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Rep. John Lewis, Democrat GA

Rep. John Lewis, 5th District Georgia (D.)

The Sleeping Giant (aka the Black Voter) has been awakened during this historic, presidential campaign. Along with their emergence from reduced consciousness has appeared a (new) radical activism within their political philosophy.

What is this radical activism? It’s simple… they are leveraging their vote at the local level to push elected officials to obey the will (to elect Sen. Barack Obama) of the masses. The Confident Giant’s (no longer Sleeping) threat is to organize and to vote any elected official out of office for noncompliance. 

Ask Rep. John Lewis and Rep. David Scott why they switched their support from Sen. Hillary Clinton over to Sen. Obama. Both are savy politicians and realized the threat was (is) real and they decided not to risk their careers by voting against their constituents. 

Elected officials may not agree, but I believe this to be long overdue for the Victorious Giant (more than just Confident). All other ethnic groups and special interest factions have mobilized with this same strategy in order to have their agenda addressed and adopted.  

Now that the Victorious Giant has the attention of their elected officials, maybe they’ll demand that they do something about crime, poverty, education, unemployment and the housing crisis too.


Comments on: "Constituents Pressuring Black Superdelegates" (2)

  1. they have too, it will be too embarrasing not to do what the folks who elected them

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