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It’s not very often when you can praise network or cable news for its courage in tackling issues concerning “race” in America. CNN has boldly step into this void with its “Black in America” series. On July 23rd and 24th, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien moves this series forward by examining the harsh reality still confronting Black Americans 40 years post Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder. 

Peep the preview… tune in to catch the entire 4 hrs… Respect to CNN!

I had to give you some Spike Lee… hear the little big man from NYC.


Comments on: "CNN: Black In America… 40 Years A.K. (After King)" (9)

  1. For the Black Buddhist perspective on CNN’s series on Black America check out my blog:

  2. Craig Bright said:

    I hope Soledad comes from the heart and is not co-opted with the same old self hatred that most successful black grow into. Not to play the blame game- but everyone must look at causation. Have some self respect but mostly know that we are great people- and were the first people, Kings and Queens- Yes the bible said, those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first. There are many layers of understanding to that proverb.
    Absentee fathers- Some cultures have it that mothers raise kids and fathers go on. Slavery just fk-ed up our entire family structure. The welfare system- would not provide help to mothers if father were in the household. Crack babies- Yes, the U.S. Government put Crack into our neighborhoods, we dont have airplanes to bring that stuff into the country. Just Google- CIA and Crack, the San Jose Mercury did a study. Yes, some say it is false. But I remember my brother telling me that when he was in Vietnam, the Government was shipping heroin to the US in body bags. I think the movie American Gangster covered that alittle. So now we have a generation of Babies making Babies from Crack parents and youth wanting to do nothing but make money anyway possible. Affirmative Action- Rep. Clayburn said that we should not seek reparations because Affirmative Action was that. I think Rep Clayburn is a great person and have been thru it more than most, but he is co-opted on this issue. Affirmative Action has been provin to benefit White Women the most. They watered it down to put Women over Black Men. The purpose of Affirmative Action was to correct the ills of Slavery. I dont remember White Women being subject to Jim Crow, nor Mexicans or Asians…and the others that diversity has helped them get ahead. EEOC- The first thing Obama must do is overhaul EEOC- how can a Mexican Women help Blacks get more jobs. EEOC have no teeth. Why fill out that Racial survey if it is not leading to more Blacks getting jobs. Look around, maybe it is because I am in California but I cant remember the last time I had a Black HR person. I go to companies and see a low percentage if any Blacks, but I see many Chinese, Mexicans and Europeans. Why is it that Black cant be more represented? it is Racism, plan and simple. You know the Jews, Japanese and American Indian have all received “Reparation from Americans and that is the only way Americans will respect us, is if they understand what happened and the fallout from Slavery that has produced systemic institutionalize racism. Why did Arnold Swarinegger give Isreal 1 million dollars on behalf of the Austrian people? We have to heal the wounds of Slavery and reparations is the way to do it. Intervention- economic stimilus- Call it a Betterment Fund if Reparations add to much guilt to the equation. Plus you add “Human Frailty” and you see why we have the problems we have like no other race. Black do not have respect for ourselves because of the “Stockholm Syndrome” which was noted by the attitudes of the Jews toward the Nazi. The victims became emotionally attached to their victimizers, and even defended their captors. Yes we as a people have problems. But it is not totally of our making. And the successful and educated Blacks just dont have a clue because they are too busy – getting ahead and acting and accepting the same system that put us in this place. We have lost “discernment and dedication to ourselves and our race”. Yes, we should strive to be apart of the Human Community and I really think that is our “saving grace”. Because we were the First People and have the true blessings of God, we only have to put ourselves first with the guidance of the Creator in our hearts to overcome this madness. Our true salvation is in Africa… yes …we must go home. And we know just like when Emanicpation happened, the field blacks took off for freedom and the (house blacks) stayed and didnt want to leave their Masters. Lke Bob Marley said, ” Dem who feel it know it” .

  3. I highly doubt if your salvation really lies in Africa, a continent that is riddled with war and instability. Blacks need to take a deep look at themselves and realize that some of their problems stems from their community. Harping and crying over the burdens of being black in America wont solve your problems, MLK and the rest didnt, especially when it was worse during the Jim Crow era. Now, opportunities abound for black Americans, and some are taking advantage of it. Today, a black American is on the forefront of capturing the Democratic nomination a dream about to be fulfilled. Is that not impressive? Yet, he is being assailed left right and center from his fellow blacks. If it were the other way round, cries of racism would have been punctuated with arm fists and rallies in the country to protest this injustice. So, I say, lets move on and accept reality, life is never fair and will never be fair. If you think you have it worse in this country, visit other war torn countries like Somalia and Sudan where desperate people are even eager to be in your shoes.

  4. Craig Bright said:

    My Brother Akanino, yes I know you and yes I have been to Africa. You are correct to some extent about the present and the future. But many of the woes of African are from Colonialism, the same racist attitude which created the African American. I say, Africa is our salvation because Africa is “Mother” and we should always love our Mother. You are one of those African (christians) that have come to America but your hopes are to be just like them. I say, Africa…in our hearts,minds and pocket books. All the resources in Africa could help solve the woes of the Black American if we give back and stop the “Brain Drain’ like yourself. I was at the University of Kumasi where many European were studing Engineering, the one’s that could not get into MIT and the like. But why dont the African Scholars develope African for Africans? Africa is a big Island surrounded by oceans. Why have water problems when other countries like Isreal are building de-salanation plants to convert ocean water to fresh water? the US helped pay for that technology for Isreal..but what about Africa. Plus, solar power, African is right on the Equator with plenty of Sunlight to power all of Africa….so what is the deal. Africa has it problems that are rooted in the same “Opportunistic ” attitude that our successful Blacks have here in the US. So, I say my African Brother. Love thy self first..and God will make a way. All I am saying, is our power is within us. African have so many economic resources that we need to capitalize on for Our Selves….stop the colonial B.S- stop the stinking thinking and believe in yourself and the power of God….he created you in his image….get it, and LIVE IT.

  5. REALNewsNetwork said:

    Akanimo, my man, I don’t know you or Brother Craig, but I am pleased to at least see brothers talking about worthwhile topics. Craig nails a dead-center bullseye in his second response to you Akanimo. I would suggest you take another pass at his remarks, accompanied with some serious homework, because it’s obvious that Craig has done his.

    I have no doubt that you might be sincere. But sincerity alone is not enough to solve the problems wee-folks have. One must be keenly astute, deeply rooted in the Knowledge of Self and well-read and studied in the (true) history of how things came to be, and critically thinking. If you (Akanimo) or anyone else is to be taken seriously in public dialogue forums, such as this, you are gonna have to study – instead of parroting the status-quo misinformation you learned in school.

    Craig – Bigg-Upps to you for “going to get it”…..Those of US who are (truly) sincere Know and Understand that it (KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING – of the REAL situation) is certainly NOT going to come to us. Wee all must “go and get it”.

    Akanimo – I ain’t trying to diss you. All I’m saying is that you’re merely on the surface right now. Follow Craig’s example and drill a little deeper. You’d be amazed at what you’ll find…..Which is exactly why it’s buried there in the first place.

  6. Nikki Robinson said:

    I love the show that had came on last night. I think it should of touched on different things that goes on inside the black commuinties that people don’t talk about everyday. Being black is hard as is. She did a wonderful report, but when we are going to see the change that we need to improve us. Other races say that we look for hand outs. We as a people are just looking for our just do. Some of us feel like we should take it becuse they are not going to give it to us any way. Others feel that if we work hard for it we will get it. It’s too many points of views that we have to look at becuse it’s like living in the late 60’s and 70’s with Martin L. King and Malcom X. Ethier live in peace or any mean necessary. We fight with ourself and we have to fight with other races as well. That’s why they always call us angery black people. We would not be mad if we got what we work so hard for. We have bulit many of companies and lost many of our people becuse they want to feed us scraps off of their plates. My great grand mother was born a slave and left this world a free woman. She was free becuse she says they we are still slave with wadges. Now they start to pay us, but look how much they owe us.

  7. Lift evry voice ang sing.

  8. Chris Smith said:

    To Craig, just wanted to make a comment on affirmative action. As a white male who hires people and is engaged in getting government contracts, I can’t agree with the statement that affirmative action helps white women the most. I am required by my firm to have a black and a women involved in some way in all hiring decisions and in all contract bids I submit. The easiest way to fullfill that requirement is to include a black woman. Indeed, smart black women are the most in demand employee in my world.

    Affirmative action from my perspective helps black women the most, white women next, other ethnics groups next, black males next, and white men last.

  9. hmm.. thank you very much. usefull information

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