The Black Political Review


South Carolina

I truly believe that the upcoming Congressional Black Caucus/CNN debate in South Carolina will show the nation how divided the African-American vote is between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The CBC and its 43 members (all Democrats from 22 states representing 40 million Americans) are almost divided down the center as to who they are supporting in this race.

As of December, Clinton had the public endorsement of 12 CBC members including Rep. Charles Rangel, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Lewis and Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Obama had 12 as well including Rep. John Conyers, Jesse Jackson Jr., Elijah Cummings and Gwen Moore.  

I find it ironic that one of the CBC’s 43 members is running for the highest office in America and has only 12 CBC members endorse him publicly. That’s less than the 13 original U.S. Representatives that founded the CBC back in 1969. I wonder how many of them would have endorsed a fellow member that was running for President… probably more than has endorsed Obama. 


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