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The African-American community has long suffered a tragic history in America. World history records the greatest injustice ever inflicted upon a race of people as being the African Slave Trade. The impact of this murderous practice has long survived President Lincoln’s delinquent proclamation (Jan. 1. 1863) that slavery was abolished.

This shared experienced was a major part of the glue that once bonded a proud race of Americans like no other. However, after more than 400 years of slavery and 144 years after Lincoln’s decree, African-Americans are facing a modern day bondage.

The 21st century slavemasters are drugs, crime, poor education and self hate. These are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse for the African-American family. As it is written in The Holy Bible, they’ve come to unlease injustice, pain, suffering and death unlike anything every recorded in human history.

In 2006, there were 14,990 homicides in the United States. African-Americans accounted for 7,421 (49.5%) of these murders and 6,294 (84.8%) were African-American males. In 2005, there were 7,125 African-American murder victims. In 24 months, America lost 14,546 of its brightest and best citizens.

This is a national outrage and it deserves much greater attention. Where is the media coverage? What about the so-called “Black Media” and how it covers this issue? Compare and contrast it to the Iraq War that began March 20, 2003… as of this article, the total U.S. Millitary deceased is 3,889. Daily there are reports of who is killed and the totals are prominent in print, radio and tv coverage. During this same period, over 30,000 Black Americans have been killed in our neighborhoods without being covered with the ferocity of the war dead… why?

How long… how long… how long will we sit by and allow this genocide to happen in America before we do something about it?

Strength to Dr. Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Poussaint for speaking TRUTH2POWER!


Comments on: "From Kings To Slaves To Thugs…" (3)

  1. I agree with you 100%. I also feel that this tragedy of African American youth, primarily young males is silenced. I don’t think that the impact of this crisis will be apparent until many more decades and then people will ask why we couldn’t see a crisis right in front of us. Many so-called community leaders complain and the most common solution I have witnessed is to place the youth in recreational center just to “at least” get them off the streets. I think that this problem of the high crime rate, murders, and percentage of african american prisoner is caused by not having a father in the home. In the african american community, it is rare to see the nuclear family anymore. It’s hard to blame the single mothers or the teachers for having weak parenting skills because in my eyes it takes a man to raise a man- properly. Positive role models (fathers) are replaced with the neighborhood thug, or rap artists. As a young man myself, it is embarassing to see the rap “artists” portray the image of our youth as gun slingers, murderers, and gang members. I realize that this is the reality for many of our youth today, but when you couple hopelessness with a negative environment, no father and no role models; the result will always lead to violence among our youth. The solution, a corps of young african american role models to fill the gap that some youth experience because of the fatherless home. Raise the standard, instead of incubation locations- educate. Educate by leading, by example, and by making these things readily available to those most in need. The only scrifice required is for people like us that write these responses to get up and do it. I think that many organizations focus on the injustices others do to us, but don’t focus half as much energy into looking into ourselves to see what we can do together to improve our situation. Long- term…fathers in the household (how?…too much to type), short- term we as black successful men/women need to fill the gap.

  2. A. Maurice said:


    Your passion is felt in the words that you scribed. The African-American community is at war against an enemy from within. It is yet to be determined if we are really willing to do what Malcolm X’s philosophy called for – “By Any Means Necessary” – to win this war.

    You may be correct that it’ll take decades before we hit rock bottom. I sure hope that isn’t the case. What I do know is that we are the laughing stock of the world and are looked upon as a community without a collective determination to contribute to the greater good.

    Of course this is not the case… yet the images that WE produce in our music, writing and lifestyle speak a lot louder than the Black man, woman and child that is doing the right thing daily.

  3. xander420 said:

    Well stated. I think it is true that the most powerful tool we have against this kind of regression is the family unit. Check this out to see more of what Bill Cosby has been saying. Unless we find a way to bring back the family unit and family values, we might be facing the beginning of the end.

    Want to read more on things that are helping to corrupt our young impressionable minds? Check out these posts.

    File This One Under: “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD”

    Furthering The Decline…

    Well done! I love the post. Keep up the good work!


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