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Photo By: Mandi Wright, Detroit Free Press

According to the latest New Hampshire political polls, Sen. Obama is running first by a good margin. In fact, some polls are showing him ahead by as much as 10% points.  Is this a forecast of what could really be the greatest political story of our lifetime?

It is fair to begin to ask if Obama can actually win the Democratic nomination. Or will the traditional, party elites take away the enthusiasm which has become synonymous with his historic campaign.

Will the Democratic Party support or sabotage who is increasingly becoming the “people’s choice” to represent them in November 2008?


Comments on: "Can Barack Really Win In New Hampshire?" (1)

  1. I believe that America is hungry for change, Barak Obama embodies that change in the eyes of many. I have to say that I personally do not support Sen. Obama for one simple reason…what has he done. He was a state legislator and in the US Senate for only two years prior to ascending to run for the presidency. Unfortunately, I think that he will will New Hampshire, but I don’t think he will win enough delegates to receive the nomination. Of the other democrats, I am not sure if I would support John Edwards or Sen. Hillary Clinton but Barak Obama defiantely has no track record.

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