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Angry White America’s best-known advocate is at it again. Patrick J. Buchanan just couldn’t muzzle himself long enough before his inner-most self had to say something crazy (again) regarding African-Americans.

How does a so-called legitimate news operation like NBC/MSNBC employ this guy? They allow this guy to appear on their airways several times a day as an analyst delivering commentary. After his syndicated, racially charged column titled “A Brief for Whitey,” I wonder if he’ll be on TV this evening.

This is an excerpt from his column.

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants.

Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

To read the complete lunacy from Buchanan’s pen here’s the link

First, I want to hear from Keith Olbermann, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and all the other on-air talent at NBC/MSNBC. I want to know if they support or reject Buchanan’s twisted prose or if they agree.

Second, there were millions of Africans that were stolen from the mother continent that died (i.e. murdered, suicided, illness) during the Middle Passage to the Americas.

Third, Buchanan is strongly against Mexicans (other immigrants) coming to America seeking the same so-called benefits he claims were given to ungrateful Black People.

Fourth, all the institutions (private, public) that he writes about were built upon the free labor provided by Black People for centuries. Any fractional, monetary gift (or program) initiated for the benefit of African People in America were more than justified. However, these so-called programs (i.e. welfare, etc.) have been as destructive as any other strategy to keep the people dependent. Notice that there was no mention of the promise of 40 acres and a mule to each freed slave. That would have provided untold wealth to Blacks. 

Lastly, he just gets on my d*** last nerve and I hope that I don’t have to see his face much longer on programming I like to watch at times.

Buchanan will be waiting a long time before I thank him for stealing my ancestors and enslaving them against their free will. I will never bow to his thinking that a free people  forced into the greatest, criminal enterpise known to man should be grateful of that experience. He has no compassion, nor does he care about the miseducation, murder, displacement and destruction of hundreds of millions of free people that were descendents of the cradle of civilization.


Comments on: "Pat Buchanan Is Out Of His Mind" (9)

  1. Go Pat go!

  2. REALNewsNetwork said:

    Bruh – some s*** you just gotta let go – not because it should be ignored, but because it keeps you off focus and distracted from the goal. The war against ignorance isn’t with Pat, it’s with millions of our own people who believe as he does. Countless wee-folks who have bought into the concept that wee are in truly inferior and should be subject to the rulership of white folks.

    Trust me – it’s true. I have, in my (short) lifetime come across countless many of US, who share Pat’s sentiment, and would go even further into the realm of insanity. (Take a look at what’s going on in the Motherland right now with the dozens of civil wars in which Africans are slaughtering each other wholesale on behalf of european interests – THEN come back to me and talk about Pat Buchanan – they’ll make Pat look like nothin!)

    Check out what’s going down in Sierre Leon, Liberia, Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast as I speak……Check out Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Prince Georges, Trenton, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Philadelphia……….All of a sudden, the antics of a Pat Buchanan becomes insignificant.

    It is futile to ask Matthews, Olberman, or Russert to counter their comrade’s statements. They are in agreement with him, and have helped to perpetuate many of the same lies and distortions of history that Pat has made his entire career on. It’s his job! It’s what Pat does.

    If you truly want to torture your eardrums, spend some time in the fields (streets) trying to convince wee-folks that wee are NOT inferior. I guarantee you the kind of headache Pat Buchanan could never give you.

    There’s no damage that even 10 Buchanans could do to match the inward evil that wee heap upon each other on a daily basis. A critical and piercing look into the daily lives of wee-folks would reveal far worse than any white man could perpetrate.

    There is NOTHING that a Patrick Buchanan could utter from his thin lips that could trouble me anywhere close to how some brothas walked into a flower shop and shot dead two grandmothers who were running their store a few years ago……Or the brothas who beat down a 17 yr-old kid in a 7-Eleven because he offered to buy a girl in the store a slurpee. They beat him down, dragged him into the road of oncoming traffic and left him to be run over and unltimately killed from the crush of several cars.

    S*** like Pat Buchanan makes us lose focus. The enemy is US. Men like Pat Buchanan will always be here as long as there are whites on this planet.

    Pat only exists because of our refusal to unite and behave as Brothers and Sisters in Love. If wee did that – Pat would vanish into dist like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

    If you really “Wanna Holla”, take a look at US.

  3. true, but he is well read and a scholar still

  4. Yes it’s true wee-folks got a long way to “BECOME” the people we need to be. But network media outlets like MSNBC must be confronted when they allow the unfounded and racist ranting of an employee on their payroll.

    Personally, I don’t care if one is male or female, black, brown, white or whatever; if you disrespect my people or myself, I going to confront you with it.

    If then one can not back up what they say with facts and an open minded perspective, then I WILL CALL YOU OUT!

    Despite the HELL black people bring upon themselves, I’m not cutting an Anglo-American like P.B. ANY SLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A. Maurice said:

    Cedric –

    I know you have more to say… I feel those comments!

    Point to ANY other race of Americans that will stand for this level of disrespect time after time? I challenge my readers to answer THAT question. What would happen if Buchanan said something this inflammatory about gays? He’d be shut down with the quickness.

    But Black People can continued to be disrespected with impunity. Not on this site!

  6. Joan Macdonell said:

    Q: Point to ANY other race of Americans that will stand for this level of disrespect time after time? I challenge my readers to answer THAT question.

    A:Catholic Hebridean slaves.. just do a brief internet search:

    Item 1
    Catholic Jacobite
    thousand were sold as slaves to the American plantations. The kilt was banned and no Catholic Highlander could carry a weapon. The catholic clan system destryed in the aftermath of Battle Culloden hastened its demise.


    Slavery Example
    In 1739 in Finsbay, Harris, across the hills from Taransay, around 100 local men, women and children were tricked or kidnapped on to a ship to be sold as slaves in the West Indies. The scheme had been masterminded by local landlords.

    1150 survivors were rounded up and sent to Barbados to end their days in slavery. …


    Deep Loss
    Fichead Bliadhna (Twenty Years)

    Freedom of the moor

    Freedom of the hill

    And then to school

    At the end of a summer

    Catholic gaulic Children, five years of age

    Without many words of English

    Here is your book

    Here is your pen

    Study hard

    That’s what they told me

    And you will rise up in the world

    You will achieve

    I learnt many things

    The English language

    The poetry England

    The music of Germany

    The history of Spain

    And even that was a misleading history

    Then on to further education

    Following education, more education

    Like puppets

    On the end of a string

    Our heads filled with a sort of learning

    And I did rise in the world

    I found my suit

    I found my shirt

    I found a place in the eyes of men

    Well away from the freedom of the moor

    But why did they keep

    Our history from us?

    I’ll tell you ‑ they are frightened

    In case the children of Gaeldom awaken

    With searching

    And penetrating questions

    Twenty years for the truth

    I had to wait

    I had to search

    Twenty years of deceit

    They denied me knowledge of myself

    ‑ C & R Macdonald, Runrig, 1979.[60]

    Item 4
    Malcolm X scot w/ blake skin
    White Slavery in America

    The topic of this story is a sensitive one yet one of great importance. White slavery in America was real. There are many documents that verify the bondage, kidnapping and transporting of Brits to the Colonies as slaves. The importance of this story will help those who cannot find a ship passenger list on their ancestor. This story may not pertain to all who came to America that are not listed on ship passenger lists.

    The Journal of Negro History #52 pp.251-273 states, “The sources of racial thought in Colonial America pertaining to slave trade worked both directions with white merchandise as well as black.”

    Thomas Burton recorded in his Parliament Diary 1656-1659 vol. 4 pp. 253-274 a debate in the English Parliament focusing on the selling of British whites into slavery in the New World. The debate refers to whites as slaves ‘whose enslavement threatened the liberties of all Englishmen.’

    The British government had realized as early as the 1640’s how beneficial white slave labor was to the profiting colonial plantations. Slavery was instituted as early as 1627 in the British West Indies. The Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series of 1701 records 25000 slaves in Barbados in which 21700 were white slaves.

    George Downing wrote a letter to the honorable John Winthrop Colonial Governor of Massachusetts in 1645, “planters who want to make a fortune in the West Indies must procure white slave labor out of England if they wanted to succeed.” Lewis Cecil Gray’s History of Agriculture in the Southern United States to 1860 vol.1 pp 316, 318 records Sir George Sandys’ 1618 plan for Virginia, referring to bound whites assigned to the treasurer’s office. “To belong to said office forever. The service of whites bound to Berkeley Hundred was deemed perpetual.”

    The Quoke Walker case in Massachusetts 1773 ruled that; slavery contrary to the state Constitution was applied equally to Blacks and Whites in Massachusetts.

    Statutes at Large of Virginia, vol. 1 pp. 174, 198, 200, 243 & 306 did not discriminate Negroes in bondage from Whites in Bondage.

    Marcellus Rivers and Oxenbridge Foyle, England’s Slaves 1659 consists of a statement smuggled out of the New World and published in London referring to whites in bondage who did not think of themselves as indentured servants but as “England’s Slaves” and “England’s merchandise.”

    Colonial Office, Public Records Office, London 1667, no. 170 records that “even Blacks referred to the White forced laborers in the colonies as “white slaves.” Pages 343 through 346 of Historical Sketch of the Persecutions Suffered by the Catholics of Ireland by; Patrick F. Moran refers to the transportation of the Irish to the colonies as the “slave-trade.”

    Ulrich B. Phillips, Life and Labor in the Old South explain that white enslavement was crucial to the development of the Negro slave system. The system set up for the white slaves governed, organized and controlled the system for the black slaves. Black slaves were “late comers fitted into a system already developed.” Pp 25-26. John Pory declared in 1619, “white slaves are our principle wealth.”

    The above quotations from various authors are just the tip of the iceberg on the white slave trade of the Americas. People from the British Isles were kidnapped, put in chains and crammed into ships that transported hundreds of them at a time. Their destination was Virginia Boston, New York, Barbados and the West Indies. The white slaves were treated the same or worse than the black slave. The white slave did not fetch a good price at the auction blocks. Bridenbaugh wrote in his accounting on page 118, having paid a bigger price for the Negro, the planters treated the black better than they did their “Christian” white servant. Even the Negroes recognized this and did not hesitate to show their contempt for those white men who, they could see, were worse off than themselves.

    Governments have allowed this part of American and British history to be swallowed up. The contemptible black slavery has taken a grip on people associated with American History. Yet, no one will tell of these accountings that are well established on to the middle 1800’s.

    Slavery is not something to be proud of but it is a fact that happened to every country, kingdom and empire that has been on this earth. Each of us needs to search our hearts and find the answer to stop racial hatred. One place to begin; realize that the black race was not the only race in the last 400 years that was in bondage.

    “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

    It’s easier to hate, it feels strong ….but it’s another form of slavery.

  7. great post dude

    I see so many things around the web about ‘he’s just telling the truth’. He’s writing everything way out of context and is basically lumping all black people into one mindset and is assigning them a ‘we hate amerikkka’ theme. People can be critical of injustices and seek to further civil rights for all and still love one’s country.

  8. It is always dangerous to wade into a controversy like this one so late in the game, particularly when you disagree on so many points with so many of the participants. But here I go. I am white. That’s a point against me right there in this crowd I know but I ask that you listen and respond thoughtfully – that is don’t just decide I’m wrong because I’m white. Also I do not defend Buchanan’s offensive claims about America having been good to blacks. It is no myth that black people faced state and mob terrorism up until recently, more so for anybody who bucked the status quo. It is just plain history. However, Buchanan has some valid points when he talks about black crime and the response of other communities (not just whites) to it.

    Myself, I grew up in a black ghetto, we were the last white family on my street. I personally watched how the environment changed as the neighborhood went from lower middle class whites – not particularly law abiding themselves – to poor blacks. Crime skyrocketed, especially violent crime. Whites were particularly valued targets, and I do speak from experience. I’ve often been told by black people that this wasn’t racist violence it was just violence, something black people themselves must endure as well from other blacks. Just a part of ghetto life. But that is cold comfort and frankly bullshit. Nothing like being attacked on a daily basis by people calling you honkey, cracker, peckerwood etc. to reveal the hollowness of that claim. Also I’ve lived in poor communities in Central America and Europe where there is just nowhere near the violence you see in black America – even though those communities were actually poorer than Liberty City or the east side of Detroit. Poverty may be a factor in how violent a community is but it is not a determining one. Something else is going on. I believe it is a community’s willingness to acquiesce to violent behavior or even encourage it. I can tell you times I witnessed parents goading their children to fight others over asinine things, like being “fronted” or “dissed.” I’ve heard the idiotic – you gotta be strong to survive. I was strong and I did survive but I never fought unless I really had to – which was often enough, believe me. This kind of behavior is trashy and stupid and everybody knows that. Whites who engage in it are viewed with contempt by all – blacks and whites alike.

    But let me get to my main point. There actually are statistics in cross-racial crime and violence. The FBI keeps them. And here you’ll find a story in the Chicago Tribune from last year that quotes some.,0,7700301.story
    I direct your attention to the last section subtitled “What the statistics say.” In 2005 there were more than 600,000 cross racial acts of violence, 90 percent of which were cases in which the attacker was black and the victim was white. Although they may conceal a lot – such as what exactly was going on in all these cases (blacks routinely hypothesize that whites bring it on themselves by behaving in ways that are unacceptable or racist), the numbers don’t lie. What they say is that the chances that a white person will face violent or criminal threats from a black person are greater than the chance a black person will face such a threat from a white person. I believe this one of the factors that make whites leave communities where blacks have made inroads. It is also one of the factors that convince Asians to avoid black communities.

    I don’t want to paint too grim a picture. I have many wonderful memories of my youth (and obviously many not so wonderful ones). But given my experience I would never let my child attend a school that had a high percentage of black children. I don’t particularly care if that makes me seem racist to some people. Until the black community recognizes the effects on others of its disproportionate criminal, violent and disruptive behavior, people like me will just go elsewhere.

  9. I too am white. I believe that atrosities were committed agianst black people for many years. But I do not believe that myself or my children should be punished, denied a right or labeled racist if we dont believe that black americans should have their own set of rights apart from ours. We are all americans. We cant undo the past we just have to learn from it.
    Now back to the article, the writer says”however, these so called programs have been as destructive as any other strategy to keep the people dependent”
    This is Barack Obamas entire platform for the Presidency.

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