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President Palin

by Cireal Americanus

Who does the Republican Candidate, John McCain, with 26 years of Congressional experience, pick to augment his bid for President? Mit Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge, Meg Whitman …. all potential running mates that have been discussed by Pundits and Commentators alike. No, John McCain choses 1st term Alaskan State Governor, Sarah Palin, who only two years ago was the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (population of approximately 5,700).

Today, August 29, 2008, Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin, will be the first female Vice Presidential Candidate representing the Republican Party and the second female Vice Presidential Candidate representing a major Political Party. She will also be the first politician from Alaska to run on a National Ticket. McCain’s hope? Steal some of the spotlight from Senator Obama’s historic Campaign by creating one of his own and garnering the “disenfranchised Hillary supporters”.

Like McCain, Palin has a history of running contrary to her Party’s ideals and philosophies. A “Maverick” in her own right, shortly after becoming Governor, Palin successfully pushed for an Ethics Bill and the shelving of Pork-Barrel spending projects, i.e. The Garvina Island Bridge a.k.a. “The Bridge to Nowhere”, which were supported by fellow Republicans. She has also challenged the State’s Republican leaders, helping to launch a campaign with Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell to unseat U.S. Congressman Don Young (R) and publicly challenging Senator Ted Stevens (R) to “come clean” about the federal investigation regarding his financial dealings.

Also like McCain Palin comes with some baggage (for those who don’t remember, Sen. McCain escaped prosecution, by the skin of his teeth, for his participation and profit in the Savings and Loan Scandal, commonly referred to as the S&L Crisis of the 1980s/1990).   On July 11, 2008, Palin fired the Commissioner of Public Safety, Walt Monegan.  According to Monegan, he was fired over his reluctance to fire an Alaska State Trooper involved in a divorce and child custody battle with Palin’s sister, Molly McCann.

John McCain’s pick seems to say that I have all I need to be President, i.e. experience, judgment, wisdom, etc., so the need to pick a candidate to complement any short coming is not needed. No, I, John McCain, will pick a person who will attract a certain segment of Voter to my team, i.e. the disenfranchised Hillary Voter, the undecided Liberal Voter, and Women Voters, as a means to help boost my  numbers in the polls. 

In my view, the pick to me says that John McCain is spending more time looking at the score board than keeping his head in the game.

This selection comes in spite of the drastically opposing views that the Presumptive Nominee, McCain, and Presumptive V.P., Palin, have, i.e. Pro-life vs. Pro-Choice, Drilling exploration vs. Drilling in Anwar, etc. The selection also comes at the appropriate time to steal Senator Obama’s thunder after delivering his presidential acceptance speech the night before in Denver.

This seems like a selection to garner votes and up poll scores vs. a thought of qualification and whether or not Palin is ready to potentially lead this country. An unfortunate but necessary consideration given McCain’s health history and age.

Only time will tell what the Voters think………………………. 


Comments on: "President Palin" (7)

  1. You know, I wish you neocons would stop for just a moment or two and actually do even a tiny bit of research before you start spouting off this garbage.
    You’re newest hero said she was in FAVOR of the “bridge to nowhere”, even going as far as to say let’s get this done while we have the right people in Congress to push it through.
    THEN, a year LATER, she said she was against it – just about the same time 99.999% of America was against it as well.
    Look, if you can’t stop panting over having someone in the White House that has less experience in politics than nearly every other politician in the United States just because she’s a woman, fine.
    But at least get your facts straight.

  2. Obviously, after the fact, we find that Palin was in support of the bridge to nowhere and then changed positions. She is also a stanch pro-life conservative. All these corrections don’t change the fact that she is not a competent back-up for McCain. There are plenty other truly qualified candidates who could legitimately fill the job based on the qualification of Merit and experience. As a first executive/”Presidential” decision, McCain did a horrific job.

    Lastly, 4leslie I would suggest you read the blog again and then look up the meaning of “neocon”. Your use of the word indicates you haven’t got a clue.

  3. I used the term “neocon” based on the tone of the post. I believe this site boasts several authors, so I didn’t want to jump to the conclusion that every writer has your particular worldview.
    If I was in error, based on my reading of this post, I apologize.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for your apology. Accepted

    I am in total agreement with you. I feel it is an insult to the intelligence of women and a basic pandering move by the GOP. It shows signs of desperation to me (see L.A. times piece). I believe the McCain campaign is running scared at the prospect of facing Obama’s new attack dog…Biden. (I use the word attack dog to signify Biden’s no-holds-barred approach/respectfully.)

    I tried to give a bit of background on this virtually unknown entity, Palin. I believe we will find a whole lot more contradictions as we peel back more layers of this Onion.

    Lastly, it takes true character to apologize. You have shown true character and that has truly impressed me.

    Thanks again for the read of the blog.

  5. A. Maurice said:

    2Cireal – all this time and I never new you were an undercover “Neocon”!!!!


    This VP pick is a joke… you cannot watch the news without the Repub pundits praising this selection. She was mayor of a small city 2 years ago! I actually heard someone say she has foreign policy experience because Alaska is near Russia.

    If women and others fall for this… then they deserve the president they elected. The rest of us don’t… you better get your mom and ‘nem to the polls in November.

  6. What qualifies her to be VP, not to mention President?
    Well, she can shoot a rifle – – hope her aim is better than Cheney’s!

    First I was embarrassed for the GOP picking such a candidate.
    Now I feel sorry for the die-hard Republicans, who have to go
    to sleep at night and try to convince themselves that McCain made a good choice.

    Maybe he picked her for the 50’s hair-do?!

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