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Year after year, African-Americans continue to be at the top of a destructive, national statistic that highlights how serious “Black on Black” crime is within the community. African-Americans comprise approximately 13% of the population of the United States. Yet, the Department of Justice (statistics bureau) has released the following data from 2005:

1. African-Americans are victims of nearly half the murders committed in the United States

2. Around 8,000 of nearly 16,500 murder victims in 2005, or 49 percent, were black Americans

3. Broken down by gender, 6,800 black men were murdered in 2005, making up more than half the nearly 13,000 male murder victims4. Black women made up 35 percent, or 1,200, of the nearly 3,500 female homicide victims.5. Young black men aged between 17 and 29 bore a disproportionately high burden in the grim statistics, making up 51 percent of African-American murder victims6. The percentage of white male murder victims in the same age group was 37 percent

7. More than half the murders of blacks took place in densely populated urban areas

8. Firearms were involved 77 percent of the time in homicides involving black people and around 60 percent of the time in murders of whites

9. Most murder victims — 93 percent of blacks and 85 percent of whites — were killed by someone of their own race

10. Gang violence was involved in around five percent of homicides with black victims against seven percent for white victims


Comments on: "African-Americans Are 50% Of All Murder Victims" (11)

  1. all these shootings and stabbings need to stop man!! real talk!
    i cant take it no more!

  2. Extreme disprportion. The outrage just isn’t there yet. Unfortunately, the statistics are true that african americans are involved in murders at a higher rate. The reason these aren’t portrayed as a crisis by the media is because of the fact that these crimes are “black on black”. If the statistics portrayed a “black on white” trend, I think that Fox News, CNN, NBC..etc would play this out as a national crisis. The problem is clear though and its apparent not only in our community but all impoverished communities, poverty and lack of education and role models leads to violence. This is apparent in impoverished nations in general, but more focused on the Afr-american community in the United States because the country is wealthy among the general population. Drugs are a major cause of the violence obviously, not the only cause though. The other major cause is the lack of a father or positive role model. The role models that youth look up to are rappers (who tend to portray a lifestyle but not actually live it), the neighborhood thugs, and athletes. Most athletes are in my eyes positive role models but the latter of the three are abviously not. The noteworthy aspect of the statistics is that afr-american males are much more likely to be involved in the me indicating that at some point they made a decision to walk down the wrong path, where was the father/ positive role model. At some point they became involved with the wrong people, where was the father/ positive role model. At some point they had too much time on their hands than they knew what to do with, where was the father or role model. And, at some point they had a need (or desire) and turned to drugs or some other illegal means (high prison rate also). Now, there will be a percentage of individuals that had all the positive input and still ended up as a statistic or that was a victim, but I think that if the gap was filled by positive role models where the father is lacking these statistics would improve. Its easier said than done obviously, but those of us that have something to offer our youth- should. We have to look within our own community to fix this. There won’t be a government solution, or any amount of grants/ loans etc. These are character flaws that were learned….we all aren’t just born bad.

    • Sam,
      This information is no surprise to you, me, or anyone else! It only took this long to report because the black people won’t take this news very well! The don’t generally want to examine themselves. They have been taught to blame ‘whitey’ first, and when the evidence is overwhelming point out someone else’s wrongs!
      My hat is off to this writer for having the courage to go against the P.C. sickness of our day, and printing the TRUTH, just like REAL reporters used to PRIDE themselves on!
      Great job!

  3. Steven Gibbs said:

    The title of your article is rather misleading, because while it is true that 50% of murders were of blacks, the stats show that the culprit of black murders was also black 93% of the time. If you take into account that only 77% of whites were murdered by other whites, and take into account the other minorities, you have basically a number of blacks committing murder that is relatively the same as the number of black murder victims.

  4. Whats not misleading is that although Af-Americans account for 13% of the population, the actual number of black murder victims is much higher.

  5. Anonymous said:

    i have an idea, stop worrying about the media portraying this that or the other thing and constantly about what white people are doing and look at not the victims of these crimes, but the perpetrators. They are blacks. Get it. Over 60% of murderers are black. But we gloss over that stat to make sure we satisfy our victim mentality.
    Know why whites don’t care? Because they have their shit together on the issue. They don’t celebrate gang violence. they put their criminals away, they don’t make up rap songs glorifying every awful aspect of their society and when cops come into their city and crack down on gangs and thugs they don’t scream “get out of here you racists!” they say “Get these pieces of crap out of here”. In addition white people don’t give a crap about what black people are doing. This obsession by black people with what white people are doing or why they aren’t paying attention etc… sounds like the whiny little kid whose mommy isn’t paying enough attention to them. We’re not America’s children but we sure act like it.

  6. I wish that our government would make the bullets themselves a controlled item, this in itself would make it more tougher and provide a greater trail for law enforcement.

    Join with me in this call for action!!!

  7. This and old post and these are still issues that we should be concerned with. Thanks be to God, the statistics are a little better now than they were at the time of this post.

  8. You niggers need to get off the democrat plantation and become BLACK MEN conservatives.

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