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Former President Bill Clinton is a political star and has the ego to prove it. His is gifted in the most important aspect of being a politician… he knows and relates to people… and more importantly, people honestly believe he does. President Clinton has that “it-factor” oozing out of his ears and has forever changed the political landscape by the way he campaigned and governed. 

That is why I don’t believe he wants his wife – Senator Hillary Clinton – to become the party nominee and possibly the next President of the United States. Can you imagine President Clinton being referred to as “The First Man?” He’s a leading actor, he is a main atttraction, he’s the “go-to” guy of the Democratic Party and now we are to believe he’ll be ok with being Robin to Hillary’s Batman? No way is Bill ok with that regardless of what you’ll hear coming from his pie hole.

Even as Hillary is slipping in the polls, her campaign continues to seek out Bill to save her and win the nomination. I think he’d be trying a lot harder and saying smarter things if he really wanted his wife to sit behind the big desk of the Oval Office. 


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