The Black Political Review

Mayor Tom Barrett came to the African American neighborhoods, businesses, churches and media centers looking for their support in the 2004 city election. Three years later, there’s a tremendous sense that he’s failed spectacularly in managing the city as it relates to their interests.

The public school system is a nightmare, the police department is a joke and jobs are still nowhere to be found for a vast majority of the city’s stakeholders. Crime is out of control and many neighborhoods are under seige of murderous thugs.

And where is he?

When New York City was going through its darkest hour, Mayor Giuliani was at the forefront of providing the kind of leadership that was neccessary and needed. Can someone call in a missing persons report for Mayor Barrett?

Where is he on the issues of the African-American community? And what is he going to do to address them?

We can all go to the city’s website and read about his initiatives and proposals until the next election. The facts are that people have lost hope. They are looking for a leader to fix problems right now and to have a sense of urgency. 

The Mayor lobbied for their votes and he wanted the job of restoring this city. The African-American community is still waiting for results.


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