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What the hell was Andrew Young thinking when he played the role of stand-up comedian? Can you believe this Civil Rights Icon and former U.S. Ambassador would make such a fool of himself? Tell me if the following video clip from Young doesn’t sound like something Chris Tucker wrote for the “Clinton Roast” on BET.


Respected journalist Deborah Mathis has a very eloquent and direct response to Young’s diatribe on how cool (down) Clinton is. Click here and enjoy.


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  1. I will vote..for Obama

  2. I agree with you. What is he thinking?

    And while we’re at it, what about Rep(D) Emmanuel Cleaver of Missouri (he represents the 5th Congressional District that includes Kansas City … an extremely economically-racially divided cities in our country).

    He still supporting Clinton because, as he put it, loyalty trumps race.

    Say what? I wonder if he felt like this back in the ’50s …

  3. Morris J. Peavey, Jr said:

    Much Ado about nothing:

    Racism is a fact of life in the USA and its takes a lots of forms. Its is the most costly economic comodity in this country and we don’t seem to make the right points. Slavery was more a labor than a religio-political act and the present arguments about illegal immigration. The big woppie do about support of Clinton vs obama and loyality vs race is about employment. AS this whole thing hit the pocket book then freedom will ring.

    As you can note this is comming from Florida where the vote is optional and hyjacked at will. Don’t believe me ask Congressman Meek the son of the previous congresswoman Carrie Meek. But jest for a little test I have sent the attached document to Senator Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama because their present positions and comments about homeless veterans.
    There is fraud in the process and the american family is expected to shoulder the brunt of all kinds of political mistakes and blunders and this is a black and white thing. The idea of who and what we are is a helleva thing to consider. When I fill out applications and it ask race I write over all the blocks and write HUMAN. I refuse to be categorized by bigots.

    I am not ashame of my skin color with is a deep walnut brown but I know black is very beatuiful. I don’t need to say more about that. However, the blood of many tribes run warm in my viens and hence I am Universal Man get up on that. It is a small thing to argue about Andrew Young the previous ambassor’s position or to claim votes based upon color. Check this out Barack Obama’s backgroung in constitutional law, community organizing and power of persuasion are measures which out stript his competitors. Most of them have had a chance and he has stepped up to voice a powerful message of change. He will have to provide his own case and if he rely upon what he knows about the US Constitution and the law of the land he should prevail without Andrew Young or civil rights traditionalists.
    Now that I make such a public statement my term Civil Rights Traditionalist is one who lauds and mystify the struggle but may miss the point or meaning of the struggle itself. Now here is the challange to Senator Obama and Clintion:

    Department of Veterans Affairs
    BVA 0140 INT-42 [90]
    317/243C Appeals
    US District Court 1:05CV0819
    File Number: 23 448 613
    Morris J. Peavey, Jr.
    I am Morris J. Peavey, Jr. and the following statement will respond to the Department of Veterans Affairs request for additional information in the matters related to my filing a Notice of Disagreement dated August 12, 2007 [supplement to NOD 5/3/07] to VA rating decision dated on or about April 17, 2007.
    1. VA request dated January 7, 2008 and postmarked January 9, 2008 indicates that VA is working “on your Notice of Disagreement for CUE (COWC overpayment) and service-connected compensation for Right Hydrocele, a claim for Individual Unemployability and an increase evaluation for your service connected Hypertensive Heart Disease, and Lumbosacral Strain.”
    2. BC Gibbard requests any corrections of VA statement to show what I intent to appeal. Please note that my filing of NOD on or about May 3, 2007 and August 12, 2007 respond to VA rating decision dated April 17, 2007. VA rating decision deny increase in service connected disability for Cardiovascular Disease; service-connection for injury or disease to KUB to include Right Hydrocele; 100% disability due to unemployability 1967-1976, 1993-2006.
    3. Mr. BC Gibbard’s statement indicates VA received the notice of disagreement on August 31, 2007. He indicates that there was no evidence to support the claim. He request medical information to show that the Right Hydrocele existed from military service to present time. He included VA Authorization forms 21-4142 and VA form 21-4138 Statement in support of claim and returned my August 12, 2007 Supplementary NOD 5/3/2007 statement indicating [duplicate].
    4. My letter attached to the Supplementary NOD indicate my intention to file a response to VA denial of my claims for increase service connected disability and show that the most recent actions on the part of the VA are deliberate delays is processing these claims which show a documented history of chronic heart failure; Injuries to my KUB to include a grotesque Hydrocele and dysfunction of the kidneys; injury to my lower back. My medical condition results from an Automobile injury, which I received September 17, 1966 while I was on active duty in the US Army.
    5. VA has extensive information related to my increased disability and VARO 317 rating denials. Appeals have been timely and accompanied by VA Form 9 where required in 317/243C and 317/Appeals and BVA 0140INT-42 [90]. The VA April 17, 2007 rating decision indicates it is responding to a claim for increase, which I filed November 2005. VA indicates that University Hospital diagnosed CHF was resolved after 5 days of hospitalization and that my heart condition is presently minimal.
    6. I filed for increase disability on or about November 25, 2005 after being hospitalized Columbus Hospital in Newark New Jersey complaining of severe chest pains, fainting, and fever and was diagnosed with MI, Kidney dysfunction, Pneumonia and Sepsis. I filed a second claim for increased disability on or about October 2, 2006 after being hospitalized at University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ on August 22, 2006 after suffering profuse sweating, severe chest pains, problems breathing, fainting and vomiting showing a history of CHF and MI. The doctor indicated that I needed to have a catheter. My homeless situation did not allow me to engage in any evasive treatments.
    7. 2005 and 2006 claims were new and material and filed while VA was processing 317/Appeals which had SOC notice dated June 30, 2005, and SOC dated June 29, 2005, which had been mailed July 7, 2005. The SOC list evidence as US Military service 7/24/64 to 8/05/67; Claim received 4/10/03; claim based on evidence of record 5/20/04; rating decision 5/21/04; NOD received 6/23/04;
    8. The SOC claims, “The Veteran was furnished a Statement of the Case outlining actions taken on the claim 6/29/05.” This is CUE because the notice was dated June 30, 2005 and both documents were mailed July 7, 2005. The COWC and VA Form 9 dated August 28, 2005 show that VA received the appeal on August 31, 2005. This was within 60 days from the mailing date.
    9. I was hospitalized with MI on September 16, 2005. VA Documents showed appeal pending September 27, 2005. My November 2005 and October 2006 filings were to provide VA as additional new and material medical information.
    11. VA ignored all claims for increased disability and provided erroneous information about the status of all appeals. So I reported the abuse of process and tactical delays to Senator Bill Nelson. March 2007 VA scheduled C&P examinations and issued the April 17, 2007 denial which represent a CUE because VA disregard history of the scheduler disability which presently show Chronic CHF since 1993. VA rated the 7007 at 0% and the 7101 at 0% 1972; VA rated the 7007 scheduler disability at 60% 1995; VA rated the back complaints under 5295 lower back strain at 10% 995 and ignored all significant medical records showing KUB impairment; VA denied 100% for unemployability in 1995. VA was provided authorization and consent for medical records which show increased functional impairment showing treatment for hydrocele from 2002; treatments for cardiomyophty with LV dysfunction and CHF since 1993-2004; hospitalizations and diagnosis of [MI with Echogram showing EVEF 40, dysfunctional kidney multifactor, pneumonia, sepsis] September 2005 and hospital treatment for diagnosis of ACS 2006 with showing of Bradycardia persistently between 33 and 50 bpm. Hospitalization for complaints and symptoms of CHF occurred September 16, 2005 and August 22, 2006. The two periods of hospitalization were within one year of each other.
    II. SCHEDULAR RATING FOR DISABILITIES The supplement NOD dated August 12, 2007 respond to VA denial of rating based upon the medical findings which show Chronic CHF, KUB injury and dysfunctions and back injuries which presently is beyond the 100% scheduler rating required by law. VA also denies 100% disability for unemployability. This statement will point to the medical records, certifications and doctors’ reports, which support the diagnosis and treatments of these conditions. This will respond Mr. BC Gibbard statement that “no evidence was attached to the NOD.”

    12. SERVICE CONNECTION AND ORGIN OF INJURIES AND DISABILITIES: SOC dated 6/25/05 shows US Army Medical records as evidence. VA indicated that the US Army transferred US Army medical records to VA when I was separated from the US Army August 5, 1967. National Personnel Records Center [NPRC] has indicated that my US Army medical records were on loan to VA and transferred on August 31, 2001. NPRC subsequently indicate that these US Army medical records were transferred pursuant to a claim for VA disability, which I filed upon separation on August 5, 1967. VA and NPRC indicate VA is also in possession of Womack Army Hospital records, which show hospitalization September 28, 1966. See US District Court for the District of Columbia 1:05CV0819 [document 8, 8-2, 8-3].
    13. My blood pressure was 130/80 in 1964 upon induction; Womack Army Hospital shows 130/70 in 1965; US Army dispensary show blood pressure as high as 180/120 after I was struck by an automobile September 17, 1967 and 154/112 after I returned from 30 days convalescence December 19, 1966. US Army issued two permanent limited duty profiles containing “3P” and Code U and Code D, which restricted all strenuous physical activities and parachute jumping. US Army Dispensary records show repeated medical treatments for the high blood pressure.
    14. COMPLAINTS: Auto injury to back and lower torso; Back pains, headaches, dizziness, and fainting
    Objective findings show increase blood pressure diastolic 120 persistent over 110; narrowing of the arteries, heart murmur [early systolic GR II], bruit in abdomen, abnormal KUB [IVP showing double collecting system.] The US Army does not show any blood pressure reading in the medical records after January 31, 1967 although I had a number of medical examinations and visits to the Dispensary and Army Hospital between January 31, 1967 and August 5, 1967 the date of discharge.

    US ARMY Dispensary and Womack Army Hospital
    Dr. E.I. Bradford 210 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY

    16. DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT US Army records show my physical condition, performance, and conduct was excellent before the accident. The US Army medical records show that I was not able to perform the required duties after the accident and I was denied proper medical care so I went AWOL seeking that medical care. I was assigned a 3B bar from enlistment with the two permanent limited duty profiles upon discharge from the US Army. The US Army injuries rendered me unsuitable for further military service. Dr. Henry Wise II was my primary doctor he diagnosed uncontrolled hypertension and possible cardio-renal disease. Dr. Lafallet the orthopedic diagnosed no injury using unorthodox examinations [he jumped into my arms as a part of his examination]. Dr. Jackson the cardiovascular surgeon diagnosed essential hypertension.
    17. A diagnosis of essential hypertension does not address the persistent hypertension with diastolic pressure 120 after being struck by auto. Normal pressure had been 130/70 prior to the accident. There were apparent injuries right flank and lower back with a bruit in abdomen and abnormal IVP which Dr. Henry Wise believed to be cardio-renal. Dr. Jackson ruled out Dr. Henry while erroneously show the IVP as normal. AR 40-501 indicate that persistent hypertension over 110 is cause for unsuitability for further military service and any hypertension is beyond the standard of fitness if it is coupled with heart or kidney disease. The heart murmur and abnormal IVP with a diastolic over 110 indicated that I was beyond the standard of fitness prescribed by AR 40-501.

    VA C&P EXAMINATION 9/18/167
    VA HOSPITAL BROOKLYN, NY 1/26/68-3/4/68
    CARDIO-VASUCLAR DISEASE 7007 30% 8/5/67-1/26/68; 100% 1/26/68 – 4/1/68
    30% 4/1/68 – 1/1/73

    18. VA shows diastolic blood pressures as high as 140 mm hg on the September 18, 1967 examination. The VA examination on September 18, 1967 indicate a persistent blood pressure 120 and over after the automobile accident. This is the best evidence because the US Army refused to record my blood pressure after January 31, 1967. US Army show my pressure as 150/110 upon discharge.

    19. COMPLAINTS: VA Form 21-2545 chest pains, occasional cramps in stomach, swollen neck and sharp pains in spine, headaches, dizziness, and throbbing under arm. Other complaints include pain in right flank, non-social discharge from penis for more than 9-10 months when hospitalized in 1968, and shortness of breath which lead to hospitalization in VA Hospital Brooklyn five months after discharge from the US Army.
    Objective findings: malignant hypertension with diastolic as high as 140, persistently above 120; Flat T-waves suggestive of LVH; Heart borderline 5th-6th ICS; IVP show double bladder; double pelvic-aberrant vessel below the pelvo-utheral junction and hydro-nephrographic effect at 1 minute in both kidneys; mark difference between kidneys with Left secretion 2.5 and the right at 4.7 min Tmax and the excretion phase show 9.5 on the left and 12.2 on the right; Liver between 5th-6th ICS.
    20. 11-20-67 VA Rating Decision cites US Army blood pressure readings of 170/90 and 160/100 while ignoring readings of 180/120 and 154/112. The higher pressures, which were omitted by VA, existed on the same page of the US Army dispensary records as the lower pressures, which the VA cited. VA does not indicate US Army medical findings of narrowing of arteries; heart murmur or bruit in abdomen or injuries to KUB, which may explain elevated blood pressure due to trauma and injury to the Kidney from the accident. VA examination 9/18/67 records the readings as 170/110, 200/140, and 200/120. While on medications private doctors record diastolic pressures of 108, 94, 120, 116. VA summarized the blood pressure as controlled at 95 in the VA hospital summary 3/4/68 written by Dr. Paulson.
    VA Hospital Brooklyn NY 1968 5 weeks hospitalization
    Dr. Hersh NY Heart/LVH light work only
    Dr. James Carr Newark, NJ 70-72 Heart no work during discomfort
    Dr. Edmunds E. O. NJ Kidney Disease/infection
    Dr. Villanuevo NYC 70 Stinging feet torso
    Dr. Shehy Tampa Florida 70-71 Kidney Disease/infection
    NYC Health Department 68-71 Non-social Discharge from penis
    BVA 70-16-501 1971 Class II Arteriosclerosis 30%
    Lower Back Sprain 10%
    Disease/injury of KUB 0%
    Treatments: prescriptions anti-hypertension medications, diuretics, rest and avoiding stress, hospitalization, restricted work to no more than light work; no work during periods of discomfort, antibiotics, salt free diet and natural remedies; Diagnosis was Class II Arteriosclerosis by VA and lower back sprain. Various private doctors Edmondson and Shesky indicated kidney infection. The VA denied any kidney damage and did not enter any medical indications, which were provided, from objective findings to indicate any damage, abnormality due to malignancies or injury to KUB, which were evident on IVP. VA and private physicians generally treated me for the repeated infections with antibiotics. I was in a welfare situation until I entered VA Chapter 31 rehab in 1972.
    22. 1972-1976 I was in VA Rehabilitation under Chapter 31. I was compensated 10% for the lower back sprain and provided a stipend while I was in training. During those times when I was not in training I had to depend upon welfare and engaged in some part time work. 1977– 1980 I was substantially employed for 35 hours per week under flexible time arrangement for the state of New Jersey as a financial analyst. I still had a chronic medical problem, which I managed with various natural remedies, diet and rest.
    UNEMPLOYABILITY: Employment records show that I was employed as a soldier in the US Army for three years 1964-1967. My employment required strenuous physical activities, which included duties as a heavy weapons specialist. I was in top physical condition upon induction and induction medical records show no injuries to my heart, KUB or back in 1964. An automobile struck me in September 17, 1966 and my medical records show I sustained injures to my KUB and Back and presented malignant hypertension. Medical evidence showed the hypertension was persistent even with medical prescription and rest and permanent restricted limited duty.
    24. My injuries required extensive sick call, hospitalization, convalescence leave and medical treatments. My condition indicated malignant hypertension, heart murmur, narrowing of arteries, and injuries to my KUB. I became unfit for further military services as a result of my injuries. The US Army issued two permanent limited duty profiles “3P” coupled with Code D and U which effectively documented my permanent limited duty status and caused me to be taken out off Air borne status and unqualified for all strenuous activities.
    25. At the time of my injuries, I rank Specialist E/4 with more than two years of service. I was a Career Soldier. My medical condition caused problems with my duties as I sought medical treatments. I was subsequently discharged from the US Army after completed term of service and bar “3B” from re-enlistment. I was beyond the standard of medical suitability for military, which is requirements of AR 40-501 because I had malignant hypertension, coupled with heart murmur and injuries to my KUB.
    26. I was not able to maintain gainful employment when I was released from the US Army. This is clear from the employment records and medical treatments. I was certified disable for any thing more than light work and no work during periods of discomfort. Employment as a library clerk caused me hospitalization. VA diagnosed Class II arteriosclerosis. VA suppressed the abnormal KUB, injury to my pelvic, bladder and dysfunction of the right kidney.
    27. I completed VA Rehab 31, 1976 obtaining the BA Degree in Economics and Accounting. The VA rated my medical conditions under Cardiovascular diseases 7007 and lower back sprain 5295 rating 7007 at 100% effective 1/26/68 five months after I was discharged from the US Army. 1977-1980 and 192 I was effectively employed in sedentary employment. I was employed in more than sedentary employment 1986-1989 but not able to maintain more than casual labor as a carpenter and migrant farm worker.
    28. 1989-1990 I was again employed in sedentary labor as accountant and project manager. I was forced to return to casual work as a laborer 1991 by job actions caused by lack of funds provoked by IRS seizures of J & R Air-condition and Heating, Inc. Assets. The more than sedentary employment caused me to experience swelling in both hands while I worked as a migrant picking peaches and apples. I received treatment at Gettysburg Hospital for the swelling in both hands and malignant hypertension.
    COMPLAINTS: 1991 Gettysburg hospital; 1993 VAMC MIA and EO NJ swelling in both hands and ankles and feet; headaches, dizziness, chest pains and shortness of breath and high blood pressure, abdominal pains, pains in right side of neck.
    Objective findings: Hypertension with diastolic as high as 220/120 persistently over 110 diastolic; CO2 33; Bradycardia with pulse of 51 bpm; X-Ray show widening of aorta; rounding of left ventricle which can be explained by LVH and straightening of retinal arteries.
    30. Treatments: prescriptions: anti-hypertensive medication, diuretics, nitrates, diets, aspirins, rest.
    VAMC East Orange, NJ Malignant Hypertension
    VAMC Miami, Florida LVH and Hypertension
    Dr. Panchetta Wilson, MD 1993-2003 Diagnose Cardiomyophty

    31. 1995 complaints: swollen ankles; pain in chest and down my left arm; frequent headaches and lost of strength.
    Objective findings: Hypertension with diastolic as high as 240/120 persistently over 120 diastolic with pulse of 72; possible enlargement of liver; enlarged heart beyond 5th ICS; systolic Gr. II heart murmur X-Ray show widening of aorta.
    Treatments: prescriptions: anti-hypertensive medication, diuretics, nitrates, diets, aspirins, rest.
    VAMC Miami, Florida CVD/with CHF
    Dr. Panchetta Wilson, MD 1993-2003 Cardiomyophty

    32. 1995 – 2004 complaints: Hypertension with diastolic persistently over 120 with pulse between 49-60 range with average below 60 bpm; swelling in hands and ankles; pains in chest and down left arm, congestion in chest; frequent headaches, dizziness and fainting; general lost of strength and tiredness in legs upon exertion, pain in my groin and development of grotesque hydrocele.
    Objective findings: Hypertension with diastolic as high as 240/130 persistently over 120 diastolic; possible enlargement of liver; enlarged heart beyond 5th ICS; systolic Gr. II heart murmur X-Ray show enlarged aorta. Echocardiogram shows EVEF 70; mitral valve regurgitation; Grotesque hydrocele.
    33. Treatments: prescriptions: anti-hypertensive medication, diuretics, nitrates, diets and natural herbs, aspirins, rest, medicines to reduce cholesterols.
    MEDICAL EVIDENCE: 1995-2004
    VAMC Miami, Florida CVD/with CHF
    VAMC East Orange, NJ CVD/with CHF/hydrocele
    Dr. Panchetta Wilson, MD 1993-2003 Cardiomyophty/hydrocele
    Dr. Johnson, Miami Florida Heart Disease
    Jackson Hospital, Miami Florida Cardiomyophty
    Dr. Po Seng Jung, Miami, Florida Heart Disease/hypertension
    Dr. Strahberg, Miami, Florida Hydrocele

    34. 2005-2006 complaints: Hypertension with diastolic persistently over 120 with pulse between 49-60 range with average below 60 bpm; swelling in hands and ankles; pains in chest, congestion in chest and coughing blood; frequent headaches, dizziness and fainting; general lost of strength and tiredness in legs upon exertion, pain in my groin and development of grotesque hydrocele; fever; profuse sweating fainted and was taken to hospital September 16, 2005.
    Objective findings: persistently high blood pressure over 120 diastolic; ACS; Echocardiogram shows EVEF 40, valve regurgitation, MI with increase cardiac enzymes; Oxygen O2 59; Multifactor kidney dysfunction; Pulmonary edema with blood in discharge; Sepsis; Bradycardia 33-55 in 2006 and diagnosis of ACS; grotesque hydrocele.
    35. Treatments: prescriptions: anti-hypertensive medication, diuretics, nitrates, diets and natural herbs, aspirins, rest, medicines to reduce cholesterols. 11 days hospitalization Columbus Hospital, Newark, NJ this authorization and consent to release these records were provided to Department of VA on or about November 25, 2005. 5 days hospitalization at University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ these records were provided to Department of VA on or about October 2, 2006.
    36. SERVICE CONNECTION FOR HYDROCELE: VA has presently request medical documentation for the hydrocele, which exist in my scrotum. It is grotesque on the right side and a small one on the left side. This condition has been verified by Dr. Berna and University Hospital 2002; VAMC EO 2003 – 2006; Dr. Panchetta Wilson 2002-2004; Dr. Sthraberg 2004; Columbus Hospital 2005; VA MIA 2005-2007.
    37. The hydrocele is a condition a symptom resulting from trauma, injure or some other cause to include CHF. There is service connection to the related the present incident of CHF and to the trauma to my KUB, objective finding of Nephrosis and complaints of pain in groin and abdomen. The VA has suppressed these injuries over the years. The cause of the hydrocele is not ventured here. The VA requested information indicating existence and treatment of the hydrocele while I was in the US Army. My US Army medical records show that I continuously complained about injury to my groin, lower back and right flank after the automobile accident 1966. The abnormal IVP in the US Army show injuries to my pelvic and bladder and the existence of abnormal collecting system. The records show a bruit in the abdomen as well a heart murmur. The VA records of examination and treatment show abnormal IVP and double pelvic but does not provide information showing the cause of these abnormalities.
    38. The hydrocele shows further injury and diseased KUB. The diseased and injured KUB is a service connected medical condition. The Hydrocele show aggravation of a service connected injury to my KUB, which the US Army and Veterans Department attempted to suppress.
    40. VA Rating Decision dated 11/20/67 omit material medical finding contained in the US Army Records. US Army records show abnormal IVP, bruit in abdomen, persistent hypertension 120 and above and trauma due to automobile accident. Dr. Henry Wise the primary physician indicate “Compensation Case” December 19, 1967 noting diagnosis of Cardio-renal Disease showing heart murmur, diastolic 112 after a period of hospitalization, ambulatory care, and 30 days covalence. Dr. Jackson January 31, 1967 report rule out Dr. wise suggested Cardio-renal disease erroneously noting that each abnormalities [bruit in abdomen, elevated blood pressure, and abnormal IVP] indicate essential hypertension and deny that the injuries are due to trauma from the automobile accident and Cardio-renal disease. The VA C&P 9/18/1967 suppress US all medical records showing that the US Army treated me for hypertension over 110 [180/120 and 154/112] while including lower blood pressures [170/90 and 160/100]. The cited pressure of 170/90 was on the same page with 180/120, which was omitted. VA initial summary does not include abnormal IVP or bruit in abdomen.
    41. The VA period of hospitalization January 26, 1968 through March 4, 1968 support injury to my KUB by a continuous complaint of pain in my groin, lower back and right flank. The VA records show I was inpatient at Brooklyn VA Hospital and objective findings show cardio vascular disease; nephrographic effects in the kidneys; narrowing of pelvo-urethral junction and double pelvis; possible aberrant vessel and dysfunction of the right kidney with urine loaded with WBC. Medical treatment and examination by Dr. Condon and Paulson notes various injuries to KUB, which were reported in IVP and Renal gram five months after my discharge from the US Army. Dr. Paulson noted the abnormal IVP in his Dr. progress notes but did not provide this information in the 3/4/68 hospital summary, which he prepared. He misrepresented KUB infection. He does not show that it existed when I entered the hospital and had been repeatedly treated by private doctors and NYC health department for 9-10 months prior to being hospitalized. The US Army shows that Dr. Wise ordered two IVP. The US Army records indicate IVP was completed on September 26 and 29. The records show authentic signature of Dr. Jackson on the 9/26 IVP report but the IVP dated the 29th in has a typed signature without the authentic signature of anyone.
    42. VA misrepresents the IVP stating it was normal. VA suppresses injury to the KUB. These misrepresentations were integrated into BVA 70-16-501; 1993-1995 request for increases and resulting rating decisions.
    43. Objective findings: show a history of malignant hypertension with diastolic as high as 140, persistently above 120; Flat T-waves suggestive of LVH; Brooklyn Hospital Heart borderline 5th-6th ICS and indicate abnormal IVP showing double pelvic-aberrant vessel below the pelvo-utheral junction and hydro-nephrographic effect at 1 minute in both kidneys; mark difference between kidneys with Left secretion 2.5 and the right at 4.7 min Tmax and the excretion phase show 9.5 on the left and 12.2 on the right; Liver between 5th-6th ICS. The hospital medical records record KUB infection. Dr. replaces Dr. Condon the primary physician Paulson February 1968.
    44. The VA did not rate or compensate these injuries but ignore US Army IVP in the first VA rating decision. The VA did not diagnose the abnormities or show the causes of the KUB injuries. The evidence of records show that I suffered and complained of pain in the groin, low back and right flank between 1967 and 1971. The VA Brooklyn Hospital records 1968 show that I suffered from a non-social discharge and abundance of WBC in my urine upon admission. I provided information to VA showing that various doctors treated me for these complaints between 1967 and 1971. VA was provided releases for the records of: Dr. Bradford 1966; Dr. Edmundson 1968-69; Dr. Sheky 1970-71 and Brooklyn NY health clinic 1967 through 1971. These doctors provided treatments for KUB and back complaints and non-social discharge for my penis. VA did not consider any of these material medical findings but continually suppressed them..
    45. The material findings of persistent diastolic pressure of 120, which appears in the US Army, private doctors and VA medical records, were suppressed and omitted from VA rating decisions. Indications of abnormal IVP indicated in US Army and VA medical records were omitted from 11/20/67 and 8/8/68 rating decision; BVA 70-16-501 erroneously show IVP as normal; VA rating decision dated undo BVA finding of Class II Arteriosclerosis. VA ignored BVA medical finding and issue a new diagnosis of “essential hypertension” based upon a 9/25/72 examination. VA rating decision erroneously change 7007 to 7101 and rate 7101 to zero although I was never rated less than 7101.
    46. VA established a Bril file in 1993, which it used to substitute for the original claim, which I filed August 5, 1967. The VA 1995 rating decision suppress the history of treatment and examination, which show VA diagnosis of Cardiovascular disease 7007 in 1967 and rating at 30%; VA hospitalization 1968 and rating at 100%; and BVA 70-16-501 decision in 1971 finding Class II arteriosclerosis. In 1993 VA attempt to show me filing an original claim for 7001 hypertension. Again VA showed the 1993 claim for increased disability as an original claim while confiscating VA identification card. VA suppressed that all material medical information contained in VA MIA 1993 C&P examination showed hypertrophy, edema, enlarged aorta; bradycardia of 51 and protein in urine.
    47. In 1995 VA continue to suppress medical evidence of cardiovascular disease and CHF, which existed at the time of the C&P examinations. Dr. Lavin 1995 examination showed a heart murmur, enlarged liver and other symptoms of CHF. The VA rating decision find cardiovascular disease with CHF rated at 60%. VA records show that Dr. Panchetta Wilson diagnosed cardiomyophty in 1995. VA rating dated December 4, 1995 deny unemployability; erroneously report that I was examined 9/5/95; erroneously report the inpatient medical treatment by VA Brooklyn Hosp. 1968 as OPC treatment 2/2/68-2/26/68; omit VA treatment, claims and C&P examinations 1993; erroneously show 9/25/72 as the last VA examination.
    48. VA erroneously 12/05/72 report, “There is no record of Kidney disease showing a chronic disability subject to service connection.” To support this erroneous statement the VA cite Dr. Jackson 1-31-67 statement indicating double collecting system but rule out trauma due to back injury. VA erroneously indicated that IVP and renal gram VA Hospital 1968 was normal and note that complaints of pain in the Rt. Flank are not due to kidney injury. VA suppress objective finding by VA hospital showing persistent discharge from KUB evident of VA Brooklyn Hosp examinations 1968 and treatment by private physicians 1968-1971; VA suppress the finding of proteins in urine in the 8/3/95 C&P examinations at MIA VAMC and in laboratory records of private physicians which VA was authorized to be released to VA.
    49. VA continues to suppress the finding in injury and or disease to my KUB in each of its ratings. VA continued to cite US Army and VA examinations of the KUB as normal in each of the rating decisions. In the 1995 rating this pattern is continued as all medical evidence of protein in my urine is no reported and evidence of chronic CHF is suppressed by the use of fraud.
    50. BC Gibbard January 9, 2008 statements indicate CUE issue (COWC overpayment). The CUE issues relates to VA processing of the claim which show VA suppressed US Army medical records to cover-up US Army violations of AR 40-501; VA suppress various objective medical findings during my period of hospitalization in the Brooklyn VA Hospital January 26, 1968 through March 4, 1968; VA establishing Brill 1993 and attempting to destroy my medical records and history of medical treatments 1967-1993 during this period VA denied the existence of a service connected disability for kidney dysfunction and injury or disease to KUB; VA deliberately voided and suppressed various objective medical findings in 1993 and 1995 examinations per the orders of a rating examiner; VA entered a death notice into my records March 1, 2001 and discontinued my compensation for five months during which time I engaged in employment activities which aggravated injuries or disease to my KUB creating a grotesque hydrocele; VA deny claims for increase disability filed 2003, 2005, and 2006. I have most recently filed VA Form 9 and statements noting the CUE on or before October 30, 2003 in VA 317/243C Appeals and on or before August 30, 2005. These issues relate to evidence, which are contained in VA records and files. VA has erroneously claimed that these appeals were not timely filed and BVA has not docketed any timely filed action.
    51. BVA 70-16-501 finding that IVP was normal is CUE because the VA 1968 hospital records show injury and disability to the KUB. VA suppressed these records. The BVA in 70-16-501 indicated that it had no jurisdiction over the matters related to lost earnings and rights to severance pay due to my lost of earnings resulting from the accident. BVA refused to grant unemployability while ignoring material medical examinations, which show injury to KUB, and malignant hypertension 7101, and hypertensive heart disease 7007 and back sprain 5295. VA denied me the right to 100% due to unemployability, which existed from discharge through 1976. The medical records showed injury to KUB with repeated infections, hydronephrosis, dysfunction in the right kidney is supported by renal gram showing the left secretion at 2.5 with right at 4.7 Tmax; excretion on the left at 9.5 with right at 12.5 [clearly in the range of abnormal].
    52. 38 Title Section 4 under 7509 rating for hydronephrosis with infections require 30% and if there is a showing of diastolic pressure of 120 or more the requirement is 60%. The Department of VA records show that the persistent 120 pressures existed as high as 140 on 9/18/67 examination. VA suppressed US Army records, which showing 120 persistent after the automobile accident 1967. VA and private physicians show persistent pressure of 120 and greater through 1971.
    53. 38 Title section 4 indicate that 7101 and 7007 require these medical conditions to be evaluated separately because there are definite symptoms of disease of the heart. The US Army cited heart murmur and bruit in abdomen. The VA cite symptoms of angina; and hypertrophy in its initial C&P and 1968 hospitalization.. BVA 70-16-501 indicate Class II arteriosclerosis in 1971. Subsequently VA and private doctors found evidence of enlarged heart, liver, shortness of breath, and dysfunction left ventricle, abnormal aorta and bradycardia. VA initial rating under 7007 was 30%.
    54. The VA provided the US District Court 1:05CV0819 with declarations, statements and copies of SOC dated June 29, 2005 alleging that I had a pending actions pursuant to 38 Title § 511. See documents [8-3]. I provided US District Court and the Secretary of VA with various documented evidence to support VA had altered, suppressed and or destroyed various US Army and Veteran Medical records to cover-up the degree of injury and deliberately produced false summaries, erroneous medical reports and delayed and provided erroneous status of various appeals. The evidence of CUE was provided to VA during this process in reply to VA false court assertions. VA continued to suppress medical records from its VA Hospital files 1968 and 1993 and I filed FOIA actions. I provided Secretary of VA with a more detailed statement of evidence on December 8, 2006. See VA 317/243C; BVA 014INT; VBA 20F; VAMC MIA 136B; VAMC Brooklyn NY/136D; also 1:05CV0819 RWR [1], [22].
    55. VA records show that I authorized the release of medical records from Dr. Panchetta Wilson and VAMC EO 1993. The records show various prescriptions for nitrates, water pills, and drugs to reduce hypertension and cholesterols. The records show that I suffer and complain of headaches, dizziness and fainting. VA records support that VA doctors have prescribed nitrated, water pills, blood thinners and prescriptions for hypertension. The medical records also show that since the 1995 a VA rating of 60% for cardiovascular disease and 10% for lower back strain that I have complained about and been treated for lost of strength and weakness, chest pains and pains in my groin, back and right flank.
    56. VA 11/20/67, 8/8/68, 12/5/72, 9/5/95 Rating Decisions and BVA 70-16-501 deny 100% SVC disability for unemployability. VA records show Hypertensive heart disease and malignant Hypertension from 1966. Facts of record show service connection injuries to my KUB with evidence with kidney dysfunctions within five months of discharge. The medical records show I was certified disable for all employment but light work and no work during periods of discomfort. VA denied individual unemployability although it was clear that even light clerical work caused hospitalization and I lived on Welfare while being barred from US Army employment.
    57. I provided VA information from the Social Security Administration, which showed that I was not substantially gainfully, employed 1967-1977 but once. That period of employment was as a clerk, which cause me hospitalization in 1968. Social Security report of wages shows substantial employment 1977-1980 and 1982 and 1990. I was not substantially gainfully employed after 1990 and show symptoms of CHF in 1991 from more than sedentary employment.
    58. VA MIA shows examination 9-5-95, which did not occur. Dr. Kopha did not examine me but substituted Dr. Lavin report and did not show various complaints, which I had about my lost of strength and various pains in my chest and arms. Dr. Lavin observation of enlarged liver was suppressed. VA records show that these medical records were voided per the instruction of BC Gibbard an administrator. The rating decision does not include any finding of protein in urine or kidney dysfunction, which was shown on the laboratory report C&P 8-3-95. Findings erroneously reports that IVP given by the US Army was normal and indicates that I was seen by VA Hospital, Brooklyn, NY in February 1968 an intravenous Pyelogram and renogram were normal with no disease found. The records, which have been provided to the US District Court in 1:05CV0819 show that VA has provided a false statement about the status of VA Brooklyn hospital 1968 records while demanding that I prove abnormal IVP contained in those records. The VA actions are not only CUE but also intentionally misleading and a Fraud.
    59. The VA 12-4-95 rating show VA outpatient treatment Brooklyn, NY 2-2-68 and 2-26-68. This is CUE because this is during a period of inpatient treatment 1-2-68 through 3-4-68. It is also CUE because examination of the medical records shows that the IVP in both instances show abnormal collecting systems, double pelvis, and possible aberrant vessel and nephrographic kidney. The renogram shows dysfunction in the right kidney. The rating ignore the VA MIA C&P examination September 1993 which showed edema, and bradycardia of 51 and high rates of CO2 symptoms of CHF. The VA Form 21-2545 dated August 1994 included treatment by VA 1993 and 1968. The VA suppresses information, which show chronic CHF.
    60. Previous statements of treatment by VA EO Medical Center show treatment 1993 through 2007; Miami VA Medical Center medical treatments 1993 and C&P 1993, C&P 1995, and examination 2005; and C&P 2007; VA Hospital Brooklyn, NY 1968 and OPC Newark 1968-1969. I have signed authorization and consent for the release of all of the medical information form medical doctors and all cited medical facts are facts of record related to all CUE provide in this evidentiary statement.
    61. VA have been provided medical records and have records of treatment and examination in the VA system showing that I have suffered from heart murmur; Cardiovascular disease which was diagnosed while I was in the US Army. The diastolic pressure has been persistently above 120 and treated by medical prescriptions. The VA C&P examination VAMC MIA marches 2007 show diastolic 130. VA April 17, 2007, rating decision indicates that I suffer from a minimal heart condition. The finding further reports that University hospital report show that all symptoms of CHF had resolved. This is CUE.
    62. My August 12, 2008 NOD statement indicates VA medical findings, which were suppressed in 1993 and 1995 C&P and the final finding was cardiovascular disease with CHF insipid. The medical records show hypertension with diastolic 120 and above; heart murmur; pulse rate of 51; lost of strength; enlarged liver, high levels of CO2 and echogram show valve regurgitation. VA examinations 1993 and 1995 and University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ 2002 have established these objective findings. VA found cardiovascular disease with CHF in 1994 by VA examinations. VA rating of 60% 7007 was for eleven years at the time when I suffered MI in 2005.
    63. VA and private physicians have showing chronic symptoms of CHF over the period between 1993 to the present. The VA rating was based upon the symptoms and medical certification of doctors presenting the reports. In 2005 I fainted and was hospitalized by Columbus Hospital who diagnosed MI; multifactor kidney dysfunction; pneumonia; and Sepsis. An Echocardiogram show EVEF of 40; enlarged aorta, valve regurgitation, labs showed increased heart enzymes. VA was provided a medical release for these records November 2005 and notified increase medical disability. MI shows further injury to my heart and the recovery period [acute CHF to stable CHF] has been longer.
    64. I have suffered from weakness, which have been marked since 1993 and fainting. The incidents of fainting do not always result into my being hospitalized. I faint and get up and rest for 3 to 7 days and gradually try of remain active. Since 1993, my condition has severely restricted my movement and limited me from all substantial gainful employment. I have various dietary requirements and use various holistic remedies and prescription medications to control swelling in the hands and feet and ankles and legs. This required me to be very concern about the medications, which I can and cannot take. Some of them literally make me sicker. When I take them, I am disorientated, dizzy, and it becomes difficult to stand. I have monitored my pulse and it has steadily declined lower than the 51 bpm, which mark the 60% rating.
    65. Medications are required to relieve congestions, which is persistent. On August 21, 2006 I fainted and again I was among relatives who insisted on calling EMS. The EMS records show congestion, rales, fainting, fever, and shortness of breath. I was also vomiting which was periodic and also occurred in the emergency room. My condition has limited my physical activities and I walk and get around just to stay active. There is no way that I can maintain gainful employment. I have to urinate often because I must use water pills or other natural remedies [Hawthorne] to relieve the swelling, which comes and goes in my hands and feet and ankles.
    66. VA rating decision dated April 17, 2007 indicates that my medical condition has improved since the 1995 rating. This is CUE because simple walking a few blocks cause me distress and caused me to seek emergency medical care in 2003 at University Hospital; 2004 at EO VAMC; hospitalization at Columbus hospital 9/16/2005 for eleven days; hospitalization at University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry NJ 8/21/06. I was not working during the periods of these emergencies but just minimal getting around provoked the episodes, which could not be relieved by rest. VA rating specialist indicates that the hospital records from University Hospital show that CHF resolved within a day of my hospitalization.
    67. The VA rating specialist note the heart condition as improved from 1995 evaluation. The records do not support these findings because the heart show marked changes, which show the EVEF at, 40 and incident of MI in 2005. This is down from the EVEF which VA quote in 1995 and it also include kidney dysfunctions which VA did not include in the 1995 evaluation although VA MIA 1995 labs show evidence of protein in urine. The 2006 medical records from University Medical Hospital of medicine and dentistry show high WBC and abnormal proteins and blood in urine. Creatine shows a high of 2.1 and there is persistent low heart rate over the 2006 period of hospitalization ranging from 33 bpm to 55 with at lease three readings 39 bpm or less. The VA record of diastolic 130 does not show an improvement over the 120 diastolic finding, which was used to establish the 1995 rating. The medical complaints and objective medical findings do not show that the heart has improved or that CHF resolved after five days of hospital treatment.
    68. Swelling in my hands and feet and ankles come and go since I am constantly of medications or herbs, which reduce water. These treatments cause disorientation, dizziness and dry eyes. My condition have required me to seek stress free engagements and required me to avoid various employment and social environments. It is CUE to indicate that the medical findings by Columbus Hospital and University Hospital show improvement from the medical records and evidence 1993-1995. The VA rating findings that five-day hospital treatment resolved the medical history of CHF presented in my complaint VA misrepresentation of these medical records. The University Hospital suggested treatment of these symptoms in light of the medical history of CHF. I was brought to the emergency by ambulance, which noted congestion [rales], severe problems breathing, fainting and vomiting and profuse sweating. Many of these symptoms existed when I was brought into the emergency. VA indicates that the years of CHF was resolved by the five days hospitalization at University Hospital.
    69. University Hospital records show that I discharge myself because I my homeless situation would not allow me to agree proposed treatments at that time. I have authorized release of Columbus hospital records to VA and the rating specialist has quoted various medical findings from these records. The rating specialist concludes a finding of minimal heart condition and no kidney disease. The rating specialist conclude that medical records showing hospitalization in 2005 for MI, multifactor kidney dysfunction, pulmonary edema, pneumonia and sepsis with EVEF of 40 and O2 of 59 with increased cardiac enzymes. It is CUE to show an improved heart over what it was in 1995 when VA rated 7007 at 60%.
    70. VA mis-quote University Hospital treatment and diagnosis as a minimal heart condition that had improved over the 1995 rating. The facts show repeated treatment for ACS and symptoms of CHF. The ambulance records show congestion and treatment with intravenous diuretics. The hospital records show dysfunctional kidney and ACS with bradycardia with monitored reading of heart rates of 46,33,48,58,50,55,37,45 showing an abnormal heart rate with a low of 33 and average 47. This dysfunction does not indicate an improved heart condition, which showed bradycardia of 51 in 1993. VA suppress all medical records which does not support its CUE findings. The University Hospital records show some suggested medical treatments which I refused to include beta-blockers and stress test which require injection of various chemical into me that are contraindicated by the fact that I was suffering Bradycardia, kidney dysfunction, and CHF.
    71. Statement in University Hospital records show that I was homeless at the time of their treatment and it impacted my decision not to receive any invasive medical treatments to include the cath, which was suggested by the Doctor. I signed a release, which noted that if I was able to resolve the housing problems, I would return for additional treatment. I noted that I realized that my actions were against the advice of the physicians and surgeons, which they required for their protection against mal-practice. I have had chronic CHF, which VA now erroneously indicates was clear on one-day examination that the CHF has resolved. I use various herbs and other natural remedies, which are more effective than prescription meds. I notify my doctors of these treatments and will refuse medicines, which I have learned over the years to be contra-indicated or which I have shown allergic reactions.
    72. The VA April 17, 2005 rating decision cherry pick medical facts and come to mis-diagnosis and erroneously show that my heart condition is minimal and improved since 1995. The records do not support VA finding of facts, which indicate the CHF have improved. EF of 40% effective 2005 and malignant hypertension with diastolic of 130 and above with bradycardia of averaged of 47 with a low of 33 in 2006-2007 indicate a failing heart decreased from that of 1993.
    73. Certified Medical reports by private physicians and VA presently show Chronic CHF with malignant hypertension and kidney dysfunction severe enough to cause hospitalization MI, Sepsis, and pneumonia showing 40 EVEF in 2005 and bradycardia average of 47 and low of 33 with diastolic as high as 145 in 2006. The Chronic CHF shows increased deterioration of my heart enough to provoked MI upon normal exertion without employment. VA April 17, 2007 rating shows this as a minimal heart condition. VA present rating indicates that I am able to work citing my various educational qualifications.
    74. VA has followed these arbitrary actions, which ignore material medical facts and denying me the rights to unemployability through out this process. VA has followed this pattern of ignoring facts: US Army permanent limited duty profiles; 3B discharge for seeking proper medical treatment; VA hospitalized 1968 and rated 100% but no convalesce rating or 100% unemployability; welfare during the period of enrollment in Chapter 31 when I was not in training while I did not otherwise qualify for suitable sedentary employment.
    75. My medical condition requires extensive medical and herbal treatments. My diet and these treatments affect my alertness, orientation, and cause me to have to void frequently. I require rest and environment free of stress. I have worked during the periods of casual labor and tried to remain as active as possible however VA has erroneously characterized the employment as substantial. VA have not considered my condition as a whole and continue citing erroneous facts to arbitrarily deny the impact which my service connected condition have no my ability to be employed.
    76. The combine ratings for 7007, 7509, 7101 and 5295 would have been scheduler 100% because of the factors listed herein and the medical certifications showing that I was unfit for further military service under AR 40-501. This was clearly the case through 1976 when I was certified as qualified for only sedentary employment. I filed for unemployability 1968, 1971, 1993, 1995, 2003, 2005, and 2006.
    77. VA rating decisions and BVA denied unemployability using CUE medical statements, suppressing various private diagnoses, and altering certified doctors reports.
    78. This statement responds to Mr. BC Gibbard letters dated January 9, 2008 and supplement NOD filed May 3, 2007 and August 12, 2007. It generally point to the record again providing medical information supporting facts showing Chronic CHF and deterioration of my heart condition since VA 60% rating for 7007 and 10% for 5295.
    79. This statement also responds to Mr. Barry Baker August 27, 2007 letter ref: 317/VSC/21PC/pg, to Senator Bill Nelson and his August 29, 2008 letter to me. Those letters address alteration, and destructions of medical records. VA also indicate that there is no active appeal in 317/243C and 317 appeals. These appeals have been arbitrarily dismissed although I filed timely VA Form 9 and COWC.
    On this ____day of January, 2008 appeared before me a person who properly identified himself as Morris J. Peavey, Jr., stating that he caused this statement to be drawn, he understand its contents which are true to the best of his knowledge, information and belief and has this day signed this statement before me being a Notary Public of the State of Florida hereto sealed:
    Signature of Affiant
    Printed Name of Affiant

    Printed Name of Notary Public
    Signature of Notary Public
    S E A L My Commission Expire__________

  4. Thank you for publishing this!

    Morris J. Peavey, Jr.

  5. The picture of Mr. Carmichael and Angela Davis take me back to a time when the preachers were the other end of the specter—you can turn it up or down. They were fighters and the pulpit was a liberation podium. Then there were the rest of US dancing to many tunes! Each had his ideas of how to change the face of racism.
    To day it is more fascinating to see the old trees and how we grew some apart and other still believing in the ideas of equality for all human beings. The ideas of race wars are still fresh but to see Jack and Jill coming down from the mountain of dreams is some thing to behold.
    To day I notice the old trees rooted and grounded in the philosophies of racism and reaction thereto are somehow pre-historic to me. Because the young will do what they always wanted to do “take-over” without us. The ideas that some how the election of a Black president will change the course of American history and save the nation are strange in the face of all that Black Americans have contributed. Yet, change is a strange mix of old cynics and young idealist. Mr. Obama’s achievements mark a merit which tells a story of his perseverance, hopes and visions.
    Where is Mr. Jackson’s and Mr. Young’s thinking? Yet, the old among us who remember the days remember them quiet differently and contributed in various ways. The young among us have inherited results which I call mysticism. What the young have been given are templates and measurements which challenge them to look within themselves for the correct answers for their futures. Mr. Obama is being vetted by those who are powerful among this nation. They have vetted other Black intellectuals before him. Fredrick Douglas, Mary McLeod Bethune, Carver, Dr. Dubois and those intellectuals who would serve were vetted in the same way. How would they serve the powers to be? Mr. Young and Jackson must know the score being the chosen of those marked Black Leaders back in the day.
    Mr. Obama and those intellectuals like Mr. Axelrod—those who are close to the changing dynamics of economic principles of the digital world who can speak the new language and mark a new path beyond the Plantation, Steel and Oil politics which build the industrial military machine must step forward and determine the place for the families of the world to exist with a common interest. This is only if these men are true visionaries. Mr. Obama unique appeal is his knowledge of the US Constitution and its laws and his vetting should be along those lines. He should be asking the questions about the rights of man and now those rights will be respected by this idea of America. Where is the place for American politics in the world and where our economic future lies? Surely not in taking or robbery!
    The political machinery which Mr. Obama leads translated into economic action would be a great achievement that no president of this modern world could ignore. “Yes we Can” do what. Men of my time and place can not sit and mimic, envy, or attack youth. They come to redefine directions for this nation. Naw! Naw! Naw! We all know the score about the past and if we don’t we should go to a Black liberation theology meeting in any fire baptized church where many people of all races, downtrodden, holding on and suffering to over come liberty. Men write their own epitaph.

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