The Black Political Review

Every Vote Counts

What is the world coming’ to… where in the world are we runnin’ to

Some of you, don’t know what I’m writin’ for body bags and toe tags but

What are we fightin’ for… if you really want protection you have to vote in every election… Take time to think about your selection because this country is in recession


It may sound crazy but it’s real you can go to the doctor but can’t afford the bill

And we the people can’t even the score… there are two types of people the rich and the poor Our troops are still going to Iraq $pending billion$ of dollars and they ain’t all comin’ back


And with every shot fired the gas prices continue to get higher… they say we live in the Richest nation but still we can’t afford medication we’re taking, who’s really listening… They’ve fixed incomes for our senior citizens the people who worked hard all their life… and They still don’t get treated right


We don’t need to be on welfare we need to be provided with better health care

You have to be serious about your vote we don’t have a lot of things…but we have hope These are the states united But to this day we’re still divided

By race…class…sex…and religion you have a say so…in this decision


You have a choice…but are you gonna choose it If you don’t use your vote…you’ll Lose it And it’s your only ammunition…to pick a politician Put them in the right position…to Change our conditions It’s up to us… but we still have hope 

Let’s make a difference … it counts…if you vote  


J Ebon Proctor Sr



Comments on: "Every Vote Counts" (2)

  1. lovely. yes it does

    and thats why i keep my kids with me as much as possible

  2. Votes for the primary has been tallied
    Obama campaign has rallied human involvements
    And Hillary Clinton cathartic wonder signal a women
    Being offered up by the conservative wing on the right
    People scream we have no idea who leads us to the light
    Political or economic Change so we investment in speeches
    And are invited to revisit the old policies and lies that lead
    To bridges to nowhere and to IRAQ and woop da du

    What if any one of them face the American public
    Answered the calls of the old ingenuity and looked at factory
    The American industries as RFP request for proposal
    The massive ideas coming to reflect upon the mind powers
    Solving those very problems like changing from whale oil
    To the fossil fuels to the electric grids to the photo electric cell

    That they get beyond American experience of lie, deceit, vice
    The very wake of past elections; focus on three epochs of
    Development coming from the plantation liberated by
    The industrial revolution where steel became the next
    Great American master and the Iron, foundries, coal smelting
    Plants rose from Pennsylvania and Andrew Carnie became
    The American Baron to rise ahead of the crowd and master
    The American University of ideas and paved the way for
    The great US Steel and it’s rolling tracks across the breath of the land

    Redefining what the parries had been to Conestoga wagons
    Showing how the West was really won bed of steel
    Pressed down describing the arms length and cubit
    On each side of the tracks measuring twenty miles distance
    North and south as it scrambled to connect the Atlantic
    With the Pacific and the tea company was the left over
    Tradition of the tobacco crowd by the coup which
    Had taken over the colonial Empire and forced the British
    To serve their own tea and snort Turkish tobacco snuff

    So Mr. Carnegie gave meaning to the company and stock
    Deals and the slick biding for the minds of the farmer
    And America changed and the children flock to cities
    And build the waterfronts and compete with the Erie
    Crowd until the Ohio politicians rose their heads
    Behind the new Oil baron who invented tricks that
    Complement the rail and complete with Mr. Carnegie

    So you say vote I say give America an economic
    Identity and rest something upon the new philosophy
    The oil crowd and the Rockefeller competition with
    Carnegie and Melon is today’s politics. The Oil and
    Support of fragments of steel and the combustible
    Engine brought the second epoch and Henry Ford
    With Rockefeller undone Carnegie old crowd of
    Alan Pinkerton and Ole Abe that railroad Lawyer and
    Their private eyes and secret service crowd
    So we come to an age of assassination and stalwart
    Republicans—those twisted sisters of intrigue
    Are substituted by OSS and FBI and the new crowd
    Of politicians serving the new magic call a Nation
    And elections and politics follow and people
    Build the mega-malls and companies become
    Masters and the mighty masses dream to become
    Rich and send their children off to college and
    Leave the family and home front and become servants
    To other masters hoping for freedom and follow
    Rockefeller oil rigs all over the world drilling
    For black gold and men selling their souls.

    Creating havoc by dropping 5000 lb bombs
    On villages and cries go up for the children
    When hopeless men be voting and lost of even
    Their mind for intellectual property is the most
    Valuable asset of the people and if there is no
    Asset to take there is no real politics. The taking
    Of the wealth of the slave on the plantation;
    The coolie and railroad gangs across the wild plains
    And the wage slaves in the sweat shops and
    Great company stores are the burden of the people.
    Since thieves can’t past good title this idea of
    Political revolution is a myth. But you got my
    Vote for better thing to do. Jest you guarantee
    It will be counted too!

    Morris J. Peavey Jr.
    Author of Mah & Family values
    Ghettonomics Man & Myth [the religion of racism]

    PS: who is your preference?
    The lawyer or the soldier?

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