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Comments on: "The View Discuss The “N” Word" (4)

  1. Hey,

    if people have a chance, I need political opinions from people. started a political collaboratively written blook.

    need this exact type of input!


  2. Elisbeth please! Two “angry” black women versus the helpless blonde. Whoopi and Sherri defending th use of the word on national tv – WTH?! I have a headache. It’s time for everyone to stop using the N-word.

  3. trthBtold said:

    Why do “white america” view black women giving their opinion/views as being “angry”. But whenever, another female from a different culture, that’s aggressive as well–such as, the asiatic black woman–she’s viewed as “oh, that’s just there culture.”

    Black america has a culture as well–but white america doesn’t seem to want to view the differences as a “cultural difference”. Even though I may disagree with some of the culture–such as using the N-word, it’s still a culture difference–and we should respect that.

  4. N – Word “should” mean nice, nothing more nithing less.

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