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Learn About Hotel Ownership, Investing, Supplier Opportunities, Employment and Multicultural Tourism!

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Comments on: "12th Annual International African American Hotel Ownership & Multicultural Tourism Summit & Trade" (1)

  1. Greetings:

    My name is Al Khazmere McNeil and I am the founder and CEO of the Negro spirituals-hip-hop alliance (NSHHA), science of music and entertainment research and learning center.

    We are planning our first NSHHA showcase-seminars in Atlanta, GA in which will eventually travel and hold our event in different states arcoss the country. We would like a direcotry of BLACK OWNED hotes/venues that are professional in which we can proceed to do business.

    Please send me contacts, directory, and other information on African-American hotes/venues across the country.

    Thank you,

    Al McNeil
    CEO and Founder
    The Negro Spirituals-Hip-Hop Alliance
    The Daspora Entertainment Group, LLC

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