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The only group of people that can still be openly offended in America nowadays are African-Americans and Christians. Look no further than Marietta, Ga and the Mulligan Food and Spirits tavern. The owner is selling t-shirts with the picture of a monkey (Curious George) eating a banana with the caption “Obama in ’08” underneath it.

How fast would that place be shut down if there was something offensive about Jewish people, Muslims, the American Flag or any other symbol that people hold sacred? This place would not be in business today. You would see “Culture Warrior” Bill O’Reilly himself calling for this place to be closed. Fox News would be doing live remotes from this tavern if they were selling t-shirts demeaning President Bush or Ronald Reagan.  


Comments on: "Racist Curious George T-shirt In Georgia" (10)

  1. phatkid74 said:

    How is this any different than comparing our President to a chimp?

    If it is Racism then it has to cut both ways.

  2. antirepublican4life said:

    Here is the phone # for Mulligan’s in Marietta, GA to let these ignorant rednecks know how you feel. There address is also in the phone book if you wan to look it up.


  3. Why is it only UGLY, if someone other than a Black person says it?????? Like the “N” word. But Black Rappers say it in what they call Music, and Black’s say it to each other no Big Deal…… It’s only Ugly, when you think that there’s something to be gotten for FREE from it…. What need’s to happen, is alot you people need to get a Checkup, from the Neckup… It’s Damn 2008, not the Stone ages, every Race on the Planet has been inslaved at some point in History…. We need to learn from our past, not hold onto it and Cry every time you think you can get something for free, or keep saying you owe me, for what happend 200 hundred years ago… I’m part Native American, where’s mine????? You in fact owe me, not the other way around, this was all my peoples land, not your’s…. Just get a Damn Clue.. An a Life.

  4. Where can I buy one? Are these for sale over the internet. I’d love to my part to piss off the braindead fools that support that leftwing Marxist from hell.

    Scott W.

  5. phatkid74 writes:

    “How is this any different than comparing our President to a chimp?”

    I agree. Comparing George W Bush to a chimp is highly offensive – to chimpanzees.

  6. I cant wait to order one of these. Some people just need to lighten up.

    Bleeding heart libs – led by the media have been saying alot worst about GW with poor character drawings.

    Its a FREEKING TShirt for crying out loud that ANYONE has to be honest DOES look like Obama around the face and EARS!!

    It is true that black people are somehow allowed to say the N word – because coming from them it somehow takes on a new definition than if a white person says it — that is as much CRAP as obamas plans!! The N word is the N word no matter who says it.

  7. I could not agree more with your post, and I believe it’s time to ramp up our efforts to get rid of this place. I’ve started an online petition to oppose Mulligan’s and the owner’s hateful views. Please sign the petition, share it with friends, and let’s get this dump closed down:

    • How is it ok for you to have a BLACK political review but it’s not ok for this man to voice his opinion on his sign?

  8. bring on the lulz

  9. Believe it or not, those types of promotions helped President Obama win the election. There are more people that are against racism today than there are those that support it. And seeing t-shirts like that proved how much we needed change!

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