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Sean Hennessey NEW YORK (CBS) ― Police are mobilizing a massive presence in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in the wake of increased tension between African American and Jewish communities.

Leaders from both communities have come together recently to preach cooperation among residents of the neighborhood where African Americans and Hassidic Jews live side by side. But recent violence has showed that religion and race don’t always mix.

“I definitely feel [like there’s unrest] because I see it everyday. I’m around here a lot and that’s what I’m hearing,” said Crown Heights resident Anthony Rios.

Another resident, Joe Morgenstein, agreed, saying he hears “a lot of racial slurs all day” in the community.

Since 1991, when riots broke out after a 7-year-old black boy was killed by a Hassidic driver, Crown Heights has been hurt off-and-on by periodic tension. In the past month, 20-year-old Andrew Charles, who is black, was beaten up, and the suspect is Jewish.

Then last week, 16-year-old Alon Sherman, who is Jewish, had his jaw broken while being allegedly robbed by two black teens. The attackers were arrested Thursday.

Inside a Jewish museum dedicated to tolerance and understanding, black and religious leaders pleaded for the public to write a new history of race and religious relations.

“We are one standing together yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Forever,” said Jewish Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn).

Added Councilman Mathieu Eugene (D-Dist. 40): “We may have arrived on different ships, but now we are all in the same boat.”

It’s a boat some don’t want to see sink under the weight of ignorance and intolerance.

“It’s a bad thing. I hope it doesn’t escalate,” one black resident told CBS 2.

And if it does, there will be a quick response.

“It’s scary what’s been going on, but I’m happy police are taking it seriously,” said Chana Levine, a Jewish Crown Heights resident.

Police admit their presence there is a temporary fix until tensions drop, but some fear once police leave, what’s happened here will be repeated.

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Comments on: "Black, Jewish Crown Heights Leaders Seek Unity" (1)

  1. Anonymous said:

    The white world is in fear of losing their world dominance and Blacks(The Original Jews in America) are aligned with the northern Africans(Arabs) as allies in this War Against Religions(WAR). China and India are resourcing the Africans while America uses their kindred (Us) along the same lines.

    This is a setup for Barrack Obama, White America needs a fall guy, someone to drop a nuclear bomb on these so- called terrorist, or have a failed term and be labeled weak and then be possibly assassinated physically, politically and/or personally. We must assert our presence stronger, the Spanish speaking politicians are actually “requesting” monetary payment for their votes, labeling it “support” for a party that has their interest, while (We) suffer through the housing market (which began to collapse when we started purchasing homes in larger numbers).

    This is a great time for the inner city to be aflame, they’re cutting a path through the suburbs burning forest and China just happens to have a earthquake approximately about the same spot (regionally) as the one in Illinois (when transposed over China) but larger, crippling their economy like ours, hmmm. We are allowing them to threaten a politician, with no recourse or retaliation(Gov. Huckabuck and Sen.”fist”-Clenching). Tornadoes are ripping thru the midwest and gas is higher in the inner cities than any where else, we are paying thru the nose and are receiving the brunt of the disaster while the “hard-working uneducated whites” are viewed as American heroes.

    Where are the hard-working uneducated blacks, on welfare, unemployed or selling dope? We have a medium, why are we not using it to our benefits? Where are the so-called Gangsta rappers, who threaten each other mindlessly and actually do dirt for real, but only upon their own kind.

    Africa has the most to gain, they are not a industrial Continent as America or China, this WAR will only assist in their growth as the rest of the world will be leveled to their standard, as suffers.The Revolution is Officially being televised, in High Definition.It’s gonna be a HOT summer, hope to see ya on the otherside.

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