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The First Steps in January

First Steps in the Journey

Cireal Americanus

Just 138 years after the XV amendment gave Blacks the right to vote, 45 years after the Civil Rights Act outlawed Segregation, and after 21 months of a Brilliantly fought 650 Million Dollar campaign, we see the emergence of the Country’s first Black President, Barack Hussein Obama. This journey, although long, is not over. The next steps of President Obama will lay the foundation for his administration’s focus and success.

Potential Pitfalls

The Economy – Experts are now indicating that the Sub-prime Mortgage issues is only the tip of the iceberg in the Economic Crisis. In addition to Major Financial Institutions getting in-line for their piece of the Bail-out package (Troubled Assets Relief Program – TARP), you now have other industries, i.e. Automotive, Consumer Credit, Manufacturing, etc., lobbying for Bail-out assistance as well. The Country is looking to an Obama administration to instantly implement a resolution that will save their houses, jobs, bank accounts, investments and grow the economy. The wrong action could cause irreparable damage to the Credibility and Confidence in the transitioning administration. This is not only important to the U.S. economy but the World Economy as well.

Health Care – Health-care spending is the single largest component of personal consumption. Spending on health-care services currently exceeds 15 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) (approx. 2.1 Trillion Dollars).–larger than spending on either housing or food. In 2006, a total of 47 million Americans, or almost 16 percent of the population, lacked health insurance. Couple this with rising cost in medical care and increased demand from the Baby Boom generation and this issue is second only to the current Economic Crisis. Expedient and effective actions are a mandatory for this new Administration.

Global/Foreign Policy – One of the most vulnerable times for any administration is during the initial Transition of a new administration. The Obama administration will be faced with a two front war, a Terrorist leader who has yet to be brought to Justice, a dramatic decline in the Russian Stock Market brought on by there recent Military actions, A Chinese Government that is increasingly concerned about its stability, and a new world system that does not look to the U.S. for authoritarianism but as a interdependent player with a major role in the World economy. The World is looking for the Obama administration to make a distinct break from policies of the past in its attempts to set and accomplish Global/Foreign Policy goals and be a Galvanizing force in the Global Community. The Obama administration must structure itself in a manner that leads in an intelligent fashion that recognizes this new reality of interdependence.

Leftover G.W. Bush Policies – The Bush Administration leaves behind a number of controversial policies consisting of the Patriots Act, FISA, the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, a severely damaged Global U.S. image, and Unilateral Authority over the use and deployment of U.S. Troops. The manner and speed at which an Obama administration addresses these residual policies will be a key indicator to the People, Congress and Global Community on the Administration’s ability to create, set, and administer policy.

A well planned Administration Transition will ensure that Obama is not snared by similar errors of the transition efforts of Administrations of the past. This transition to the White House will show and communicate a new form of Government, where our involvement did not stop with the end of the Presidential Campaign but has been and will continue to encourage our involvement. The initial transition and policies of an Obama administration will not be a spectator sport. Visit to see how you can get involved.


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