The Black Political Review


If this were a basketball game, the coach would be screaming to keep getting the ball to Obama because he’s hot and his shot is falling. It isn’t basketball, but the analogy is appropriate because he is definitely the hottest candidate running for the Democatratic nomination. With the Iowa Caucus just 20 days away (January 3, 2008), Sen. Obama has surged ahead of Sen. Hillary Clinton in many of the key Iowa Caucus Polls. 

The Clinton camp has taken notice and are increasing their criticism and attacks on Sen. Obama. It is surely a sign of panic when someone as “experienced” as Sen. Clinton is referencing a grade school report penned by Barak as a reason to disqualify him as the nominee. Seriously, every kid at one point in their preadolescent lives dreamed of being President of the United States. His dream is looking like one that may be within his grasp.


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