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Brotha to Brotha

             The thing about being a Black man in America is that one lives a life of challenges that are played out in noticeable and hidden manners. It’s a battle of trying to maintain one’s identity versus the ability to survive in a world that has been cruel to its existence. We have seen it played out recently in a public arena as Barack Obama reaches closer to a historic happening in obtaining the head seat in the White House.

More times than not, Obama is forced to defer to political (i.e. white folks) correctness such as the case with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright comments. There isn’t a black person around who has knowledge of their history that should disagree with Rev. Wright’s assessment that American can be shady and its treatment of Black folks is an injustice. That’s not some made-up theory that he’s speaking of but more so its common knowledge that racism is alive and kicking. Black folks have been oppressed, are still being oppressed and will continue to be oppressed.

In addition, white folks themselves will tell you that this country can be shady in its dealings and history backs that up. The war in Iraq is costly, cruel and illegal yet it continues to go on despite objections from politicians, citizens and other countries. Then again you really can’t call this a war because that would mean the other side is fighting and in this instance that’s not the case. The Bush regime found no weapons of mass destruction but they found a way to loot the government of trillions of dollars to benefit the overthrowing of another government.

As a Black man I sit back and I watch the situation with a sense of envy for I understand that a black man could never get away with such. What one experiences as black man who strives to live right is difficult to explain. It involves a trail of struggles and revivals that one must either understand or defeat (drugs, depression, lack of hope, prison, etc…) is certain. That’s why Bob Johnson’s decision to rip Obama publicly in order to show his support for Hillary Clinton, a white woman, is not only disappointing but illogical in a sense. Here is this black billionaire who agrees with the sentiment that the first viable black candidate for the presidency that he has seen in his lifetime is only where he is because he’s black.

First of all, if a brother is able to rise to the top something regardless of why they say he is there then let’s put up a big power fist for that. History shows how countless number of black men have had their lives ended in a heap of injustices and how even more continue to live under the unfair glare of instuitions designed to stunt one’s growth of humanity. For a black man to overcome all obstacles and achieve is remarkable but for one to have a chance as president is justice served. But Mr. Johnson sees it differently. You see there is that specter of white approval that hovers over a black man’s life like a shadow that never disappears. White elitism will only accept so many of us in their circle and once in one must do as the Romans do – be a Roman.

Don’t get me wrong; despite what many outside of the black race think, we are a very diverse people with very diverse thoughts. In other words if Bob Johnson who made his money off black folks with BET wants to back a white candidate then that is his right. But what he can’t do is sell Obama short by claiming race is the determining factor of his status when Johnson benefited off of the same thing he is claiming Obama is guilty of – being Black. Johnson became the first black majority owner of a NBA team because Commissioner David Stern and the league wanted a minority owner. They were other legitimate offers including one led by Larry Bird but the league, built upon the backs of black men who make up a majority of the players, wanted a black wealthy owner and Johnson was it. That’s affirmative action at its highest level brotha. Yet, Johnson also forgets about the different financial incentives he received while owner of BET, which he later sold to white folks, because he was black.

That’s part of the dilemma that a black man faces as he has to navigate the white side while trying to remain true to the black side. The white side feeds the stomach while the black side feeds the soul but sometimes the lines get all crossed up and then so does the person. Some are able to move freely between the two without offending anyone but that rarely happens and this is one of those times when offense is taken. It’s also one of those times when a black man needs to be reminded who he really is and where he’s really from.

Love, Peace & Soul



Comments on: "Brotha to Brotha" (4)

  1. ell said, but riddle me, what differ do u do as a MAN?

  2. From Blacks4Barack…THE BLACK VOTE IS THE KEY THIS TUESDAY !!!The media thinks that blacks are absolutely stupid. They’ve been watching the powerful solidarity in the black community during this campaign and they’re hoping we’re stupid enough to lose focus and become divided over the media created Rev. Wright situation. Keep in mind….in Pa. 92% of all black voters voted for Obama. That’s powerful ! Only one problem….not enough registered black voters actually voted !!!! This Tuesday…May 6th….EVERY Black voter MUST VOTE in N. Carolina and Indiana !!!!! BECOME A VOLUNTEER….MAKE PHONE CALLS….TAKE SOMEONE TO THE POLLS….CARPOOL…This Tuesday, the most important vote will be the black vote. When we go out in record numbers, the DNC and superdelegates will know that we are united for Obama…and the Re-Birth of America. This is it ! It is your responsibilty to GET FIRED UP !!!! Not only for yourself….but for the future of your children.
    p.s. Hillary Clinton has still not made a comment on the Sean Bell killing which occured in her state.

    Visit: for Phone Bank Volunteer (make calls from your home)info and Much More ! Over this weekend…send comments everywhere (particularly Indiana & N.Carolina)to get our people fired up !!!!

    Say It Loud…BARACK & I’M PROUD !!!

  3. 2cireal said:

    Wow. What is the truth and where do you start?

    I will start with the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and work my way out.
    Although I agree with some of the things that were said the overall delivery, in the end, and timing SUCKED!!! Rev. Wright gave America a Steak dinner served up on a trash can lid.

    His point about America’s treatment of the Black man/Black woman was horrific to say the least, i.e. the overall horror of slavery, the Tuskegee project which allowed for the spreading of syphilis throughout the community, lynching, raping, killing, placement in sub-human housing, denial of the right to obtain a descent education and the denial of a people to create wealth to pass on to the next generation are all true. All your piety and words can not change that fact.

    The statements at the NAACP dinner, highlighting the fact that neither group in their manner of communication, rhythm, learning style, or social norms is wrong but different was a key finding and pointed statement to make.

    But the antics after the National Press club dinner, throwing up the Que sign, dancing around during the question and answering as a child would when enjoying their ice cream cone, being flip and sarcastic during the question and answer period and the overall timing was abominable to say the least.

    This came across as grand standing and show boating to me and put a comical face on a very serious topic.

  4. 2cireal said:

    As for the state of the black man, I would caution all my brothers that envy any aspect of the demonic behaviors of any race or man. The Bible says “Envy not the wicked”. This is true in the sense that what goes around, comes around and there is an aspect of that today.

    Marcus Garvey said, “The best of a race is reflected by its ability to create of and by itself. Let us not try to be the best or worst of others, but let us make the effort to be the best of ourselves.”

    The Black American’s success lies in creating a worth and independence in and of itself. Only then will we receive the respect in society and the World that we deserve. This does not address the psychological, social, and financial barriers that are placed in the way of our progress but as with the collective wealth totaling the 9th wealthiest nation in the world, it is an OUTSTANDING start.

    Lastly, Sen. Barack Obama is where he is because he is the best qualified candidate, Bob Johnson is where he is because he found a way to leverage/exploit the Black community and get paid for it, Bob Johnson is also an NBA owner because he presented the highest bid. Don’t ever get that twisted in the fact that they were “gimmes” or a magnanimous act.

    I do agree that Bob Johnson did not have to put Sen. Obama down to build Sen. Clinton up. As for his support of her you must understand that Bob Johnson made his money under the Clinton regime and they, he and Bill, are actually friends. If anything, Just as with Majic Johnson, Bob is looking at getting Bill back in office and having access to that power base that he would not have with an Obama presidency.

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