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By Cireal Americanus

The rhetoric from the Clinton campaign has been that she should be the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic party based on the fact that she is ahead in the popular vote and that she has a “strong base” of “Hard-Working, Uneducated, White” (H.U.W.) voters.

For those of you who listen to the “Steve Harvey” Show in the mornings on your way to work, this is a “Code Cracker” moment.

Code 1:

The Clinton campaign highlights the fact that it is ahead in the popular vote.

Code Cracker moment:

There is no way I can be the Democratic Nominee without figuring out some way to game the Super Delegates, the American Public and the nomination system.

Understand, the Clinton Campaign is behind in the Super Delegate and Delegate counts, the number of contests won, as well as the Popular vote. The only way the Clinton Campaign could take the lead in the Popular vote is if the votes of Michigan and Florida are included as they currently stand and have a strong showing in all the remaining campaigns, of which Obama is slated to win Oregon. This line of reasoning does not take into account the fact that the DNC (Democratic National Committee), definitively stated that if these two states, Michigan and Florida, violate their Primary election dates their delegates as well as votes would not be counted. The two states held elections in spite of the DNC’s rules & warnings…the rest is history.

The Clinton Campaign’s logic does not take into account the fact that since many thought the votes would not count, they did not bother to cast a ballot during their State’s primary. Nor does this logic take into account that Hillary Clinton was the only democratic name on the Michigan ballot. Ironically, early polling data showed that is was actually Obama, not Clinton, who had a lead in Michigan over the campaigns of Clinton and Edwards.

Given these two facts, the delegates and votes for both Michigan and Florida should be counted but the count should be apportioned in a way that counts the votes while addressing the states’ violations of the primary election schedule.

Code 2:

Hillary Clinton indicating that her voter base was primarily made up of H.U.W. voters.

Code Cracker Moment:

The Clinton campaign is using the “Jedi Mind” trick to persuade Super Delegates that the American public will not vote for Obama because he is Black . This is what I call the “Dog Whistle” race card. To the average person you may think she is just focusing on her voter demographics but if you look a bit closer there are some questions you have to ask.

  1. When did they stop counting African-Americans as 3/5 a person?

Since the days of Slavery when the South concocted a means to get representation in Congress for their slaves without allowing them the right to vote, it has been an up-hill battle for African American’s to be fully appreciated & recognized in Politics let alone Society. The African-American vote has been written off as being only Democratic and therefore has been taken for granted. This is to the Clinton Campaign and many others in the Democratic party a practice that says “No matter what I do or don’t do, the African-American voting block will vote Democratic.”

With Sen. Obama having 90-95% of the African-American vote, the Obama Campaign has put a lot of the traditionally Red/Republican states in play for the General election that the Democratic Party would have normally counted as a loss, i.e. South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.. This new map negates the Clinton Campaign’s argument that their candidate is the best qualified because of the H.U.W. voters, a demographic Obama is increasingly winning over by the day.

  1. Where were these H.U.W. voters in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections?

Historically, these same voters either vote Republican, if they vote at all. A colleague of mine was amazed at the number of Bush/Cheney signs he saw in a Rural town in North Carolina during the 2004 Presidential Election. In spite of the poor economy and the fact that they have nothing to gain voting for the Republican party, e.g. Job outsourcing, Corporate tax breaks, Decrease in the Capital Gain Tax,etc this demographic typically votes Republican. The emergence of the H.U.W. voter on the political scene seems to be more of a function of voting against a viable Black candidate (for fear of a Black President) vs. A strong belief and commitment to the Clinton Campaign and/or ideology.

At this point, the nomination belongs to Sen. Barack Obama. This is the consensus of the Pundits, the Super Delegates and even the Republicans, as evidenced by Bush’s shameful pandering to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) as he tried to turn a Domestic issue/campaign into an opportunity to discredit Sen. Obama on an International stage . This is also the quiet consensus of the Obama campaign as they are visibly beginning to focus their efforts on key states needed to secure a victory in the General Election against Sen. McCain.

The only question now is VP Hillary Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Hillary Clinton. Only time will tell. But that is another article all together …………………………..



Comments on: "The Other Side Of The Coin" (2)

  1. she knew what she was saying

  2. Nemow Dog said:

    Rawdawdbuffalo is right. She knew what she was saying she just thought that the rest of us were too stupid to know what she was talking about. The other good thing about this election is that we have seen the “True Colors” of folks come out, i.e. Andrew Young, Bob Johnson, Geraldine Ferraro, Bill Clinton, Hillary, etc.

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