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Photo Courtesy Of: The Sun

Happy families … back row from left: Unknown, Barack Obama, half-brother Malik, unknown, half-brother Abo, Bernard. Front: Half-sister Auma, stepmum Kezia, stepgran Sarah, unknown


Comments on: "Sen. Barack Obama’s African Family" (30)

  1. The Edge…There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.HunterS.ThompsonHunter S. Thompson, Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

  2. I think Obama and Michelle with all their millions need to build homes and give yearly incomes to these relatives. After all Obama is a socialist and these people come from a country that is socialistic and communistic and so it is the right thing to do! Spread your wealth barak and michelle. Better yet, move them in and they will help with the kids and the dog you want to buy.

  3. obama hardly knows these people, thats his stepgrandmother, and his father left him and his mother, when obama was two, you see his father was a rolling stone and where ever he laid his hat was his home and when he died all that was left was a stone, and he made all this children from different women, obama’s tired of them, they a mess, family feuding an all, so he visited the place twice, and came back to his loving irish grandparents that raised him, and his loving irish mother, who gave him the strenth to move on, and obama grew up to be a fine young irish lad, you see home is a place we all know and love, every man needs his mother and ireland is his mother, and in the loving hands of his irish family he went, theres no place like home, theres no place like home. im sure when he settles he will send them some help.

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  5. tina fantasique!!

  6. It is sad to read and hear of all the people who hate the idea that a man can come from some of the most unfavorable of situations to become the president of the U.S. and it so happens that the man is white and black and have african family members who are poor. If this was a white man’s story it would be the rave of the nation and a movie would be in the works. There are some great white Americans still in this country who really don’t see the necessity of color and race, but just the character of an upstanding, educated, happily married man and father who is now the most powerful man in the world. America, why not just embrace our new President and help him to lead our country into brighrter and more prosperous days for all of us. Let go of the bigotry and hatred because it really hurts all of us and lest move on into a brighter tomorrow. America wake up, the old America is gone and a new and better America is here.

  7. If you just read his book “The Dream Of My Father”, you can see what a wonderfull relationship he has built with all his brothers and sisters. And eventhough they are all from differerent upbringing how loving and close they are and how fast they all had conected to each bonded.
    What is amaizing to me is that how someone can be so peaceful and forgiving and have no anger towards anyone.
    I admire him so much. And I sleep better at night knowing someone like this is in charge of our country.

    • Betty Wise said:

      I just finished reading Dreams of my Father and I couldn’y agree with you more! Obama is a brilliant, thoughtful, caring man. You are so lucky to have him as president of your country. If he had been born in Kenya he would never even have been president of that counrty because he is from the “wrong” tribe. God is good!

  8. Thanks Dee I couldn’t have said it better.
    Maybe some of these bloggers should read the facts instead of typing distorted views.

  9. We cannot choose our family but hard work, determination and ethics can shape our future. Give credit where it is due his Mom and her family supported a black child in a racist USA and proved to us all that the American Dream is a reality and we actually uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as a document meant to serve all Americans equally!
    Now I won’t have to make my attonement with my Maker for having lied to the hundreds of students I taught in my 40 years! Our nation is his family and he will take care of us if we have the sense to pull together and show him support and respect since he is inheriting the Titanic after it hit the iceburg!!!!

  10. Dear Obama,
    I just wated to say hello and call me because i am your niece. Call me at 962-8976 or send me an email at andtell Malaya and Sasha hello. Love ya bye.


  11. jummai yahya said:

    The world is full of ignorant and spiteful people who can not figure out when they have a good man in control. even if they read his books they cannot see the good in this poor man (Obama) because their eyes are blinded with hatred and their hearts is evil! meanwhile, haters can go to hell and remain there till eternity!

  12. I believe we elected the best man to be president of our country. I do hope though that he can pull away from his Chicago politician roots and do what needs to be done to pull our country out of the mess the greedy corporations have gotten us into. I am just praying that Obama will be the next FDR. He, with the programs he instituted, saved our country at a very dire time in it’s history. I hope Obama can do the same. To do so he must be able to resist the special interest groups, in particular those who are so bent on making themselves into rich, feudal lords at the expense of the rest of the country. They were already rich. Why did they think they needed more?
    On a separate note, why do so many people who use these blogs so often have poor english? I mean I agree with what they say and I’m glad they say it, but improper use of a language can lead to misunderstandings. You don’t believe me? My husband’s Chinese, college-educated, but still sometimes I have no idea what he’s trying to say. It’s very frustrating and it’s mostly because he’s lazy and just doesn’t go to the trouble to say it correctly. Anyway, thanks and more power to Obama!!!

  13. yo man go obama

  14. This this really a very nice photograph belongs Mr.president Barack Obama family

  15. I heard Obama has a brother who is running restaurant in china, very good business, I am not sure if this guy is real brother of Obama.

    • I heard the president preaching to be you brothers keeper, I guess he like to “keep” his brother in a hut.

  16. Obama, send a little money to these guys you tightwad punk!!!

  17. Amir m naji said:

    Am kenyan.i like d spirit n courage obama has.he is a man.plz if u can’t bit em join em.obama help d muslims in gaza n everywhre else.every drop of innocent blood wil 4eva b on ur hands.rule by d tongue n nt by d bullet.those sufferin are innocent.remember ur success is measurd by how much u biult nt how much u destroys. Let peace,lav,unity be ur slogan

  18. barack obama is not apart of that family

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