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If you’re looking for details… this joint ain’t it! This here is about commentary!

This pick is a disgusting display of politics from the McCain campaign. I thought Sen. Obama had him shook after looking at all the nonsensical comercials McCain has been running (i.e. Paris Hilton). McCain is obsessed with Obama’s message and the Democratic enthusiasm. He’s using clips of Sen. Clinton and Sen. Biden in his commercials… He’s even using so-called Hillary (ex-dems) backers in his ads.

How stupid does the GOP and McCain think the American voters are? For months they’ve hammered Sen. Obama on the experience issue (they got that from Clinton). Every Republican talking point started with his thin record and lack of experience in Washington DC. Now they roll out Governor Palin who is not even to the mid-term point of her Governorship and two years removed from being Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 8,471). To think, she is the chosen one for the future of the GOP and just a flat-line away from being in the Big Chair and I don’t mean the lazy boy in her den.

Cleary, McCain’s internal polls must have been showing him that he was not getting his base to full strength. They are making a play at women voters in a fashion that I would think many are going to feel slighted by. Women want qualified representatives not just a woman. And don’t think Sen. Clinton is going to not be motivated to campaign hard for Sen. Obama now… she has almost as much to lose (if not more) as he does if McCain wins. Palin is now being positioned to be the head of the GOP. With her being nominated as VP, she ascends to the position of the most powerful, well-known woman in politics. This is now the seat HC occupies… she ain’t giving that up or her future to be the first woman president.

This choice is a joke!!!!

Check out this piece at that is stating the same points (and more) that I am. It’s titled The 6 Things The Palin Pick Says About McCain.


Comments on: "This Republican VP Choice Is A Joke" (3)

  1. igottoknow said:

    I do not believe Palin knows what she has gotten herself into. When it comes to experience as McCain has said that Obama is lacking experience, he cannot compare his situation with Obama. True, Obama may be lacking in some areas, as most candidates for the presidency are, Obama chose a VP who has experience and can learn some things from Biden. Now here is McCain, 72 years old, who has to be careful about his health and stress at his age, choses a VP who really has no experience on a large scale (population 8500?) and intellectually? I wonder. This lady just recently had a baby, who they say she knew before the baby was born would have Down’s Syndrome, if anyone has had a child with any type of disability knows how stressful that is, can make a snap decision to run for the VP of the USA within a weeks notice, something is wrong. I read where she did not let anyone that she works with know that she was expecting until she was seven months along. Why the secret? She is pro-life

    I would not want her to be, if something was to happen to McCain should he win this election, the commander in chief at this time with all of the problems the US has to deal with. Because, someone else and not Palin will be running the country. McCain picked her for the wrong reason and I think it was very selfish of him. Some of his own republican female constituents did not know who Palin was until they heard about her through the news.

  2. You folks are too kind. Wikipedia has the population of Wasilla at 5500.

    The best response I have seen is someone likening her experience to knowing how to paddle and maneuver a kayak so she is now prepared to captain and Aircraft carrier. The similarity…they both float.

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