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The time has come for the Donkey (aka the Democratic Party) to get hit on the head with the Black Fist (aka the Black Vote). A clear message needs to be sent that the Black Vote is no longer under the Donkey’s control but is under new management… our own. This reality needs to be positioned now with the Congressional Black Caucus, the DNC, the DLC and the party Superdelegates whom increasingly are becoming a factor in this election.

For too long, the Black Vote hasn’t been respected nor appreciated by Democratic Party elites. How has the political party of Black People made the conditions for Black People better over the past several decades? Look at some of the recent findings from the State of Black America report commissioned by the Urban League.

  • There are three times as many Black People as there are White People living below the poverty line
  • Black Students are less likely to enroll into college as White Students
  • Black Children are twice as likely than White Children to be uninsured
  • Heart disease death rate for Black Women is 20% higher than that for White Women

Just think, I didn’t even mention the Black Homocide rate, drug abuse, Black Incarceration and the HIV/AIDS crisis. These reasons are enough (or should be) to have Black People marching in the street for social, economical, educational and political change.

The events of the 2008 Democratic Party Presidential Elections has become a defining moment in Black America. One person – Sen. Hillary Clinton – and her campaign staff has done something that none of the horrible circumstances referenced above has accomplished. She has unified millions of Black People to fight, vote and stand up for a single cause greater than themselves. 

Black People have embraced Sen. Barack Obama and his run for the office of President of the United States of America. Not a single person predicted this Black Man would capture the attention of the political universe and be within a few months of hanging new drapes in the Oval Office. Alas, Americans stand facing a new fork in the road… a woman or a Black Man… Hillary Or Barack.

Black People have choosen a road and it is Sen. Obama. Clinton realized this weeks ago and proceeded to assassinate Obama’s character to win votes and primaries. Along the way, she let Black Politicians and Civil Rights Icons publicly attack Obama at the risk of further polarizing Democratic voters. Clinton calculated that she could do so and win the nomination while having her Black Democratic cronies go back to make amends with Black People.

Hillary should have talked to Bill’s homeboy Vernon Jordan, Jr. before she made that tactical error. Her campaign strategy speaks loudly about the little knowledge of Black People she possess and her miscalculation is unforgivable. As a direct result of Clinton’s actions, I am supporting any and all efforts to Blackout the Democratic vote in the November Presidential Election if Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

I am supporting all efforts to call on Black People not to vote for Clinton or support the Democratic ticket. I will also be supporting the effort to advise Sen. Obama to decline any offer to accept the offer of Vice-President. Even Republican Michael Steele knows that party never trumps race as he poignantly stated at the State of the Black Union Conference in New Orleans last month. 

The Blackout of the vote is to send a message to the national party, but there is a concurrent effort to be implemented at the local level of the Democratic Party. A paradigm shift needs to happen politically on the local level. We all know that all politics are local. Therefore, a collective rethinking and reorganizing in our communities is neccessary and I have provided the following Blackprint to shake things up. 

The Blackprint:

  1. Contact your local, tradional Black organizations (radio, print, churches, Urban League, NAACP, etc.) and let them know that you/they need to vigously oppose this public theft of the Democratic Party nomination
  2. Contact your local, elected Democratic politicians and tell them that the community will be voting them out of office if they support the candidate that is trying to steal (delegates from state of FL/MI) this nomination
  3. Mobilize the registered Black voters in the community and switch their registration from Democrat to Independent
  4. Identify and support fresh political candidates to be voted into office that support your values and interest
  5. Mandate that these local candidates network with regional and national elected officials in order to impact your local economy and public instituitons
  6. Promote respected community organizers to work with this “new” registered block of independent voters in order to create a local agenda that addresses their needs and goals
  7. Have this agenda made into a formal proposal and meet with elected officials (i.e. Alderman, School Board, Police Chief, Mayor, State Representatives, Congressmen, Senators) and lobby for their passage
  8. Follow up annually with a public scorecard for every elected official; present the grades to the public and meet with the officials to discuss the results of the prior year
  9. Hold them accountable and vote them out of office if they are not serving the community… hold them accountable and vote them out of office if they are not making public services run more efficiently… hold them accountable and vote them out of office if they are dishonest and violate the trust of the people… hold them accountable and vote them out of office if they are not willing to obey the will of the people

Comments on: "No Nomination… No Peace! Time To Blackout The Vote" (14)

  1. Thanks for the drive by, and very well put, but know, well if Obama wins the delegate count and hill wins the super del’s, it will be like running into a brick wall for the Dems

  2. Only one problem, if you encourage people to register as Independent they will not be able to vote in upcoming primaries such as Pennsylvania.

  3. A. Maurice said:

    Mike… the Blackout is the tactic providing Obama has the nomination stolen from him not before. The Blackprint is the strategy for the Black Vote moving forward.

  4. Cynthia Dixon said:

    We as Black Americans/African Americans need to take control of our behavior instead of blaming everything on others. We are out of control in OUR communities. We DON’T parent let alone vote as we should. WORK ON GET US OUT OF JAILS AND NOT GETTING INTO JAIL IN THE FRIST PLACE. Voting is important but working on our condition is more important! Get out in the street and clear the drug dealers and guns. We have allowed this condition.

  5. A Spook that sat by the White Door said:

    Be careful of any thing written on the net.
    Any person white or black Repub. or Demo. can
    create a divide between us.
    Remember the movement of the 60’s and 70’s and all
    the information of goverment spies and agents.

  6. It is always amazing to me how we step-up, get pissed and take action after a tragedy, i.e. Jenna 6, Katrina, Rodney King, etc. but allow things to go back to the way they were after time goes by. If a store doesn’t treat you well don’t buy from them, if a politician doesn’t represent your will don’t vote for them, and if a party doesn’t support you need don’t support them. In stead, we give our vote freely with out any thought and those that give thought have not follow-up with the accountability. Willie Lynch (read: The Willie Lynch letter and the making of a slave) stood on the banks of the James river some 300 years ago and predicted that his doctrines, if implemented correctly, would keep us in psychological bondage for 300 years. We now have less than 3 year til his prediction comes true. There are a number of catalyst that will enable our voices to be heard, i.e. The Black State of the Union, Local politics, CSpan (to track congressional meetings/topics), WSJ, etc. The key is to get involved and stay involved!!!! I would agree that we need to send the Democrats a STRONG message that our vote is no longer for FREE!!! If they don’t give the nomination to Obama, if he earns it though the popular vote and delegates, there will be political Anarchy that will not go over well in Nov. Check out – the clinton chronicles for those that don’t know how reality.

  7. Pete Rosa said:

    Are you kidding me.

  8. cultfree said:

    I agree; when Clinton wins the nomination, you should stay home. It is the African American community that has brought the race issue into this election by voting at a 90% rate for a candidate, not because he is qualified, but because of his skin color. Taking an action regarding another individual based solely on their skin color is racism. How sad. If you can not exemplify better judgement in voting, then you should not vote in November.

  9. Blacks 4 Barack (A Multi-Racial Org.)
    Phone Campaign To DNC !

    Out of desperation, the Clinton campaign is now stooping to extreme lows by having surrogate Geraldine Ferraro in the media making racist statements against Barack Obama. Also, it is a fact that even if Hillary wins Pennsylvania there is absolutely no way she can get enough delegate votes to defeat Obama. And her BIG ploy now is to have a ‘re-do’ in Michigan and Florida, despite the fact that this would be a changing of the rules in the middle of the game which should not be allowed. She then hopes that, after stealing the nomination, she will offer Obama the V.P. slot….figuring that if he excepts, Obama supporters will vote for her….while if he does not….she would at least look like she offered the slot. THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE !

    Hillary Clinton’s coniving tactics will end up extremely detrimental to the Democratic Party. Now is the time to let the DNC know that if Hillary wins through ANY methods deemed trickery (which is the only way she can win) WE….THE PEOPLE WILL NOT SUPPORT HER IN THE GENERAL ELECTION !

    National radio talk show host Warren Ballentine is asking EVERYONE to call the DNC at 202-863-8000 to let them know ‘We Will Not Support A Cheater !’We need 50 thousand Americans of all ages, races and creeds to FLOOD THE PHONES !!! So Call Today !!!! 202-863-8000. Say It Loud….WE WILL NOT SUPPORT A CHEATER…..PERIOD!!! Tell everyone you know to make this call. The Time Is NOW….for the Re-Birth of America !!!!

    NOTE: The Media refuses to inform America that OBAMA WON TEXAS !!!!!

    Visit: (a multi-racial organization)

  10. vanessa mahmoud said:

    i agree…but i think that we should vote progressive down ticket, but not vote for Clinton at the top. We should write in Obama. We should vote…..but only for candidates with a proven record of voting our interests.

  11. I’m not voting for Hillary for the simple fact that she is a liar. There is no reason for anybody to vote for her unless they are completely delusional. And black people have every reason not to vote for her and her race-baiting husband, cultfree.

  12. Denny Rondón said:

    I feel this world is crazy.I’m Dominican.90% in my country is black and 90% is racist.I don’t get it

  13. There are some on a mission to win this election by any means necessary. We need to stop them dead in their tracks by making sure that everybody you know of legal voting age is registered to vote. The deadlines are quickly approaching. Please! Please! Don’t let this election be stolen!


  14. ha… the fist is a authentic “OTPOR” logo, a student movement, later on an organization with a single purpes of overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic and his regime (Serbia).

    🙂 🙂

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