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By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Jesse Jackson’s comments. Here’s the video clip followed by his first (of many) apologies.


Comments on: "Jesse, Jesse, Jesse… You Can’t Say That!" (4)

  1. Jesse Jackson is a phoney whom is only interested in one’s self. It is sad that he calls himself a Reverend as Jesus would not be pleased with his behavior. Jesse – please repent and drop out of the picture. You have exploited black people long enough for your personal gain. -G

  2. Truthiz said:

    Bill and Jesse are having tremendous difficulty accepting the FACT that their ERA _their reign and their “game”_is done!

    They open their big fat mouths_because they “CAN’T help it”_and out comes the TRUTH about how they really feel about Obama, the “young Black upstart” who appears to be in the process of DE-throning them and their ilk without their permission.

    It’s past time for Bill and Jesse to take phoney, Narcissistic azzez somewhere and (in the words of beloved grandmother-now deceased)_”SIDDOWN”_!

  3. From Blacks4Barack…

    Rev. Jesse Jackson Makes
    B4B Official ‘Obama Hater List’

    Thanks to the now infamous ‘Nut-Gate’ comment made by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Blacks4Barack has received numerous requests to have Jackson placed on the Obama Hater Watch List. In order to comply with the overwhelming requests we have chosen to add the Rev. on a temporary basis (still being respectful).

    Visit to see the complete Official Obama Hater List. Obama news updates, photos, Celebs 4 Obama, volunteer info, videos, voter registration, Create-Your-Own Obama Logo (FREE), SpeakOut4Obama, Join B4B, Media Lies of the Week and Much More !

    Blacks4Barack !
    A Multi-Racial, Net/Grassroots Org…
    Dedicated To Truth !

  4. There’s more than just “hatin” going on. It’s a generational power struggle going on. The old guard are acting out and I expect so much more from the rev and others, at least when they are in public.

    The rev should have enough media savvy to know better than to speak when he is connected to a mic – whether he thinks it’s off is not the point.

    In any case it was a great mis-step for the junior senator and he and his advisors have moved a notch on higher on the “hard working Americans” scale of approval. It’s great to have the rev as an enemy in some circles.


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