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Tom Joyner makes the annoucement on air listen here!

Let me get this straight… Tavis quit the Tom Joyner Morning Show because Black People accused him of being to hard on Sen. Barack Obama? Come on, I ain’t buying that. I’m supposed to believe that Tavis cannot take pushback from the very people he loves and challenges to be the best they can be? This is the same brother that makes (a lot of) money talking about people needing to be accountable isn’t it? Yet, Tom Joyner posted a commentary on Black America Web stating Tavis couldn’t deal with it (read it here).

I encourage you to read what Joyner wrote. At first read, it appears that Joyner’s defense of Tavis paints him as being a weak man. He wrote, “He needed to feel the love. We all do, whether it’s from our radio audience or from people we know personally. He wasn’t feeling any love, so he quit.”

Joyner continues, “Tavis truly loves black people. I tried to tell you that. The hate he’s been getting hurts. He’ll never admit that, but it’s true.”

That may be true, however, Tavis is a big boy that has become an icon in the white dominated American media. He has overcome many hurdles and setbacks in his personal and professional life which have (or should of) prepared him for future ones. I’m not buying his LOVE for Black People is so great that when massess of Black People disagree with him he feels crushed. Welcome to the public arena Tavis.

The balance of Joyner’s commentary highlights Tavis’ value to Black People and why he is needed. It’s hard to argue against what Tavis brings to the table because he’s done (and doing) yeoman’s work for causes important to Black People… and so have many others. Just think about a few who are (more) harshly criticised by their own who haven’t quit.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Gen. Colin Powell, Judge Clarence Thomas, Dr. Bill Cosby, Sen. Barack Obama, Oprah Winphrey, Michael Steele are just a few of Tavis’ contemporaries that are or have been in the line of fire.  

I thought for sure that Tavis would have endorsed Sen. Obama after Robert “BET” Johnson made those ugly remarks about Obama. After all, Johnson fired Tavis and cursed him out in front of others back in the day (ref. “What I Know For Sure”). Tavis in Obama have more than their pigment in common.

Read what the Afrosphere has to say about Tavis leaving:


Comments on: "Tavis Talks No More On TJMS" (4)

  1. dollydavis said:

    Tavis was a bit harsh on President Obama,as will as his own radio auidence,its like Tavis,was angry all the time,is tone on the radio,was harsh,as well–Tom & Tavis are friends,i no it upset Tom,Tavis leaving-but one door closes and another opens,the young lady who replaced Tavis,is great–


  3. Well, is a sad day when such lack of respect for choosen leader is put on display for the whole world to see. Sen. Wilson has shown the world that American does not have respect for their own leaders, so why should they. Sen. Wilson has open the way for further disrepect for American leaders. Due to the many fallen politicians a lack of trust is understandable, but blaten disrepect should not be tolerated, not just because The President is Black, but because of the postion he is in. The World judge us by how we treat our leader. So, Mr. Wilson has accomplished very little on that front. He has displayed America as rude, crude, disrespectful and ignorant. It was said that President Obama did not know what to say. I saw differently, he seem to me just to simply allow room for Mr. Wilson’s ignorance what could he have said? There was no need because Mr. Wilson said it all, “I am an ignorant American!”

  4. Charles Porter said:

    I don’t think it is necessary to ponder whether or not a deep racial divide exist in the United States of America. It has been here since Africans were brought here as slaves. Congressman Wilson proves it is embedded at the seat of government. After all is said and done. It is the place where discrimination was passed into law. Forget the constitution, especially the preamble.

    So I suggest for discussion the re-establishment of …”THE BLACK PARTY”..not like those of old, instead one instigated by talking and carried by the invisible back network. The greatest talkers of all times. Let it start on the ‘TJMS’,i.g. ask the audience to email or stamp mail suggestsions in fifty words or less, if that looks promising, send the comments to the Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies in Washington and get the traditional BC&U’s to silently participate. (not to loud. Might lose some support)

    At least the TJMS will update where some of the audience lives.

    So there you have it. ( to whomever reads this,..if anybody)umjumbo!

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