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Al Sharpton’s nationally syndicated talk radio show is quickly becoming “must hear” for  African-Americans who are political junkies… especially during this primary season. Today, Rev. Al introduced a topic to his audience that I know many African-Americans are discussing amongst their friends and families. The topic was this; are the African-American politicians endorsing Hillary Clinton “sell-outs” for not backing Barack Obama?


The first thing I thought as I tuned in was that this must be a first in African-American political history… Black Democrats being labeled “sell-outs.” Typically, that term is saved for our brothers and sisters of the Republican persuasion only (i.e. Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, etc.)

However, Sen. Obama has ignited something within the masses of Democratic African-Americans that has never been seen (respect to Jesse Jackson in ’84, ’88). To illustrate a simple example of the street passion of Obama’s campaign look no further than what vendors are selling in Atlanta. In large quantities, t-shirts are being sold with the image of both Dr. Martin L. King and Barack Obama… the script reads “The Dreamer… The Dream.” 

Caller after caller voiced their opinion passionately about their disappointment in their “leadership” for not supporting Obama. One caller stated that the elected officials have the obligation to endorse the choice of their constituents. He also believed that if they didn’t, then the people who voted them in should vote them out.  Rev. Al showed some constraint and wouldn’t call anyone a sell-out, but he is very disappointed with many of the things they’ve said against Obama.

You can add Rep. Maxine Waters to the long list of establishment Black Democrats that are endorsing Hillary Clinton. It makes you wonder how much money the Clintons have funneled into the coffers of African-American politicans. It is hard for one to believe that some of the staunchest advocates for African-Americans are totally lock step with the Clintons without there being some sort of payback being involved.

Take a look at the list of African-Americans Politicians (and others) that are endorsing Hillary Clinton. What are your thoughts? Are they sell-outs?

Welcome back Toni Morrison, but you still should apologize for your comments in ’98.

Also, is Tavis Smiley (see TJMS 1.8.08) asking African-Americans to examine Hillary Clinton’s record like he is suggesting they do for Barack Obama? Why doesn’t he just publicly come out and endorse Hillary? We all know his long relationship with the Clinton’s and his worship of Bill. The reason he cannot and won’t come out for Hillary is because he will feel the wrath of the community and lose a lot of credibility with African-Americans.


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  1. Greg Jones said:

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    Check our OBAMA ‘Hater Watch’…..also celebs FOR OBAMA and much more !!!!!!

    JOIN THE MOVEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The dialogue you highlighted in your piece is going on all over. I too recognize the hipocracy of civil rights leaders and establishment minorities who are not backing Obama. I have another explanation though. The Clinton payola is obvious. What’s less obvious it what an Obama presidency means to these folk. My theory is that since Obama hasn’t come up through the traditional minority channels, he is a power that they can not control or influence. His rapid assenscion to presidential candidate has allowed him to avoid all the political favors that are established in a more “experienced” career. Therefore, Obama is viewed as a threat to the minority power establishement. They do not yet know how to work with him, what his perspective is, or if he can be trusted to uphold the status quo political system. His message is change and they don’t know what it means or what impact it will have on their power. They know that Hillary will not change the system, she is the system. This, I believe, is the most logical explanation. But to them I say….Shame.

  3. I wanted to go thru the screen yesterday when I saw Maxine Waters being interviewed and talking about why she was supporting Hillary. I can appreciate the love for Bill. Me personally
    have never done better financially than I did during
    the Clinton years. That being said, Hillary is not
    Bill and any black leader or anyone with the voice,
    audiance and support that Tavis and others has been given by
    black people has a responsibility to support Barack.
    NOT just because he’s black but because he deserves
    the support and has shown that he is not the same old
    politition that we see every four years. I truly
    believe that we are looking at history in this country
    and around the world. When a magazine like Black
    Enterprise puts him on the cover and says that he
    should be the canditate that speaks volumes. If Tavis
    and these other leaders don’t step up we all should
    remember this.

  4. REALNewsNetwork said:

    This entire episode unfodling before us reminds me of just how recently we’ve seen this movie before…..and how easily we forgot how it ended…..

    The name of the movie was called Colin Powell. In a recent and popular media surey that counted the number of lies uttered from the lips of the current president (I think the number was 972), Colin Powell is listed in second place. But just to show you how utterly fickel the masses are, if Powell announced his candidacy today, he would win hands down. Why? Because wee-folks consistently suffer from a common disease called “CRS” (can’t remember shit). We would vote for Powell in droves, (be us so-called democrat, or so-called republican – wouldn’t matter!)forgetting that this is the man who’s State Department played THE KEY role in kidnapping the sitting President of a BLACK nation (Haiti) in an attempt to overthrow and defeat the legitimate leader of our brother’s and sister’s aspirations for Freedom. A battle our Haitian family members have been valiantly waging for 200 years.

    Today, only six years removed from that dastardly deed, Colin Powell can be found in black history books next to the likes of True Freedom Fighters like Harriet Tubman. In the hearts and minds of the average negroe, Colin Powell is a living definition of Black Achievement, Black Pride, and Black Nobility……Go figure.

    (“CRS” is a mutha , ain’t it?) Welcome to….”The Remix” – The same old wine in a newer and shinier bottle – “FRESH!” for 2000 and 8.

    After reading the feedback from the three gentlemen above, I still manage to be amazed me at the absolute lack of Knowledge of history that people have. It baffles me how folks manage to skip over the mountains of evidence left by the many occurrances that have transpired in this country (not to mention the world – THAT would take waaaayyy too many brain cells!)……… if each event we witness is somehow isolated to its’ own time and space and not connected to other instances of the same thing. Perhaps this is why it is so difficult for me to engage these discussions – because there lies no reason or logic in the thought processes of most individuals. For the vast majority of folks, like Greg, Todd, and David above, the prevailing thought process, as it relates to such intellectual and critically important matters as politics (or religion, economics, education, etc.) is purely emotional, not rational.

    Rarely (as in, almost never) do you find anyone who will research such easily obtainable information as a candidate’s voting record, or give careful and studious listen to WHAT an individual is actually saying inside or outside of the “feelgood catch phrases” that are impeccably injected at the perfect pitch and intonation to stir the heart and rapture the emotion. For most folks, if it “feels good”, that’s all it takes. Never mind the actual substance – or in Obama AND Clinton’s case – the lack thereof. Instead, those of us who insist on the details in the fine print, are dismissed as, “haters”. The very fact of the current neck-and-neck tie between Clinton and Obama after Tuesday’s voting ought to serve as a clear
    indication of just how close both are to each other in substance (or the lack thereof).

    The commentary by Larry Pinkney at Black Commentator says it best for me.

    If it wouldn’t be so tragic, I would hope Obama makes it, just so I could say: “I told you so!” But the stakes of our future are too high. And the devastation that would be unleashed by the corporate-owned hands of an Obama Administration, upon Black folks inparticular, would not be worth the opportunity to gloat. The powers that be have found and created the PERFECT trap for our ultimate demise……..The more things change, the more they stay the same. History will teach us nothing.

  5. I urge you to bring this issue as quickly as possible to main stream black folks i.e. black radio, newspaper, and of course U-Tube.

    Black politicians need to know that we will NOT vote for them if they cast their superdelegate for Hillary Clinto when their constituents overwhelmingly prefer Obama. Jam their phone lines, start a letter campaign, crash their e-mails. Let black elected officials know that their support of Hillary, especially if the give Hillary their Superdelegate vote, is a vote against black America!

  6. Journalist said:

    Hi there,

    I am journalist and would like to interview your for the newspaper. Please shoot me an e-mail.


  7. It is quite obvious of the lack of support from many black so-called prominent politicians, activists, etc…, for so many years the majority of the black community have given support, votes, respect, and leadership roles to these individuals thinking that they would in return work on the behalf of our community. As we now see these peolple have been using us for their own gain, and primarily for the gain of those who fuel their pockets and control the strings that are attached to their backs. Take for example Tavis Smilely. This brother has the nerve to conduct these so-called discussions, forums, and agendas concerning black america, and as soon as a we see some advancement by a black politician, Obama, who does not belong to the same uncle tom camp as others, these folk are silent on support! Jealousy, envy, and hipocracy are very lethal diseases. Where is jesse, rangel, maxine, young, king family… and the list goes on.
    Change is coming!

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