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Civil Rights Leader: Public Figures Need To Be ‘Consistent’

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Rev. Al Sharpton spoke out Thursday against Rev. Jesse Jackson’s use of the N-word that was caught on tape while preparing for an interview for Fox News.

Sharpton, who has joined Jackson in opposition of the word, said on CBS News’ The Early Show on Thursday that he was “very disappointed” by this latest revelation.

“I think this certainly does not reflect the Reverend Jackson that we all know and love,” Sharpton said. “I think that we have to be consistent. We have denounced the N-word at National Action Network and other groups. Those of us and many of us who have used it privately said we must refrain from it if we’re going to challenge people using it publicly.”

Sharpton agreed that public figures especially need to be role models for others in expunging the word from today’s culture.

“Once we take this public position we have that responsibility. I’ve said and many of those in other groups, NAACP and others, that we’ve all used it in the past. And we’ve got to stop it as we challenge this nation,” he said. 

“We can’t challenge others without challenging ourselves. I still hold the Rev. Jackson in high esteem, but I certainly don’t condone the use of the word used by Rev. Jackson or myself or anyone else.”

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