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Why do many African-Americans dislike their brother Supreme Court Justice Thomas? Could it be that label placed upon him of being an Uncle Tom? Or is it as simple as him being a Republican?

Maybe if they take the time to learn more about their brother they’d possibly have a change of opinion. Ironically, Justice Thomas has just released a book – My Grandfather’s Son – that is a memoir recounting his life. This is a great opportunity to learn just how much this brother has experienced and accomplished. Justice Thomas deserves to be placed in a position of respect and honor.



Comments on: "Hating On Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas" (1)

  1. Bill of Atlanta said:

    He does not maintain a position of neutrality. He does not make his decisions for the people as the history of the Supreme Court has done.

    The Presidential Election of 2000 is a prime example. When it looked like Al Gore was going to win after the vote recount was completing, Judge Thomas went out on his own and declared the election was over and that Bush was the new 2000 President of the United States. Every lawyer, law school professor, state attorney general and even the Supreme Court of Florida said he was violating and breaking the United States Constitution. He gave a statement on national TV as to why he made the decision and it was not legally supported. He said,” I did not want the citizens of Florida and the United States to have to go through this burden again (voting ballot recount) of not having a president at the deadline midnight tonight”.

    He can’t make that decision to declare a winner of the presidential elections. No one man has authority to decide the fate of this nation, not even the President’s office. Judge Thomas’s decision to put Bush and Chaney into office was a political decision that resulted in the America going into two wars (6k killed and 40k injured and counting), oil prices and energy cost through the roof, massive unemployment, a financial depression, rich and wealthy income growing out of control, a trillion dollar tax break for the rich, and an imbalance of income heavily favoring the upper income bracket, etc..

    You ask why so many blacks dislike Judge Thomas? It is because he has disgraced his office. He has disgraced the United States. He has disgraced his culture. He has disgraced himself and he does not care. He is still making malice and questionable decisions. He is not making decisions for the country at large but moreover, he is making decisions from a political slant. The Supreme Court made an agreement, a code among themselves, to always make decisions above politics and to decide what is in the best interest for America and her people. It is their rulings that forged America and solidified the death of Jim Crow laws and segregation; hate crimes, and all people having the right to vote.

    Judge Thomas is a political judge and that engenders terrible memories in the African American cultural history and that is why he is a disgrace.

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