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A family member sent me the above video clip with some comments from the person who sent it to him. That person was critical of how Sen. Obama stuttered in his response and tried to offer that he was dodging the issue. Of course I had to respond and below are my exact comments.

Thanks for the video… however, you cannot compare a prepared speech with a non-scripted answer.  Obama had a couple pauses in his answer because the group kept interrupting him as he was answering the question. Key on that… a politician actually answered a direct question. We can agree or disagree as to how focused he is on African-American issues, but we cannot deny that we feel compelled to challenge him to do something. I’m not sure this would have happened if Hillary Clinton was the Donkey’s Nominee.


Many would throw up there hands and just say they don’t care anyway so why bother. HC would just bring out her Black Friends/Elected Dems to address the issues. Or she’d have some Black Preachers talk about how concerned she is and how much she’s done for all of us. Correct me if I’m wrong, but send me any video of President Clinton, Hillary, John Kerry, Al Gore or any of them being challenged to take a position on our issues. They’ve been elected and running for office for a long time and getting a lot of African-American support (love). Hell, BC went to Harlem and they must have had a block party for a week. Brothers showed him love like he was the King of New York.


I do like that the young brother offered a well-thought and important question (comment) that is more than debate worthy. CNN, Fox, ABC, etc. should have that question asked during their corporate, sponsored debates.


Also, every Presidential Candidate will publicly declare his/her support for Israel. They are running to get the most votes… John McCain voted against the King Holiday and now he is apologizing for it and speaking in front of African-American groups like he’s running for Alderman.  


Comments on: "Obama Challenged To Address Black Issues At Town Hall" (1)

  1. I like the question that was asked by the young gentleman. I’m happy to see a young man thinking about the future of minorities. Hopefully, he is doing something physically and/or financially to help in the effort of making this a better world for the underdog.

    Now, for the young man to expect Obama to out right say that he will do everything once he is President to help Blacks will be a death sentence in terms of trying to get the votes needed to become President. Don’t put Obama out there like that. Why do you thing Rev. Jackson or Sharpton did not make it as far as Obama has? We do not have the power to make demands at this time. Obama, must get into a position of power. To get in that position it will take all of the underdogs to stand together. Our part is to get out and vote and get others to do the same. Love and Peace to you and lets work to first get Barack in office.

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