The Black Political Review

The past few weeks have been an eternity for Sen. Barack Obama. He has taken incoming fire (Pastor Wright’s comments) from the right and left. Yet, the Chicago resident has stood tall without running from the toughest period of his campaign.  

In an online article from Jonathan Alter (Newsweek) titled The Obama Dividend, Mr. Alter paints a picture of President Obama being able to elevate the office of the President. He writes that a President Obama would be a “captivating teacher” and “educator-in-chief” which is what all great presidents have in common.

Mr. Alter marvels at how Obama is willing to hold African-Americans accountable for their lives (and families) with a conservative sounding call for personal responsibility. He also highlights how he believes Obama will be percieved abroad and that it will be an asset to the United States.

This is a well written and honest article that needs to be read by as many persons as possible.


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