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This may be bitter in the mouth and sweet in the stomach of many. It is very rare, in fact, it is taboo for African-Americans to question their loyalty to the Democratic Party within their communities. The BPR doesn’t walk the line that other so-called African-American organizations do… we speak Truth 2 Power here!

Look no further than the Democratic Party’s website ( to review the agenda of the party of choice for African-Americans.

1. Honest Leadership & Open Government 2. Real Security 3. Energy Independence 4. Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence 5. A Healthcare System That Works For Everyone 6. Retirement Security

Where are the political planks that deal specifically with the African-American agenda? Black on Black crime, fair housing, jobs in the inner city, failing public schools (voucher initiatives), teen pregnancy, Affirmative Action, etc.

Forgive me, they do dedicate 5 sentences to their ongoing commitment to Civil Rights… typical of the dems, keep the African-Americans looking at issues that are not at the forefront of what is progressive for the lifting of the masses of their people.

The dems are more concerned with courting the Latino vote and are invested in getting immigration reforms passed to give citizenship to an estimated 10 – 20 million illegal immigrants. Don’t get it twisted by the term undocumented worker… they are illegal immigrants.

African-Americans no longer carry the favored minority label placed on them by the Democratic Party… that belongs to the Latino community. But don’t blame the dems, African-Americans vote each year at a rate of 90% (or better) for democrats running for office. With this kind of blind loyalty, you are asking to be taken for granted and that is what has happened.

African-Americans would be wise to leverage this voting block in order to force the Democratic and Republican Parties to listen to their concerns and act on their behalf. Since this isn’t happening, the Republicans completely ignore African-Americans because they know they will not get their vote and the Democrats take them for granted because they know they already have their vote.

African-American leadership is complicit in this failure to have an agenda heard by both political systems and needs to change those in charge and set off in a new and progressive direction.

Rev. Joe Watkins (R) 2007 Urban League Convention… Democrats Take Us For Granted


Comments on: "The Mis-Education Of The African-American Democrat" (2)

  1. Mrs. Robinson said:

    Amen! This makes so much sense. If the Democratic Party wants the continued votes of all African Americans they need to truly address the “real” issues of Black America. And African Americans need to realize the awesome power of their voting block and wield it – it loses its power considerably when blindly hurled time and again to only one party irrespective of whether that party makes any improvement to the Black condition.

  2. I was doing some research and found this to be interesting:

    Reconstruction era black senators and representatives were members of the Republican Party. To many blacks, the Republicans represented the party of Abraham Lincoln and of the Emancipation Proclamation, while the Southern Democrats represented the party of slavery and secession. Until 1876, the Republicans made genuine efforts to ensure that southern blacks were able to vote.

    When will African Americans open there eyes and ears to what the Democratic Pary really is. They want your vote thats all. Now that the Hispanic population is growing they want there vote to be able to control the government forever.

    I never understand why more African Americans aren’t Republicans.

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