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Puerto Rico Gov. Backs Obama


There was little fanfare surrounding a major endorsement Sen. Barack Obama picked up Wednesday, February 13. The Puerto Rican Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila officially pledged his support to the Senator from Illinois. 

There will be 63 delegates up for grabs during the Puerto Rico Primary on June 7. 


Comments on: "Puerto Rico Gov. Backs Obama" (2)

  1. Yes, I noticed that it was not picked up by the mainstream media. However, it is powerful because the Hillary Clinton camp has inferred that they will get a majority of the Hispanic vote.

    Nice blog.

  2. Juan C Lopez said:

    Obama is not the only politician tainted by the Puerto Rico governor’s corruption scandal.

    McCain’s main advisor, Charles Black, contacted Senate offices to raise questions about the PR’s interim U.S. attorney, Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez. Why? Because he wanted to derail this corruption probe, and she was spearheading it.

    Will someone ask Mr McCain about his relationship with Charles Black, and why Mr Black was trying to derail a Federal corruption investigation.

    Isn’t that obstruction of justice?

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