The Black Political Review

A. Maurice at the Lorraine Hotel/National Civil Rights Museum – Memphis, TN

A. Maurice near the White Caddie that Dr. King rode in.

Recently, I was in Memphis, TN and stopped by a sacred site for African-Americans. It is the place where one of the greatest Americans was murdered – The Lorraine Hotel (National Civil Rights Museum). It was on April 4, 1968 when Dr. King was shot on the balcony (see reef in picture) 40 years ago.

I was there on an early Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to see the crowd already walking around and taking in the history. What still stands out to me was the grandfather I overheard educating his grandchildren about Dr. King. The most moving moment was when he turned and pointed to the building across from the hotel where the shots were fired that took his life. This is hallowed ground and I was honored to pay my respect to our brother… Respect.


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