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When Will It Stop!

Richard McTear is America’s nightmare and reality… Richard McTear is (unfortunately) a representation in the African American community of far too many young brothers.

Please read this well written piece from This Black Sista’s Page titled Florida Man Who Threw Infant on the Freeway Says It’s All “a Dirty Game”


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  1. This is truly a disturbing story. I find it just as disturbing to label this young man African American. It is a tragic game that is played throughout society and the Media. If a black person does something good in this country they claim their linage, i.e. Jamaican, Ghanaian, Nigerian, etc. as they should and have the right. However, if something as despicable as this offense occurs they are all labeled African American’s in spite of the fact they may have just come to this country or grew up in a house hold that practiced their norms and values of their home country. Yet another ploy to discredit and undermine the African American in addition to the Black race. I take great issue with the line “Richard McTear is (unfortunately) a representation in the ‘African American community’ of far too many young brothers.” Not that it minimized the tragedy any less but this brother is not African American! The truth is that I believe this is used to divide the race so our truest power is not recognized as a unified race of people while undermining the African American.

    • Blackness said:

      Focus on what the Black Man did… are you disturb by that? Richard McTear (regardless of his birthplace) is the reality of far too many young, Black Men/Boys in America. I hope you don’t take the position that isn’t true because I’ll have to challenge your intellectual honesty on that position.

      The post isn’t about what Black People call themselves, it’s about another Black Man involved in a horrible crime. The other storyline is about a young, Black Woman who chose to be with a man who beat her in the past. Her judgement was a contributing factor to why her child suffered and ultimately lost its life.

      Should I be worried about her being from the West Indies or the West Side?

      Respect your choice to argue the gray area, but the post was very black and white.

  2. The first sentence of the post stated my position on this subject. It is horrific in and of itself. I would also agree with the fact that the mother made a bad choice to stay and not seek help. Fear is a very powerful thing.

    I would also say that one act does not lay claim to being an epidemic within the community. The same argument can be made to say that we have a Black President so Black males are coming up and taking hold of the reins of power. I realize that this is not so as well.

    The truth is this guy had issues from way back and they were a reflection of him vs. a trend in our young community. One bad apple don’t spoil the bunch.

    Open to a debate that would discuss our earlier responses.

  3. Blackness said:

    Respect Cireal… no need to debate this one. We have no real differences, just focuses on what happened. I’m just tired of my brothers coming up short… we have to much potential, too much at stake… too little time to get it together.

  4. Bad can be any color

  5. My heart goes out to Jasmine – she has experienced so much abuse and suffering.
    I don’t at all hold her accountable for her son’s death. McTear, the murderer, is entirely responsible.
    Jasmine DID attempt to seek help – she dumped McTear, and began proceedings to get a restraining order against him, but society/the system let her down…which is nothing new. The System fails to protect/help abused women, all.the.time. The court system is complicated to navigate, intimidating, and typically unsympathetic to women who have been abused. The legal system was set up by men, for men. Restraining orders are mere pieces of paper, that don’t mean/do anything unless police enforce them – which they often don’t. Many, many women have been murdered by the men they had restraining orders against.

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