The Black Political Review

Alderman Mike McGee 

How many times does the Milwaukee African-American community allow their “leaders” fail them? How many times will they turn a blind eye to their ineffectiveness and transgressions?

Mike McGee was elected to serve the people, businesses and organizations of his district… not shake them down like the wanna be Tony Soprano he’s accused of imitating. Yes, he’s innocent until proven guilty of the federal and state charges that have been levied against him. However, he’s already guilty of so many other offenses that he shouldn’t be holding an elected office or looked upon as a “leader” of the community.

 The man is a perfect example of the destructive behavior that a lot of African-American males either embrace or wish to reject. McGee is a role model and needs to be held to a higher standard than others. It’s documented that he’s done some positive things within the community, but it gets washed out in my opinion by all the transgressions that are part of his public record (i.e. illegal drivers license, threatening woman in court, perjury, etc.).

 The African-American community should want better representation than what McGee has given them. He’s done a tremendous harm to the Milwaukee’s African-American community and should do the right thing and step down. 


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