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Editor’s Comments On This Video: Pastor Jamal Bryant (Baltimore, MD) doesn’t mind talking politics from the pulpit… write this down TODAY… he will be the next Rev. Jeremiah Wright for Sen. Barack Obama. As soon as this hits the public news cycle, Sen. Obama will denounce Bryant’s comments.

Can these Black Preachers wait ’til the man gets into the White House first? They are trippin’… however, he’s providing a lot a facts (reality) and America doesn’t like it when Black People speak truth to power.


Comments on: "The RNC Messiah: Gov. Sarah Palin" (7)

  1. Sen. Obama will not have to denounce Dr. Bryant’s comments. He’s not his Minister.

  2. Speak truth to power. The fact is the Pastor Bryant is correct. You can do everything right. Go to the “Right” school. Build the “right ” resume. Marry, have kids, by one person only. Be down right up right. And all that a white person needs to do is be white. Things change and things stay the same. Lesson learned.

  3. That was the BEST!!!! Pastor JH Bryant!! the truth will make you free.
    Wake up dumb people white and black. Everything he said is the truth! Why is that when black people tell the truth white poeple raise up and say “oh, no that’s to much, and maybe he should wait till he gets in office?” But when you turn on FOX 2 it’s NON STOP!!!! HATRED! & BLATANT RACISM for anyone of color. So you mean to tell me there isn’t one positive thing you can say about the next president (Obama)?
    and you mean to tell me white people can go TV and say anything they want to and it’s ok?? Please think again.
    We need more people to start speaking out on Racist Mccain and his running mate who came out the trailer….and let’s not forget about the Bill and the sore loser Hillary who’s racist ways have shone thru in a great way!!! Please don’t let the sax fool you!! Wake up people. The economy is in trouble and will get worse if we put cain and P-ain’t able in office. Republicans are NOT for working the working class! If you have a job please know this!! Just today Cain wanted to call off the debate and portray as if he was concerned about the deficit, President Obama told him, No. We are having it. This goes to show you Cain CAN NOT!! walk and chew gum. He can’t multi-task??? What will he do when the red phone rings at 3am?? Tell them call back and 8am after he drinks his OJ?? Come on people Cain is a JOKE! and he is NOT funny!!!
    Pastor Bryant I need you to keep preaching this till November!!! PLEASE!!!!

  4. “And all that a white person needs to do is be white.”

    This is bullsh*t. The references to trailer parks and to someone’s lack of education is as horrific as racism. . . it’s become a different sort of -ism born of bitterness. I didn’t hear this “pastor” once speak of Jesus and how through Jesus we are all loved, accepted and have reason to be confident. He fills his community with an ambience of hatred towards whites.

    Ask the white man, the great-grandson of sharecroppers in poverty, who worked his arse off to get his butt through school, worked hard to get A’s and be responsible to get a decent paying job so he could put food on the table for his family. . . even if he was the best candidate for the job, only to not get a job because of his skin color: the company needs someone but they need a black person to fill quotas through affirmative action. You call that fair? It’s not. But you will not agree because you will always see yourselves as disadvantaged and owed.

    I’m spent 7 weeks in the hospital with a disease that threatened to kill my unborn child. While there, I quite honestly was disgusted by the number of young black women coming into the hospital WANTING to have their babies so prematurely. . . faking problems. . . using the hospital facilities like a resort. . . their visiting friends sleeping there and unloading the hospitality fridge leaving nothing behind. . . no daddies in sight. . . and no one is going to pay the hospital bill (‘cept those who actually see it a priority to have healthcare instead of a flatscreen TV or other unnecessary luxury). This is TRUTH, but I would be called racist for pointing this out to you because “it’s the white man’s fault”.

    Where does personal accountability come in to play?

    I grew up having two sets of jeans and three shirts to rotate wearing to school. . . and these weren’t the $50 plus variety. I bought from the discount store. I drove a 1973 Caprice Classic with 200,000 plus miles in 1993. When I went to college, I didn’t have a TV, computer or fridge. And yet, my family did not qualify for any sort of government hand out or loan.

    A white friend of mine almost died and was in a coma for weeks, had to have part of his brain removed because he had the sh*t beat out of him by a group of blacks as he was leaving a movie theater in 1989 in Kannapolis, NC. . . why? He did not provoke them. It was probably because he was white.

    I started taking note of something: my black friends at school who had great student loans also drove newly leased vehicles, had TVs, nice clothes, plenty of music, and luxuries that I never saw in my life. Some of these people were on welfare. They used the money they were being given to buy luxuries. . . taxpayer money to buy this stuff! I can’t fathom that!

    But I guess you think you deserve this.

    Look, I don’t care what color a person is. I don’t care if someone went to Harvard or podunk tech school. I don’t care how good they sound. . . God doesn’t care that Obama went to Harvard.

    God cares about the content of a person’s character and if He knows Jesus. And that’s good enough to me as far as criteria goes. The Bible talks about forgiveness and forebearance. You have no peace and you make yourself miserable. Whites will never be able to atone for the horrible sin of slavery, and how would you like it if you were held resposible for the sins of your ancestors even if you had NO part in your ancestor’s choices? You will always be in bondage until you seek peace with Jesus and do the right thing as outlined in the Bible. . . something Jamal here doesn’t even mention. The Bible. Jesus. God.

    Get over it. Some sorry arse white people are racist. But so are some other folks of different colors, including blacks. I’ve been judged by mty appearance too. I’ve been judged by my associations. Gov. Palin has undergone plenty of persecution and oppression lately, but you don’t see her backing down and acted like she deserves something.

    Cindy McCain might’ve been wearing a fancy dress and some jewelry. But Pastor Jamal is wearing a mighty tight suit there, I see. . .

    Here, I’ve recorded some FACTS, things I’ve seen and experienced in my lifetime. And you will not like it when non-black people speak the truth to power about the blacks around them have acted. Everybody’s got a reason, and the sad thing is how mired in bitterness this whole issue is.

    The only truth is that Jesus loves us all. And none of us deserves anything.

    I know plenty of black people in powerful positions making great money. Not all whites are handed gold on a plate.

    Socialism will not elevate anyone. And if Capitalism has failed to motivate blacks, you sure as heck ain’t going to be motivated or made greater by Socialism.

    People are getting angry and will not put up with this bullsh*t anymore.

    Your opinion about whites is sh*t. Just ask the highly qualified white man who was overlooked for a job because of his skin color. Imagine the white woman sitting in a black professor’s class and repeatedly being made an example of and being “shut up” with “You’re white, you don’t understand. You have it easy.”

    It’s sh*t, and you don’t understand either what it’s like to be white in 2008 and hear this neverending bitterness that has nothing to do with you except, oh, you were born with white skin.

    I don’t think MLK Jr. meant for this to go on.


    When the fruit is fully grown the eternal reality of the seed
    Is visible for all to understand the identity of the deed
    Such is good such is evil and in the day of visitation
    Nothing can be hiden—so say you so say the holy word

    America is full grown and you have heard Reverend Wright
    And you know about miss Everett’s boys and Megar Evers Night
    You have heard of the birds that took flight and they demand silence
    You have heard about hopes deferred and the flight of the phoenix

    This cry to reality is never whole and the fruit of our trees grow
    Out of control religiosity and racism that challenge us to know
    Our history as slaves and indentured share croppers we’ve unfold
    Into the tree grown up in the Indian village and so the preacher expound

    Upon some liberation theology and the folk shiver that a Fox will hear
    And capture a raven of steal a soul worth saving and leather necks
    Brazen warfare is reserved for white folk in every flock and what da heck
    Its just another war between slaves and indentures reeling from racism

    Or maybe the full grown wage slaves wondering where will the next credit
    Come from DUBI or CHINA some far show beyond their pulpit
    And we sit and stare waiting for the miracle of giving or giving up
    DA What WHAT what com-ah com-ah come on yall!……

    By Morris J. Peavey, Jr.

    If you want to understand liberation theology war against the religion of racism read:

    Ghettonomics Man & Myth [the religion of racism] published by 1st Library 2003

  6. Emily, I simply say that the advantages were there for you and yours being white. The ability to go to school when given a chance, the ability to own property, the ability to move where you wanted to move and work where you wanted/qualified to work. The overall ability of Wealth Creation.

    Like it or not, African Americans were held back with out the basic opportunities given to you as a “White American”. Affirmative action has now become an excuse because it simply says that there should be an accurate representation of the existing population from which you choose, i.e. if there is a 44% minority population in your candidate engineer pool from which you choose then approx. 44% of the engineers you bring should match or you should have a concrete case as to why it is not. Minorities brought in are because they can do the job vs. meeting a number. It is about the bottom line and they will not choose you if you are not helping them to bring revenue in.

    You are right, however, that African American should stop looking to the others and look to themselves to create what we should have. “If black men throughout the world as a race will render themselves so independent and useful as to be sought out by other race groups it will simply mean that all the problems of race will be smashed to pieces and the Black man would be regarded like anybody else – a man to be respected and admired.” Marcus Garvey…………

  7. ExtraFineNib said:

    Jamal Bryant???!!! BWA-HA HA!! What a hoot! He’s a good one to criticise somebody! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

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