The Black Political Review

The Democratic Party and its agenda has failed to make a significant impact in the lives and directions of the majority of African-Americans. Yet, this party continues to receive an overwhelming voting advantage over the Republican Party during election cycles.

In 1996, former President Bill Clinton trailed Sen. Bob Dole 46% to 43% among White Americans. He received 84% of the African-American vote and won the election handily. In 2000, Al Gore took 90% of the African-American vote and it helped him with his success in the popular vote.

White Americans are much more evenly split in their support of the two parties. Only a small percentage within their demographic will change their support for a particular party based on swing issues.

Unfortunately, African-Americans are loyal to one party to a fault. The Democratic Party doesn’t have to work to keep their support… they have leverage but don’t know how to excercise it. 

The Democratic Party has figured out how to pacify African-Americans with the promise of Health Care, Reformed Public Education, Jobs, Reversing Tax Cuts and Affirmative Action. The party has also understood how to leverage elected African-Americans with backroom deals or promises of positions of power within the party. Yet, every year this promise goes unfulfilled.

 Where are the Power Players in the Democratic Party? What was the last major victory for an African-American of any significance within this party? When will the Democratics support them for MAJOR positions within the party?

The Democratic Party is focused more on winning elections than supporting the people that are most responsible for getting them elected.


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