The Black Political Review

Crossing the Bar

by Cireal Americanus

We find ourselves at the apex of a Historic Moment for the Black community and we find the Pundits and a good part of Media talking about what is next for Hillary Clinton…..effectively throwing cold water on what Sen. Obama and his campaign have accomplished in this primary.

Many of the Media outlets and Pundits had communicated that although Hillary would not concede, she would at least acknowledge Sen. Barack Obama’s Historic victory. This word and confirmation had come from the Clinton campaign earlier Monday morning during a media conference call. The campaign confirmed that although she would not concede, she would, in their words, acknowledge the math vs. the man. In other words, she would acknowledge that Sen. Obama had surpassed the number of delegates, 2,118, needed to secure the Democratic Nomination for President but not necessarily the Nomination itself.

All the signs pointed to the fact that she was coming to term with the fact that her campaign was ending, i.e. sending campaign staff members home with no other instructions beyond that, holding the last meeting in her home state of New York (an area of strong morale support), comments from party leader and core Super Delegate supporters indicating the race was over, and the erosion of the super delegate base that she needed to secure a victory (MSNBC Super Delegate Count: Obama 399 vs. Clinton 292). Yet when the cameras came on Tuesday night after the South Dakota Primary there stood Terry McAulife, Clinton Campaign Manager, saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Hillary Clinton….the next President of the United States!”

At a time when the Party was looking for unification the Clinton campaign was not willing to “play team”. She thanked her supporters, friends and staffers and gave the customary reinforcement that the party needed to beat McCain in the fall with the “Best Candidate”. She gave no indication as to what she wanted or what she would do next. The only thing she did say was that she wasn’t going to make any decisions that night.

This was met with a harsh criticism from some of her strongest Political supporters Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) and Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), who strongly encouraged her to support the Democratic party and endorse Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. Other Party leaders expressed similar sentiment during a conference call with Sen. Clinton on Wednesday. The focus of their effort is to quickly unify the Party behind their Presumptive Nominee. Many of the former Clinton supporters expressed desires to begin campaign efforts on behalf of the Party but felt it inappropriate to begin efforts prior to her concession/endorsement.

During a speech to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Clinton began to show signs that she was giving in. She praised Sen. Obama for having run an outstanding campaign and indicated to AIPAC that he knew what needed to be done and would have their best interest at heart. These statements, although somewhat void, are a start. This, even if she would not say Sen. Obama in referring to the next President but would only indicate that next the President would need to be a Democrat and focused on the need to beat Sen. McCain.

Given that she missed her chance to endorse Sen. Obama on Tuesday after the Montana Primary closed, the next question is what is she looking to accomplish. Many are focused on the fact that Sen. Clinton has only “suspended” her campaign vs. discontinued it. Suspension means that she will be able to put her name in the Nomination process for the Democratic Vice Presidential running mate position as well as allow her supports base to continue to make contributions to her campaign to help bring down some of that enormous debt she ran up during the campaign. This span of time also allows Clinton supporter to put more pressure on the Obama campaign to select her as his running mate.

The primary argument being used as a reason to select Sen. Clinton as a running mate is her 18 million person voting block as well as her ability to draw the Hard working, Uneducated , White (H.U.W) voters. In reality, 56% of this 18 million voting block has already indicated that they will vote for Sen. Obama. This came from polling before the end of the campaign. Couple this fact with the fact that the McCain platform provides no options to alleviate their economic woes, end an unjustified war in Iraq, stabilize the declining Dollar or reverse the loss of Jobs, it is evident that the rest of the Clinton voting block will come back in addition to the ones that will come from the Republican party as well as independents..

According to Political Analysts, Sen. Obama is project to lead Sen. McCain through the summer in double digits.

So what’s Sen. Clinton’s plan. My belief is she wants to get back in the White House at all cost. To which I respond that there is always the White House tour at 10, 12 and 2 o’clock.


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