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January 3, 2007 will go down as one of the most significant days in United States history. This day will be forever recognized as the day White Americans legitimized a Black American as a viable, presidential candidate. Sen. Barack Obama rocked the political landscape by besting the prohibitive favorite – Sen. Hillary Clinton – by a margin of 9% points. If this were a boxing match, Obama would have been declared the winner by a TKO.

In just 11 months, Obama has risen from almost no national name recognition to what can argued to be frontrunner status. This feat is incredible! He beat former Sen. John Edwards by 8% points even though Edwards has been campaigning in Iowa seemingly since he lost there in 2004.

As great a triumph as the Iowa Caucus turned out to be, the highlight was Obama’s victory speech. The crowd was buzzing and there appeared to be a once-in-a-lifetime event playing out in front of a viewing public. All the news networks solicited high praise from their talking heads in regards to Obama’s historic polyphonic prose. 

But this was just round 1… Obama better keep his guard up and stay out of the corners because his opponents will be fighting very hard to win this nomination.

To view his speech, click on the video below and experience history.


Comments on: "Obama Time In Hawkeye State" (3)

  1. His victory speech was awe-inspiring. But, you know Hillary is going to play hard and dirty – even worse than before, now that she’s not number one any more.

  2. A. Maurice said:


    HRC is mad and she got her mouth bloodied. She will come back very agressively and do whatever it takes to stop Obama’s momentum. Also, the traditional media is in her corner and if they get any negative scoop on him it will be very ugly for his campaign.

  3. True. Let’s hope Barack can rise above it; as he’s done so far!

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