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Photo By: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

Are you ready to ruummmbbblllleeee…? New Hampshire is hosting a Heavyweight Championship fight that is masquerading as the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday. So I thought it’d be appropriate to steal the signature phrase from famed ring announcer Michael Buffer.

If you like competition and drama you better be watching the Democratic nominees waging war on each other. Hillary Clinton has been relentless in her attacks against Barack Obama since she has reached the “Live Free or Die” state. Clinton and her team have adopted the “Do or Die” approach as her coronation has be derailed by the charismatic Obama.

Edwards is just loud and angry these days as the masses are turning a deaf ear to his “Two Americas” and “Middle Class Warfare” speeches. He is confronting and bashing Clinton every time he has the opening. The talking heads believe he is trying to eliminate her and then take on Obama.

The new frontrunner is doing his best Muhammad Ali immitation as he appears to be dancing around the ring and letting his foes punch themselves out. He is charming the pants off the media and is inspiring people in a way that hasn’t been witnessed some say since Robert Kennedy.

I cannot wait until tomorrow to see how it plays out… I’ll be watching the pundits discuss the hits and misses of this free-for-all. Get your popcorn and soda ready because it’s going to be a show in New Hampshire. 


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