The Black Political Review

After viewing this video I wonder if you’ll come away as impressed as I was with how people are working for Sen. Obama across this country. Blacks, whites and all Americans express themselves in this clip in a manner that you never see on the network or cable news programs. This gives a great perspective to his campaign and how it has touched Americans.


Comments on: "Obama’s Volunteer Army: His Grassroot Strategy Exposed" (2)

  1. Hmmm…”Change” beginning at the grassroots level.

    Now THAT’S “Change” we can believe in!

  2. Morris J. Peavey, Jr. said:

    The struggle for this country must be
    about its just laws and the people’s rights and freedoms
    this means being truthful about the political process
    the motivates of people
    coming together to settle problems
    is a good thing

    youth may learn the power
    of unified action and not reaction!
    Is a most powerful teaching
    A unified action is also a definition or

    Politics is a process of definition, restriction, contradiction.

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