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Here we go… I’m very interested in how the African-American vote is going to trend for the two anoited Democratic candidates. Will African-Americans cast their lot for a highly educated and accomplished son of Africa in Barack Obama? Or will they support Hillary Clinton who gets a ghetto pass because of the love affair African-Americans have with her husband (aka the first black president)?

This is an interesting development if you slow down and analyze it. I believe the grassroots are leaning strongly for Barack. For example,  a survey by the Mason-Dixon polling firm found that African-American support in South Carolina had pushed Barak ahead of Clinton, giving him the support of 34 percent of likely voters against 25 percent for Clinton. 

However, I also believe the established African-American political structure is being pressured to support Clinton. That’s because they owe too much to the Clinton’s and must show their loyalty now or face being bankrupted politically and financially by the power of the Clinton machine. 

The most recent example of these marching orders was  revealed on June 13, 2007. The Clinton Campaign announced the endorsement of Florida Congressman Kendrick Meek and named him a Senior Advisor to the Senator and her campaign. “Senator Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate with the perfect blend of leadership, talent and intellect to lead our nation in a new direction. It is my honor to endorse Senator Hillary Clinton to be our next president,” Meek said.  

Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Virginia State Senator Mamie E. Locke and Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee are also endorsing Clinton campaign.

 Never before has the African-American community been split like this on who to support within the Democratic party. I for one am anxious for the first and last ballot to be cast… history can be made one way or the other. 


Comments on: "For African-Americans It’s Obama Or Clinton" (1)

  1. Winged Hussar 1683 said:

    Both Clinton and Obama must think African-Americans are the counterparts of the lowest elements of Caucasian society–the ones who wear sheets and hoods.

    Clinton and Obama both endorsed the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton, and his hate group the National Action Network. (The NAN shouted racial and anti-Semitic epithets outside a Jewish-owned store in Harlem before one of Sharpton’s people set it on fire and killed seven people, much as the Klan once burned down Black-owned stores.) Racist demagogues appeal universally to the absolute dregs of the societies they claim to represent, which shows what Clinton and Obama must think of Black people in general.

    Obama also signed a fundraising letter for the Klansman from West Virginia–the one who called Blacks “race mongrels” and vowed never to serve in the Armed Forces “with a Negro at my side” while corresponsing with the infamous segregationist Theodore Bilbo. Yes, I do mean Kleagle Byrd.

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