The Black Political Review

Has America reached a point in its history that a non-white American can be elected as the President of the United States? Before you say yes or no… take a deep thought and then respond.

Maybe the question is are the Democratic or Republican Party’s ready to nominate a person of color as its national candidate? Wait… don’t answer to quickly. Let’s look at how the two parties have done business in the past. Have either parties had a legitimate African-American running for president that had the money or party support? That answer is no.

Obama has the money to win but does he have the party support to be its chosen one? My guess is that he doesn’t because the Hillary is part of a duo unlike any before in the history of american politics. Bill and Hill have been credited with lifting the dems to unreached heights during his tenure in the Oval Office. Hillary is running in this election cycle because she knows the party owes her (and Bill) and that they’ll make good on making her their candidate to take on the GOP in ’08.

So we’ll have to wait at least another 8 years to find out the answer to the question about America’s willingness to elect an African-American. 


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