If not countered quickly, they can result in the demoralisation and death of survivors… A desire for comfort is a consequence of modern urban living conditions. Western living standards have made people ‘soft’, in the sense that they are, for the most part, cushioned from threats from nature and the environment… The sudden disappearance of the comforts you have taken for granted is a great shock to the system and can lead to severe demoralisation.”

Why this should be of concern to Afrikans (especially Afrikans in America) should be obvious. We may live the same sheltered lifestyle as anyone else (if you think the ‘hood is rough now, wait until five to ten years from now), but we lack a sense of culture, history and community which, combined with events sure to come, may very well spell the end of our race. We need to learn all of these skills and strategies and more. Do any of us know how to counter (or treat) the effects of biological, nuclear or chemical weapons? How will we survive when the food and water supplies become contaminated? Who knows how to operate a Ham radio; to treat hypothermia; to clean, maintain and properly use a firearm? The list of our shortcomings and short-sightedness is profound! As it stands. we are not prepared for much of anything…

Except maybe extinction.

Thunder X

Post-Racial America

Post-Racial America

By Cireal Americanus

The impulse may be to write a piece that says Barack Obama represents a ‘Post-racial Politics’. That term I reject because it implies that some how my campaign represents an easy shortcut to racial reconciliation. It’s similar to the notion that if we’re just color blind, some how problems will be solved. I just want to be clear so there’s no confusion….that solving our racial problems in this country will require concrete steps and significant investment. We have a lot of work to do to overcome the long legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. It can’t be purchased on the cheap. I am fundamentally optimistic about our capacity to do that and I do assert that there is a core decency in the American people and in White America that makes me hopeful about our ability to deal with these issues. But these issues aren’t just solved by electing a ‘Black President’”. President Obama during an interview at the outset of his Presidential campaign in Iowa.

With the Election of the Countries first African-American President, many non-Minorities think that we have entered into an era of a “Post-Racial” America. A period of time in which we have out-grown those gross injustices of our past, i.e. Slavery, Lynchings, Jim Crow, Segregation, etc., and have moved to a time period where the playing field has been leveled between non-Minorities and Minorities and in many cases where Minorities have received an advantage through Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity programs.

This belief, however, overlooks the existence of Structural, Systemic, and Institutionalized racisms of the day, i.e. the high incidents of incarceration for Blacks/Latinos vs. Whites, the broad disparity and ever increasing divide of wealth between these groups, the double unemployment rate of Black/Latinos vs. Whites, the impact of the Sub-prime lending crisis on Blacks/Latinos, etc. In many cases, the U.S. is stuck in the paradigm where racism and racist are defined as individual perpetrators who spew hate filled rhetoric and/or commit violent acts of aggression against Minorities.

The issue in the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was not whether arresting Officer Crowley was a racist but whether he was a participant in the systemic racism within Law Enforcement. These very same practices enable some Black police officers to engage in police brutality and racial profiling against members of their own community. These practices may also give indication as to why Officer Crowley felt the need to lie in his police report when he characterized the “perpetrators” in the infamous 911 call as “two black males”. A characterization that feeds a legal system relative to who fits the “stereotype” of a criminal and criminal behavior thus attempting to validate his egregiously unconstitutional behavior and unlawful arrest.

This same issue can be found in the Confirmation hearings of now Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor. Leading up to and during Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings we find the media and members of the G.O.P. intently focused on Justice Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment. The comment, taken out of context, was an attempt to label Justice Sotomayor as a racist vs. the comments original attempt to focus on broader issues, i.e. the need for Diversity within our Judicial System and the value diverse backgrounds bring to the adjudication process. This argument overlooks the 3000+ cases in which Justice Sotomayor consistently proved to be a “thorough and centrist” Jurist.

When our Citizens, Media and Government sincerely focus on the elimination of Structural Racism within our Law Enforcement, Judicial, and Economic systems then and only then will our society experience the full benefits of being a United States.

With the narrative of Larry the Loophole, we are given a basic overview of the tax loopholes that were put in place during the Bush Administration and the impact of these loopholes on the average American household.  These are the same loopholes that have allowed the burden of infrastructure maintenance and upkeep , i.e. power generation and distribution, highways and bridges, state facilities and parks, etc, to fall upon the taxes collected from the average American.  Ironically, the founding fathers never intended taxes to be collected on wages earned but on products we buy and land we owned.  Larry provides a fundamental understanding of the overall impact of the loophole systems that are in place as well as insight into some of the practices that created the current financial crisis.   Check-out for more links to provide help in understanding systems and practices that have been put in place that continue to expand the separation between the “Haves and the Have nots”.

By Any Means Necessary

Ironically, it is the Right-wing GOP that personifies this now famous phrase.  The Lobbiest, Medical Industry Leaders and various leaders of the GOP will use smoke and mirrors to distort the “Average American’s” point of view while not restricting any aspect of the revenue generated by Health Care or the Medical industry.

6 minutes and 52 seconds of disturbing truth