The Black Political Review

This young man is from Baltimore, MD. He is only 10 years old and has written an incredible short speech that is a must listen. Maybe this kid can reach those who have yet to understand the ugly, vile, and destructive power of the N-Word.


Comments on: "A Young Man’s Petition To Stop The N-word" (4)

  1. Thank you, it is so refreshing to see that not all of our youth are in the streets and are doing positive things with positive role models in their life. May God Bless this young man and his parents so that he may become a very properous future.

    • Blackness said:

      Lizzy, I cannot agree with you more. Whenever we come across a video or story like this it will be highlighted here.

  2. We need to be able to clean our own backyard.

  3. Sultana Ali said:

    Well does it get better, and is someone doing anything about it. This must be prime property, why they are not stopping this. “They “want to move in as cheap as possible.

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