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Do you know who this man is? If you support the legacy and accomplishments of Affirmative Action then you want to know who he is.

His name is Ward Connerly and he is THE BIGGEST OPPOSITION to Affirmative Action. He became famous with his successful Proposition 209 campaign in California which passed in 1996. It eliminated Affirmative Action in the state. Since then, Connerly has assisted in successful campaigns for Washington’s I-200, One Florida and Michigan’s Proposal 2.

In 1996, Connerly and Dusty Rhodes (President of National Review) created an organization called the American Civil Rights Institute. The main focus of the ACRI is on three areas: assisting organizations in other states with their efforts to educate the public about racial and gender preferences, assisting federal representatives with public education on the issue, and monitoring implementation and legal action.

Connerly and his supporters go state to state to get (force) anti-Affirmative Action legislation onto ballots in hopes of overturning so-called set aside programs.  He is now leading the charge in Missouri to end Affirmative Action.

Keep an eye out for Connerly because he is on a mission.


Comments on: "How Dangerous Is Ward Connerly" (4)

  1. Yes, this man is on a mission. Though he failed in Oklahoma, he is not giving up on his fight to do away with affirmative action. Great piece!

  2. do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

  3. REALNewsNetwork said:

    Ward suffers from unchangeable, unfixable mental retardation and his spinal cord has the strength of a wet noodle.

  4. EqualityNow said:

    Mr. Connerly has done a great deal in the pursuit of equal rights for a variety of minorities. It was this same man who went to bat for same sex couples right to be married and enjoy benefits like the rest of us. He had a major role in creating a law that eliminated housing discrimination. After reading his book called “Creating Equal”, it is clear that his only mission is to get everyone at the same starting line and do away with special treatment. I for one, desire no handout, no crumbs from anyone else’s table, I want my accomplishments to be the product of my own work and not a law that gives me a head start over someone based solely on my race. I grew up very poor and have not once checked any box to define my ethnicity. I am now in college and proud that it has nothing to do with my skin color, only my grades and my hard work. And just because someone disagrees with your point of view does not make them retarded. Even if you disagree with Mr. Connerly and me, read the book so you can get a better understanding of what you so carelessly denounce.

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